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#875817 Updated Credit Earnings for 6.5 (Missing a few new tanks!)

Posted Posit1ve_ on 12 August 2016 - 02:57 AM

Mega-gihugic update for 6.5 (and no anticipated necessary changes for 6.6)

Read all about it here!: http://forum.wotblitz.com/index.php?/topic/106463-mega-gihugic-update-to-the-credit-coefficients-thread/

Still missing coefficients for  I have no idea, pls help me


If you find a tank I am missing, please PM me

If you have a tank I am missing


Thread will be continually updated with new premium tanks so you no longer have to spam the forums with "How are the credits?" everytime a new premium comes out


"But Posit1ve_, what do these funny numbers mean?"

Well Johnny, they're a key multiplier in determining how many credits you make per battle.


This is how WG determines how many credits you earn (gross):

((700*Tier) + [If you win](600*tier) + (100*Spots) + (5*Assisted Damage) + (10 * Damage) + (7.5 * Damage assisted by others)+ [If you won by cap, and you gained at least 1 cap point] 500 ) * CREDIT COEFFICIENT

That number is further multiplied by 1.5 if you have a premium account.




Premium tanks are highlighted

Collector tanks are highlighted

Removed tanks are strikethrough


Tier X

Tier IX


Tier VII
Tier VI

Tier V

Tier IV
Tier III
Tier II
Tier I


Pls don't steal my numbers and reformat them.

#627230 Removing General Chat

Posted CC_Sly on 28 January 2016 - 12:08 AM

Hey Tankers.


Toxicity has been an issue in all multiplayer games with the ability to communicate freely. We understand that Blitz is no exception to the rule and we aim to create an environment that fosters positive experience and not toxicity. In order to help move us towards that goal we are constantly looking at the data and listening to your feedback. A constant in both cases has been that General Chat is a source of toxicity and negative experiences. After discussions with the entire team, it was determined that NA would switch off General Chat when update 2.6 is deployed. 


We had several issues with General Chat:

  • The space was hard to maintain and moderate effectively
  • It generated a lot of customer service reports
  • Some of our tools to moderate General Chat were not stable
  • The toxicity that the space produced was far higher than the positive contributions coming from it
  • A lot of the discussion that was happening in the space was, frankly, awful 


Ultimately this lead to the decision to turn it off. Fear not, for both Clan Chat and Private Messages are still going to be available. We still want you to be able to interact with one another in the game. 


We appreciate your understanding in this decision and hope this helps us create a better environment and experience for you guys! 

#408340 Thoughts on Matchmaking and Win Rate

Posted Mere_Anarchy on 27 July 2015 - 06:17 PM

TL;DR - matchmaking hates you, just take solace in the fact that it hates everyone equally and as capriciously as it does you. You are the single biggest contributor to your own success or failure in this game.


At the risk of adding yet more hot air to the seemingly endless round of conversations about matchmaking and fluctuations in win rate I thought I would offer my own personal observations on win rate trends and matchmaking based on a long-term view of my stats.  


Like virtually everyone else on this forum, I have experienced the euphoria of amazing winning streaks alternated with what seem like endless strings of low tier potato-laden games that induce great bouts of weeping and gnashing of teeth.  


I am the same player playing the same tanks in the same way. Why can’t I stay on top? Surely something external is causing these swings.


Is it just random variation? Sunspots?  The NSA?  Stalin’s vengeful ghost?  Fracking? Moon phases?  Quality control problems at the fennel powder factory?  Wargaming’s nefarious matchmaking algorithm?


I too, in the depths of my despair, have at times (secretly) donned a tin foil cap and cursed matchmaking for clearly seeking to maliciously ruin my dream of a higher win rate.  But idle speculation and baseless ranting gets me no closer to my goal, nor does it help shore up my addled brain’s already tenuous grip on lucidity.


Before I start there are two things worth noting - the first is Wargaming’s official post on how matchmaking works.  The second is my own previous analysis of matchmaking, win rate, and team composition.  Both of these imply that the matchmaking process is random with respect to all factors except tier and tank type.


So, doing what I know best, I decided to empirically consider this variability over a long time span.  The following is a graph resulting from this data collection that shows both my overall and 7-day win rate recorded at weekly intervals since January:


Win Rate Graph


There are two primary takeaways from this:


  1. My 7-day Win Rate yo-yo’s around so much it hurts my neck to look at it.   What goes up always goes back down and vice versa (tin foil hat donned)
  2. The overall (linear) 30-week trend line for my 7-day WR is a flat 66%  (wait, what?)


The swings in 7-Day WR were not a surprise when I first saw them.  In fact, as the unofficial stat keeper for the Triarii I can tell you that virtually everyone experiences these to some extent.  The big surprise to me was the flat trendline:  since January my avg WR is 65.7% The first 15 weeks?  65.8%.   The most recent 15 weeks?  65.9%.  I have clearly found my ceiling for win rate - and unless I can find some way of improving my play (like dying less often and doing more damage) this is where I will (happily) remain.


In a nutshell: I AM the same player, playing the same tanks, in the same way - WHEN VIEWED OVER A LONG ENOUGH TIME FRAME.  Matchmaking is random, but that randomness only appears when viewed from the right perspective.


There are clearly forces at work larger than myself that I cannot control.  As a tanker who is much wiser than me has pointed out - finding the nirvana in win rate and match making is about acceptance.


Whatever these particular forces are that cause my weekly win rate to vary so much, I have learned to take solace in the acceptance of this variability.  Although I still do what I can to mitigate the impact of the lows, and to hold on to the highs as long as possible, they are simply a part of my WoTBlitz experience.  I no longer expect to win 65% of my battles every tanking session, or even every week.


Looking at this data and attempting to understand my own progression as a player has led me to some general observations that you may find helpful (many of which have already been previously stated at some point on the forums).


  • Your win rate will fluctuate in the short term - it is inevitable. Sometimes matchmaking will love you, other times, not so much. The sooner you accept this fact, the better your mental state.
  • Focus on the long term - don’t stress about day-to-day fluctuations and set long term goals.  I find my sanity is improved by focusing on the week.  If I drop WR points in the middle of the week, I know that I have time to make it up later on.  And, I know that it always will improve given enough time.  Some weeks when I reach a particular target WR I put down my iPad and stop playing until Monday.
  • Try to find effective strategies to flatten out the valleys (many of which have been discussed multiple times on the forums already).
    • For God’s sake, take the advice of countless others - if you experience a string of defeats (2,3,4.. or whatever)  STOP PLAYING AND TAKE A BREAK!!  
    • Platooning - this can work, but is not a panacea.  I have had times where platooning has worked great to get me back on the winning track.  In others, I have seemingly infected my platoon mate with my raging case of potato blight.  
    • Mix up your play. Struggling in your heavy?  Switch to a medium or TD.  Play a favorite tank for a while.  I typically pick up one of my top WR tanks (Matilda toon anyone?).
  • Trust me, if I can improve so can you. But, if your win rate is not where you would like it, you need to look squarely in the mirror.  If you can’t be reflective about your own play and constantly seek to find excuses and reasons outside of yourself, you will never improve.
  • Alternately - ignore your stats altogether and just have fun (it is just a game after all).

So, does MM hate you?  Of course it does - but it hates everyone equally, just like a parent.  Which of my kids do I like best today?  Depends on who has pissed me off the least.  Rest assured however, that whichever of my progeny is on my good side today he or she will do something to annoy the heck out of me tomorrow and will move to the top of my grudge list.  However, over the long term, odds are I will end up loving/hating them equally over the course of my life.  And, I have no doubt that they will put me in a second-rate retirement home the first chance they get.  Such is life.

#528682 Common Misconceptions

Posted Ksftwe on 06 November 2015 - 11:19 PM

Recently, I've noticed there's been an influx of the dreaded complainers on these forums. It's been making me a bit weary.

   But Ksftwe, you're complaining too, aren't y-

SHUT UP, NURSE. (props to anyone who gets that reference)


I've been stumbling across a lot of these newbies on the forums complaining about something that makes us Blitz vets groan and slam our faces into the wall, then have the entire forums shut him down and tell him why he is completely and utterly wrong, is a terrible player, and should probably quit the game. I've even found myself repeating the same things over and over again in response to these people. So here, I've compiled a list of common misconceptions about Blitz, and why none but the most uneducated (which I know none of you are) should believe, so hopefully the newcomers can save themselves some humility.



"I have a bad WR because I have noob teams."

My personal favorite. It also happens to be the most common one out of all the common misconceptions. In fact, it's so common that even some Blitz veterans with 20k+ battles and exceptional WRs will allude to this in their posts.


Friends, this is so, so, so, so wrong on so, so, so many levels. Your WR is a statistic. Yes, you may keep finding yourself tossed in with E 100s driving backwards and T-54s ramming Jagerus. Yes, you may think your team is made up of brain-dead numbskulls who probably couldn't find their way to the frontline with a tour guide dangling a lollipop in front of them.


But here's the catch: We all are subjected to these dimwits. You get bad teams. But I get bad teams. The #1 player in Blitz gets bad teams. The #1 worst player in Blitz gets bad teams. One of the fundamental rules of data-collecting is that a confounding factor may be ignored if it is applied to the entire sample/population. In this case, that is true. Fine, noob teams are the reason your WR is 50% instead of 60%. In that case, noob teams are the reason my WR is 70% instead of 80%. It doesn't change a single thing. Yes, nooby teammates can be reason why you're 1-10 in your brand new Centurion 7/1. Yes, nooby teammates can be the reason why you've dropped down .2% in the past week. But it is NOT the reason why your overall WR is green, rather than blue or purple.


If your stats are bad, it's because you're a bad player. If your stats are good, it's because you're a good player. Unicums aren't automatically blessed with geniuses on their team just because they're in Club Purple. Nor are average folk automatically cursed with window-lickers just because they're trying to improve their WR. It's a statistic. MM hates us, but it hates us all evenly. It has no effect on the relative strength of your winrate.



"This game is pay-to-win."

I love this one too. If you think WOT Blitz of all games is pay-to-win, you must live in a very small world, indeed. Dear god if you think this game is one of those games, for your own good please don't ever walk into a GameStop or purchase another iOS app. I've heard three common arguments as to why Blitz is somehow pay-to-win.


1. The prammo argument.Rich people can buy prammo and thus get a default advantage because they can pen you and you can't.

  • News flash - you can buy prammo with credits! If you actually didn't know that, now you do. Have fun slamming HEAT shells into E 100s. Now, some people bring it further by saying "rich people have premium accounts, so they can afford HEAT!" Inception time: misconception within a misconception. You don't need a premium account to afford premium rounds. I played my first 4,000 games with no premium account, no premium tanks, and managed to grind through 3 Tier 10s all strictly from playing the tanks in that line. No IS-6. No T34. No +50%. I rocked a 59-60% WR in them, and guess what? I never had any problems with my credits. Do well, budget your $$$, and you can easily afford everything you need.


2. The grind argument. Rich people can free XP their way up the Tiers...or purchase premium tanks for uber-OP powarz.

  • Free XPing up the Tiers like a madman on steroids will have the totally opposite effect of making you a better player. How many times do we complain about IS-6 drivers with 100 battles, driving backwards into the entire enemy team? (Incidentally, the IS-6 is probably the only premium tank you can drag up an argument for that it's OP) If you rush up the Tiers before you're ready, that's more of a pay-to-lose scenario than pay-to-win.


  • On free XPing modules - this at least partially has some sense to it, because it's logical. If you have money to free XP, you should be skipping your stock grinds and/or golding the crew. But even this is such a minimal effect that it can hardly be an impact on your win rate. Stock grinds, for instance, only take up about 100-ish battles, depending on Tier. If you play a tank long enough, say, 500 battles (which is the average battles it takes to move up a Tier, no premium acc), that 100 battles of below-average performance will mostly be drowned out. Besides, you could always do this thing called saving up your free XP before acquiring the next tank! And sometimes it won't even matter. I played my beloved T110E5 from scratch, with 75% crew, and nothing but a Rammer all the way till it was maxed out, which took me 200 battles. Today, it holds an 84% WR and 970 battles. "Stock grinds killed my stats?" Baloney.


3. Rich people can bribe WG!

  • ...Yeah I got nothing on this. You caught me.



"You only win because you spam gold!"

A fundamental assumption I'm sure you've all heard is "all's fair in love and war." Except...this may not even fall under that category because gee-golly, you have HEAT/APCR/HESH in your ammo selection as well! Ain't that convenient! I've already proven above as to why "I can't buy prammo cuz I'm poor" is an invalid statement. It isn't an advantage if YOU have that exact same weapon in your arsenal too. The fact that that red T-54 has the brains to use it while you don't is nobody's fault but yours.


If you don't use prammo, fine, but don't complain if people use it against you. Everyone spamming gold = nobody spamming gold. Have some common sense. Use their own weapon against them.



"Your stats are all inflated because you only platoon."

While it is 100% true that platooning will boost your WR (assuming you're platooning with another competent player), platooning does not help anything else. On the contrary, certain stats, especially average damage, will actually fall due to platooning, because you now have another good player stealing damage that could have been yours. Other stats like damage ratio, destruction ratio, survival, etc. won't change at all.


Yes, platooning will help your WR, and that's why people platoon - to win more. But it's also why nobody should judge people just on their win rate. Krieg's requirements for entry are based on average damage rather than WR for that very reason - because it is purely representative of YOUR skill and not of your platoonmate's.



"Skill-based MM will improve everyone's stats and performances!"

This is one of those misconceptions that I don't understand why people are still proponents of. How do people not understand that skill-based MM will completely and utterly destroy the game? Let's look into several scenarios:


1. The average player looking to get better.

  • The grand majority of you. Imagine this. You work hard farming potatoes and improving your skill. Hey, you're getting better at the game! You're stomping pubbies and raking in cash. Life's good. Then all of a sudden, everything changes. Your WR goes from 50% to 60%. Suddenly, the game turns on you. It starts giving you 40%ers as teammates instead of your usual 50%ers. Or alternatively, it'll force you to play against better enemies. Your performance stagnates. Everything goes wrong. Your opposition, now more powerful than before, defeats you more frequently. Your WR goes back down until it's once again 50% and you have to repeat the cycle indefinitely.


2. The unicum trying to play some games.

  • Oh boy, this system sure is helpful for unicums isn't it! Instead of being able to use their skills, they're now stuck with children and serial-AFKers as teammates. That, or they're forced to play one of their own kind every. Single. Game. Eventually, all of the unicums will lose their magical specialness and go back down to being 50%ers. Hey, look at that. They now have the same WR as the average person looking to get better. Does that mean they're of the same skill? Well, I guess so since WR says they are.


3. The total idiot who doesn't care what he's doing.

  • My favorite scenario. We all hate these morons. We want to see them removed from the game, perhaps forcefully by the way of the almighty banhammer. But guess what? If we implement skill-based MM, you'll be seeing more of these fools. Either you, as a decent player, will be forced to play alongside these imbeciles every single game to "balance out" the teams...or alternatively, the 30%ers will face equally-bad 30%ers, win more games, get their WR up to 40%, 50%, and...oh lookie lookie. Statistically they're now "just as good" as the dragged-down conceps, fullestnukes, A7X0s, etc. etc. Doh!


I hope that sounds good to you because that's what you're signing yourselves up for. Skill-based MM completely obliterates any meaning to having WR, and in fact rewards the bad players for being bad, and punishes the good players for being good.


Credit where credit is due: Much of this is heavily paraphrased from a previous post by ahredstealth. Props to him because I am an uncreative loser.



"It's not my fault I'm AFK every single day! I have a son/daughter/plant/pet iguana to take care of!"

Haha. No. While I totally understand that Internet service is dumb and might randomly cut you off mid-game, or that your iPad battery may die because you weren't paying attention...there is no excuse for going AFK daily, or even weekly (possibly monthly?). If you're going AFK frequently, you are clearly playing the game when you aren't supposed to be. Babysitting your neighbor's son? Then pay attention to the son and don't torture 6 teammates as you sit in spawn with your gun down, not moving. Got a phone call? I'm sure it can wait 5 minutes. Oh, it's an important phone call? Then why the flippidy flapjacks were you playing a video game rather than working?




I'm sure there are many more, but these are just the ones I felt like typing out now. Hopefully anybody who's about to post a "____ isn't fair!!1!1!11!" thread will randomly stumble across this little rant and think twice about posting.


That is all. It's been a long day, and I have had nothing better to do.


PS: Have a great day, tankers. :)

PSS: Totally didn't create this thread to inflate my rep count to 1,000.

PSSS: The 'horizontal line' button is underrated.

#628654 An Epic Story to Share

Posted Alo8ight on 28 January 2016 - 09:56 PM

My journey in Wargaming started 3 ½ years ago, when I first entered the publishing gaming space as a customer relation specialist. As a proud member of the support team, I got involved with helping players solve everything that involved billing, account, in-game issues…you name it. During these early years of serving WGA, I helped operate in a small office (nearly less than 30 some odd folks) who were confident and exerted their passion in a company that has found success, as it stands today. 


As the years went by, my love for our games grew stronger and my relationship with Wargaming even better. I attended events—all of them for that matter (E3, PAX, Comic Con, Player gatherings) and the list goes on and on. I knew then that there was something missing inside, perhaps a curiosity to do more things, get involved with the people (our customers) who play our games on a daily basis.


With this urge, came the opportunity eventually to serve in a community role. As a community coordinator, my responsibilities stretched across all of our games. I’ve worked with many community members, and became familiar with everyone who was drawn to our games. It felt really awesome to connect with so many people of different personalities, unique backgrounds and similar interests. I knew then that working in a community position was where I wanted to focus my career.


Fast-forwarding, a little less than a year (Summer 2014), a new era approached. My supervisor introduced me to a new opportunity and explained how I could potentially be a part of what Wargaming, as a whole, has yet to experience. If you hadn’t already guessed, it was the World of Tanks Blitz: Alpha program. When I first took the lead of the project, I had no idea what to expect. The only direction that was given to me during this time was…and I quote “We know that you may feel scared, even worried about what’s been tasked to you, but don’t worry—trust your instincts and in due time, everything will make sense.” So I went with that quote and did everything I could to research the best ways for a company, such as Wargaming, to pioneer and lead the way for mobile gaming. Sure enough, with the right guidance and help from a few colleagues, everything finally started to make sense to me. Just when I was getting settled, our game was headed into beta.


With the announcement of the World of Tanks Blitz: Beta, Wargaming provided me the opportunity to manage my own community. I was blessed to receive this opportunity and was motivated more than ever to ensure that our game would launch successfully and smoothly.

With help from Senator_Ratbat, we launched Wargaming’s first mobile title: World of Tanks Blitz! It was by far one of the most exciting times that I’ve experienced at Wargaming. Imagine launching a product that you’ve put your heart and soul into, and seeing it come to life before your very eyes; making it a reality.


While Blitz was maturing from its infancy, I had the pleasure of working with one of the best community coordinator’s, a manager could have: CC_Sly.  Sly entered WG at a time where the community was growing and yearning for new content. Sly was able to introduce people to a variety of contests and help assist in building what is now known as Club Wargaming. He not only made my job easier, but allowed me to free up bandwidth to help setup events and plan on future initiatives coming down the product pipeline. With the few tasks that I slightly touched on, CC_Sly continues to help lead initiatives that will help benefit our community, and future plans coming for Blitz.


So I guess this is the end of the road for me...


To my Wargaming family:  

It’s been a great experience working for Wargaming America and I truly am thankful for everything that the company has given me. Without Wargaming, I would not be the professional that I am today, and possess the confidence to find success in what the future holds. Thank you everyone (my community team in particular) and every person that I worked closely with throughout the years. Those moments are genuine and I will forever remember and carry them with me wherever I go.


To the World of Tanks Blitz community:

Thank you everyone! Thank you both old and new members of the community, for simply being YOU. It is because of YOU that I strive to do the best I can do for our game. You guys keep me motivated no matter the situation. You all are the driving force behind this game. Your voice is the main reason why Sly, Ratbat and I continue to do the things that we do to support our game. Keep up the good work—there will be many exciting things coming this year, so be prepared!


Good bye and good luck!





P.S. If you’re curious to see what’s next in store for me, feel free to follow me at my official Twitter account: @Alo8ight. I plan on keeping the same handle throughout the rest of my career in community.    

#1151960 DogFace Decree: Cheaters

Posted Dogface2356 on 30 March 2017 - 10:05 PM

Hello Tankers,


It has been brought to my attention that that certain players have been cheating and making Blitz less fun with their actions or inactions in game.


These players have been banned for breaking the EULA

  • Moistmut
  • B1ueonB1ue
  • Shaitan_warrior
  • Igor1hit
  • Player_8070101910


I take cheating of any kind (botting, modifications that boost performance, etc) and the effects it has, very seriously. Do keep in mind that when investigating claims we have to take a lot of factors into account (Are they just really bad players? Are they really good players, are they even actual players?)


Keep your reports coming, they matter to us. Though I know sometimes it may not seem like it, please know that they do.


This is just the first step, change is good my friends but change also takes time.


-DogFace out-

#92083 WoTB beginner’s guide, tactics

Posted thunderthies on 06 November 2014 - 05:35 AM

Welcome to the World of Tanks Blitz beginner’s guide and tactics.


World of Tanks Blitz is a fast-paced, free-to-play MMO action game centered around WWII tanks. WoTB is both deeply complex and highly dynamic, and while it takes just a few minutes to learn, it requires a lifetime to master.


The following comprehensive guide is meant to expedite the learning curve for new tankers, giving them a greater handle on the in-game features while also providing some of the more common techniques and tactics. You can simply scroll through the guide, search for relevant terms or use the index to jump to specific sections.


Good luck and happy tanking!




1. Getting Started

    1.1 Garage 

    1.2 Battle Screen

2. Choosing a Tank

    2.1 Light Tanks

    2.2 Medium Tanks

    2.3 Heavy Tanks

    2.4 Tank Destroyers 

3. Techniques & Tactics

    3.1 Sidescraping/Reverse Sidescraping

    3.2 Angling 

    3.3 Circle of Death

    3.4 Flanking

    3.5 Cover

    3.6 Concealment

    3.7 Peek-A-Boom

    3.8 Ammunition

    3.9 Hull Down

    3.10 Situational Awareness

4. Know Your Tank

    4.1 Tank Knowledge 

    4.2 Tank Terminology

    4.3 Weak Spots

5. Frequently Asked Questions  

    5.1 What's The Best Tier Ten?

    5.2 How Long To Get To Tier Ten?

    5.3 How Do I Fix Lag?

    5.4 When Will Clan Wars Start?

    5.5 When Will There Be Artillery?

    5.6 How Do I Set Up Team Speak?

    5.7 Why Was I In A High Tier Battle?

    5.8 How Do Target Specific Tanks?

    5.9 Why Did My Shot Do No Damage?

    5.10 Why Did My Shot Disappear?

    5.11 How Do I Look Without Moving?

    5.12 How Was I Shot Through A Wall?

    5.13 How Did An Invisible Tank Shoot Me?

    5.14 How Did A Tank Disappear?

    5.15 What's The Best Equipment?

    5.16 What's The Best Consumables?

6. Glossary



Getting Started:





The garage is your home base where you can upgrade your tanks, check your statistics, make in-game purchases, chat with other tankers and more. Below is a breakdown of the available functions that can be accessed or viewed through the garage.



1. Menu – From the dropdown menu, you can see recent news, select a platoon mate, check your service record and more.


2. Player name and premium time – The player name displayed correlates to the War Gaming ID used to login. Premium time provides a boost to experience and credits earned per battle.


3. Gold – Gold can be purchased or won through various competitions and can be used to purchase in-game items such as premium time, premium tanks and HEAT/APCR ammo.


4. Credits – Credits are earned through battles and can be used to purchase various in-game items, such as equipment, HEAT/APCR ammo and more.


5. Free Experience – Five percent of the experience earned per battle will be stored in the free experience account and can be used towards any tank or module. Gold can be used to convert normal experience into free experience.


6 Shopping cart – The shopping cart links to bundles and kits, which can be purchased with money.


7. Ping – The color of the circle depicts the quality of your connection. Green represents “good,” yellow “fair” and red “poor.”


8. Crew – Each tank’s crew must be trained individually. Crew training can be achieved through playing battles, or can be brought up to 75 percent by paying credits and 100 percent by paying gold.


9. Battle – Pressing battle brings you into the queue and ultimately into a match.


10. Upgrades – Each tank has multiple modules to improve its performance. Experience earned from any given tank can only be used to unlock modules for that specific tank.


11. Info – This is a shortcut to the selected tank’s values, such as armor thickness and top speed.


12. Consumables – These single-use, multi-use or permanent effect items can be purchased with credits to repair damaged modules, heal crew or increase specific skills.


13. Ammunition – Each tank can fire a variety of different shell types, including High Explosive (HE), Armor piercing (AP), High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT), and Armor Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR). HEAT rounds and some APCR rounds can be purchased with credits or gold.


14. Equipment – Various items than can be purchased with credits to permanently increase a tank’s effectiveness in battle.


15. Chat – Here you can send messages to tankers in your friends list, search for tankers, and join general chat.


16. Filter – The filter allows you to select which tanks will be displayed in your garage.


17. Tech Tree – Tanks are categorized by their country of origin and move from left to right in ascending historical order. In order to unlock the subsequent tank, you must first accrue enough experience in the preceding tank.



Battle Screen:


The battle screen is the in-game hub where all pertinent battlefield information is located. From here you can pilot your tank and utilize the mini-map to locate friends and foe, all while annihilating your enemy.



1. TeamPanel – Shows which tanks and users are on your team. The icons that look like shields on the far left indicate players that are platooned.


2. Vehicle Symbols – These symbols denote which vehicles remain on the battlefield and serve as a shortcut to opening the team panel. Click here for more info.


3. Timer – Shows how much time remains until the match ends.


4. Enemy Team Panel – Shows which tanks and players are on the enemy team.


5. Auto-Aim Selector – Quickly toggles auto-aim on and off.


6. Fire – There can be up to two fire buttons on the screen.


7. Light Bulb – Indicates you have been spotted by an enemy.


8. Aiming Reticule – The aiming reticule decreases in size when stationary, but blooms when the tank is in motion or after firing a shell.


9. Enemy Indicator – Shows the direction of a nearby spotted enemy.


10. Ammo Selector – Quickly switch between different ammo types.


11. Consumables – Displays which consumables are available for use.


12. Directional Pad – Moves the tank.


13. Zoom – Switches between normal and sniper view mode.


14. Ping – Shows your connection to the server.


15. Speed – Shows the rate at which your tank is traveling.


16. Health Points – Shows how many health points your tank has remaining.


17. Slide Lock – Allows you to look in any direction without moving your turret.


18. Frames Per Second/Quick Chat – Shows how many frames per second the game is displaying at, and also gives access to a list of preprogrammed chat commands.



Choosing a Tank:



WoTB currently offers four classes of tanks: lights, mediums/meds, heavies, and tank destroyers/TDs. Each class is designed with a specific purpose in mind and excels when used within its role. After you’ve played a few battles and have a feel for the controls and your play style, it’s time to decide which tank line you want to grind.



Light Tanks:


Light tanks, or lights, are designed to scout and detect the enemy. Lights possess little in the way of armor, but are exceptionally mobile and can quickly maneuver around the battlefield.


Medium Tanks:


Medium tanks, or meds, are designed to fulfill various roles and are the venerable jack-of-all-trades. Meds vary in their armor, speed and firepower and individual tanks can be quite different from one another. Meds can be used to scout, support and sometimes even attack from the front line.


Heavy Tanks:


Heavy tanks, or heavies, are designed to overwhelm the enemy by using brute strength. Heavies have relatively powerful guns and are laden with thick armor that can take a beating. These tanks are best used on the front line.


Tank Destroyers:


Tank Destroyers, or TDs, are designed to eliminate the threat from a distance. TDs have moderate mobility and are equipped with extremely powerful guns, but generally lack heavy armor. Concealment is the TDs best ally.



Techniques and Tactics:



Utilizing proper techniques and tactics makes it easier to lay waste to your enemies. Implementing the information below will greatly enhance your survivability, as well as the potential max damage you can deal to the opposition.  




Sidescraping/Reverse Sidescraping:


Sidescraping increases the chance of bouncing incoming shells by using buildings, rocks or any other impenetrable object to present the side of your tank at an extreme angle in relation to your enemy.







Beginners guide to sidescraping





Angling your tank, as opposed to facing your enemy head on, increases the effective armor thickness and decreases the chance of penetration.





Angling 101 - A Graphic Guide



Circle of Death:


Medium tanks are much nimbler than heavies and tank destroyers and can circle around them, staying ahead of their turrets and therefore avoiding being shot. If you’re in a medium and find yourself facing a heavy or tank destroyer, employ this tactic instead of simply trading shots.






Flanking puts your enemies in a crossfire and splits their attention between two groups. If a flanking opportunity presents itself, take it.




Using cover:


Cover is anything that can block an incoming shell. Buildings, rocks or any other solid object can act as cover. If possible, use cover instead of roaming through the open.




Using concealment:


Concealment raises the camo value of your tank, making your more difficult to spotted. Bushes act as great concealment, but you can also use the terrain to your advantage.






When trading shots with an enemy tank, employ the peek-a-boom technique. Peek out from behind cover, take a shot, then retreat back to cover while you reload. This is far more effective than sitting in the open. 





Different ammunition types have different strengths, and knowing when to use them can mean the difference between life and death. AP rounds are best used for tanks of the same tier or below, while HEAT/APCR rounds can be useful for penetrating higher tier tanks. HE rounds have lower penetration but higher potential damage and can often set fire to tanks when fired into their rear. HE rounds also work well for tracking, or immobilizing, tanks.  




Beginner's guide to ammunition


Ammunition guide



Hull Down:


Some tanks have extremely tough turrets and excel in hull down positions. When going hull down, find a position that hides your hull from the enemy.




Situational Awareness:


Utilize the mini map to ensure you know exactly who is around you. Having situational awareness can mean the difference between having an enemy sneaking up behind you and being prepared to dispatch it.



Know Your Tank:



Play to your tank’s strengths, not its weaknesses:


Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re driving a med, utilize speed instead of trying to brawl. Whereas if you’re driving a heavy, utilize brawn instead of speed. While in a TD, stay back and snipe instead of acting as the main aggressor. Know what your tank is made you’ll find yourself dealing higher damage and staying alive longer.



Tank Terminology: 


The WoTB community throws around a lot of tank terms which, unless you've previously been indoctrinated into the culture, you may find a bit confusing. The following is a breakdown of basic tank terminology.



UFG/Upper Frontal Glacis - The upper armor on the front of the tank. Typically very difficult to penetrate. 


► LFG/Lower Frontal - The lower armor on the front of the tank. Typically easy to penetrate.


► Beak - The point where the UFG and LFG meet. Typically very difficult to penetrate. 


► TM/Turret Mantlet - The armor plate surrounding the gun barrel. Typically very difficult to penetrate. 


► TR/Turret Ring - The ring on which the turret rotates. Typically a weak spot.


► FT/Frontal Turret - The front of the turret. Typically very difficult to penetrate.


► ST/Side Turret - The side of the turret. Typically easy to penetrate.


► RT/Rear Turret - The back of the turret. Typically easy to penetrate. 


► USH/Upper Side Hull - The armor on the upper portion of the tank's side. Can be easy to penetrate but difficult to deal damage, especially in the IS series, which has spaced USH armor.


► LSH/Lower Side Hull - The armor on the lower portion of the tank's side. Typically easy to penetrate. 


► RHA/Rear Hull Armor - The armor on the back of the hull. Typically easy to penetrate. 


► Cupola/Commander's Hatch - The bulbous area (typically) located on the top of the tank. Typically easy to penetrate. 


► Drive Wheel - The sprockets located on the very front and/or rear of the tracks. Typically easy to penetrate and also a good way to track, or immobilize, vehicles. 


► Tracks - The portion of tread that provides traction and movement. Typically easy to penetrate, but rarely yields damage. Can also be used to track, or immobilize vehicles. 


► Ammo Rack - Ammo racks hold the ammunition and are located in different areas depending on the tank. This is a weak spot and if the ammo rack is detonated, the tank can be killed in one shot. 


► Spaced Armor - A type of layered armor consisting of two or more separated plates which reduces the chance of full penetration. 


► Pike Nose Armor - A type of frontal hull armor that comes to a point and excels at bouncing shots. 



Learn weak spots:


Once you understand the tank terminology, it's time to learn different weak spots. Every tank has multiple weak spots and even the tough to crack ones can be penetrated if you know where to aim. Learn the weak spots instead of just spraying and praying.




World of Tanks Guru weak spots guide


Tank Inspector


Tank Analyzer 



Frequently Asked Questions:





► What is the best tier ten tank? - Simply put, there is no best tier ten tank. Each tier ten excels in various areas and its success is largely dependent on the skill of the driver. 


► How many games does it take to get to a tier 10? - With premium time, it takes approximately 1100-1300 battles to reach tier ten. 


► How can I fix my lag? - Occasional lag spikes and FPS drops are going to be a given, regardless of the game. However, if you experience perpetual lag, try rebooting your game, device and router. If that doesn't work, send a ticket in to WG. 


► When will Clan Wars start? - WG has announced that Clan Wars will be implemented in a future update, but have not specified exactly when.  


► Will artillery be introduced? - WG has definitively said that artillery will not be in WoTB. 


► How do I set up Team Speak? - A guide for setting up Team Speak can be found here


► Why is my low tier tank being matched with higher tier tanks? - Each tank is placed into a battle tier, which determines what tiers they can see in battle. For instance, any tier eight can see tier 10's in battle, while tier fives cannot. A more in-depth explanation of battle tiers can be found here





► How do I show my team which target I'm shooting at? - While pointing your turret at your target, tap on the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen. From the quick chat menu, select what usually is the "attack" icon. 


► Why didn't my shot do any damage? - There are several reasons why your shot may have done no damage. Bounced shots and ricochets will do no damage, as well as some penetrations into the tracks. Occasionally, a shell will pass straight through the entire tank and miss all vital components. This will yield no damage and is part of the in-game dynamics. For more information on zero damage hits click here


► Why did my shot disappear? - Ghost shells, or shells that disappear once they exit the barrel, are typically a result of lag. The shell is still in play, but does not occur on the screen. For more information on ghost shells click here.


 How do I look around without turning my turret? - The default game controls feature a slide lock function on the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen. Scrolling with the slide lock will allow you to view the battlefield while keeping your tank stationary. 


► How was I just shot through a wall? - Shell tracers can be deceiving, and if it appears you have been shot through a wall, it's almost certainly a function of lag. For more information on tracers click here.


► How did I get shot by someone who I couldn't see? - In regards to a one vs. one scenario... View range is the maximum distance any given tank can see. Equipment can increase view range, while terrain and bushes can increase camo value, making a tank more difficult to spot. On the other hand, movement and firing lowers camo value. So if the enemy tank is stationary and lying in wait and you are firing and on the move, you will be spotted while they are not. For more information on view range and camouflage click here


► Why do tanks disappear right in front of me? - The ability to see an enemy tank is contingent upon a variety of factors. If the enemy tank ducks behind a bush or is obscured from your line of sight by a building or terrain, they are no longer be visible. This is not a glitch, but rather a part of the game. For more information on view range and camouflage click here


► What equipment should I use? - Optimal equipment use varies based on a tanker's play style. For more information on equipment load outs click here.


► What consumables should I use? - Optimal consumables load outs varies based on a tanker's play style. For more information on consumables load outs click here





For a list of WoTB terms and definitions click here.



**Special thanks go out to HBFT for pinning this thread and to the following tankers for their contributions:


  • A7X0
  • Asiaticus
  • ENO75
  • jtemple507
  • Monopower
  • Onemeaus
  • someguyfromPitt
  • Static2k

#85243 All tank guns in one spreadsheet

Posted CptCheez on 30 October 2014 - 07:11 AM

Have you ever wanted to compare the different guns in a particular tank side-by-side to see which one is best to use?  Or compare different tier tank's guns?  Well, now's your chance because I've created a spreadsheet that does exactly this!  It is organized by tank type, so on one tab you'll see American Tank Destroyers, on another tab the American Mediums, etc.  Here's a link:


World of Tanks: Blitz tank guns spreadsheet


I included every tank in the Tech Tree, including the Premiums that can be purchased there.  I don't own any of the non-Tech Tree premium tanks (like the Fury, Ram, Super Pershing, etc.), so I don't have the info for those.  If you have one of those tanks and want to PM me the gun details, I'll be happy to add them in too.



#24616 Alright People (The Community Pledge)

Posted Integrity125 on 28 July 2014 - 01:36 AM

First of all, I want to emphasize what a great community we are, especially for such a new game. We have our core of grizzled veterans from CBT and beyond, and it's good to see them helping others and contributing to some great discussions. We also have our mobs of players, both new and old from PC WoT. Even though we might occasionally tease you about your "noobishness" (never take that seriously guys. Anyone worse than you is a "noob" and anyone better than you "doesn't have a life") I personally enjoy the discussions we have on the forums.


Unfortunately like everywhere else on this Earth, we're not a perfect community. Quoting Alo8ght, we have a "community full of different and colorful personalities". It's usually a good thing and contributes to a rich and fun environment. Unfortunately, it also always leads to friction and clashes between players.


We're a community guys. We're united by one thing: a game. We're supposed to have fun, but it's important to remember that fights and such are a part of that. Let's work together to make this community a good community. One that can deal with, and solve our problems, not one that drops everything and bails out at the first gunshot. Is this the type of players we have in our games? When things go wrong do you put up the white flag and say "I'm done"? No, you suck it up and deal with it. It's important to have this attitude not only in-game but also in-community as well.


Now as a humble member of our community, the only special status I have is that of a CBT tester, but I'd like to challenge you guys to take the words above to heart. In fashion of old, I will sign my name as a pledge that I, personally, will uphold the integrity of the forum, myself, and my clan. I may feed a troll from time to time, but I will let him starve as well. If anyone else wants to join me, go ahead and sign your name, but I'm serious about this. Fights like those we've had in the past can wreck entire communities. I've seen it happen. I've done it personally. I'm not letting it happen again.


Callsign Integrity125

Empires Clan Diplomat

Closed Beta Tester



There is no need to report people who've broken the pledge. That's not the reason this is here. By pledging you are saying you're going to do you best, fix and deal with your mistakes when you make them. You are not pledging to be a perfect-robot-performance-smiling-utopia-happyland-butterfly-rainbow-pony citizen. Your not even pledging to act grown up and mature. Just to act with responsibility and maturity when it is especially needed.

#1182192 Let's Step Into the Light Together v.2

Posted Dark_Magician_Girl on 26 April 2017 - 11:24 PM

I’m going to try and keep my narrative short and let the exhibits that I have presented do the talking.  WG, looks like I have to drag you into the light again.  I plan on posting this on the Dogface Den thread, discord channels, and any other medium I have available.  While I posted before on the things I do like, there are things I absolutely despise that outweigh my likes.

  1. Compensation - MUCH more compensation distributed if system is launched.

  2. Timers - Need to be taken silently into a corner and killed off.

  3. Needless over-complication of Blitz systems - It’s just too much.


Exhibit 1:  Reviews on why WOTB is great - No Timers




Read your own reviews WG.  This is not clash of clans, this is Blitz.  The very nature of timers goes against the title of the game: BLITZ.  There is a reason why we are all here playing your game, spending money on you, not clash of clans.  Do not lose your uniqueness and become corporate sheep.


Exhibit 2: Youtube Video on Equipment Changes




What more proof do you need?  Have you seen the ratio of dislikes to likes?  I didn’t even bother to read the cesspool that is the comments section, but look at that ratio.  At the time I have clicked on it the ratio of dislike to like is 4:1 (3334 dislike, 791 like)


You want to know the only other video I have disliked on youtube?  Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video which has a lower ratio of dislikes to likes at 3:1, and that was pretty bad.  Don’t do this WG, you know better.  Either talk to the BCC immediately or scratch the idea entirely.


Exhibit 3: Other “I hate WG” threads:


















I thought I’d just leave these here in one place for you to browse through.  What’s funny is that when I’d go back to the general discussion, more new ones would pop up.  For the sake of length, I’ll just cut the list of these threads off here.  Keep in mind that these are only some of the threads from today: day 1.



People are angry.  The needless over-complication takes away from the tank element of the game.  Too much focus on twin pins, light seals, spare parts, etc. detracts from the fun, mobile game people downloaded to enjoy.  This is ridiculous and demonstrates that WG lacks prudence.


A house divided cannot stand,



#308409 Platooning 101

Posted thunderthies on 19 May 2015 - 02:38 AM

It’s generally well accepted that platooning with another tanker of similar skill will help improve the chance for sweet victory. And while having two 55% WR tankers on the Green team is certainly better than only one, there are specific platoon-based tactics that can help you push the envelope even further, allowing you to overcome otherwise insurmountable odds to come out on top and bring home the win.


So check it…




Synergy is when the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. In other words, when 2+2=6. When platoonmates are working synergistically their efforts are strengthened and they become a truly formidable force.


In order for a platoon to operate synergistically they must be in either close proximity or have direct line of sight. Otherwise, they are operating independently and their effectiveness is diminished.


Synergy is, in my opinion, the single greatest aspect to a great platoon. Two tankers who may otherwise play at a 55% WR level can easily play at a 65% WR when the following methods are employed.


Spots and Shots


Despite what class of tank you are in, you can still act as a spotter. Spotting for your platoonmate, and if you’re lucky your team, can put some serious hurt on the enemy, especially if a few of them are camping. Here’s an example of how to execute spots and shots:


The current trend on Oasis palms is for the entire team to lemming train to the northeast corner. However, occasionally you’ll roll up only to find the area completely vacated. This means one of two things has happened:


  1. The Reds are spawn camping.
  2. The Reds have lemming trained to the southwest corner


Ninety-nine times out of 100, when the Greens roll up to the northeast corner and find no targets, they sit on the hill tops and wait for someone to light them up.




This means either you or your platoonmate should continue along the easterly border and use the protection of the dunes to creep up on the Red spawn. Most of the time you’ll find targets here. And when you do, you should take cover. Why? Because you’ll be the only one on the entire team that is spotted.


Your platoonmate, in turn, should focus his fire on whichever enemy is advancing on you, targeting you, or closest to you, in that order. You may not get much damage, but your platoonmate will, and you’ll be closer to a win, which is what matters.


This tactic can be used on any map in practically any situation, but the key factor here is that the platoonmate that is not spotting must actively protect the one that is.



Focus Fire


I know. I’ve covered this like a bagillion times before. But it’s critical. Focus fire is when both platoonmates target the same enemy to quickly dispatch them. It’s better to have one dead Red than seven injured ones.


For newer platoonmates I recommend calling out targets so you are both on the same page, but as you progress and become more acquainted with one anothers’ play styles you should both automatically select the same targets.


Bait and Switch


The bait and switch maneuver is when one platoonmate gets the attention of a Red and lures them into view of the other platoonmate. This works best with a TD/Heavy and Med platoon but can be done with any two tanks.


Let’s use Oasis Palms again as an example, and again, let’s say you’re heading up to the northeast corner, except this time you don’t have backup, except for your JgPz. E 100 platoonmate who has his barrel locked on the hillcrest in your direction.


To execute the bait and switch, draw an enemy or two over the hillcrest highlighted in red and continue backing up into cover. At this point your platoonmate can send a VW sized chunk of lead into your target.


Again, this tactic can be used on any map and in any situation, but requires a high degree of situational awareness and confidence in your platoonmate.



Tap Out


Tapping out means to switch places with your full health platoonmate when you are down to a one-shot kill. Remember, a gun in the game can still do damage, no matter how little health you have left.


A good example of tapping out is on Fort Despair. Let’s say both platoonmates are piloting their beloved T110E5s, because they both know OP that tank is, and are making their way down the easterly wall of town, otherwise known as “Death Valley.”


Oftentimes the Reds will hull down in the northeast corner either behind the embankments or on top of the broken structures. When this happens you are forced to play peek-a-boom and victory normally is given to whoever can sidescrape/angle the best.


But what happens when you are the point of the spear and taking massive damage? What about when you have 30 health points left? No problem. Just switch positions with your platoonmate and fall back a bit. Only take opportunistic shots and let your platoonmate put in some work.


Tapping out can mean the difference between having the last stand be a 2 v 1 or a 1 v 1.


Abandoning a Target


There some times when abandoning a target to move on to the next one is the best move to make. This is, of course, very specific to both the situation and the tanks you and your platoonmate are driving.


Here’s an example…


It’s down to you and your platoonmate against four Reds. You’re driving a JgPz. E 100 and your platoonmate is driving a T-62A.


You’re both caught in the easterly valley of Dead Rail and your platoonmate is viciously fighting against an enemy FV4202. The rest of the Reds are coming from the opposite direction, trying to box you in.


You launch a shot into the back of the FV4202 and bring him down to 400 health. You know your platoonmate can handle the rest, so instead of sitting there and waiting until tomorrow for your reload to finish, you should instead begin your rotation towards the opposite direction so when the Reds arrive you’ll have a nice surprise waiting for them.


This type of planning ahead can mean the difference between being prepared for the next wave or getting caught off guard.


This is all I can think of for the moment but this will be a WIP piece and any suggestions and/or ideas are welcome.



#188989 The Future of Fail Platoons

Posted Alo8ight on 06 February 2015 - 02:48 AM

With the recent uproar/activity that has been happening in World of Tanks Blitz, Wargaming has decided to review the current in-game function that allows players from platooning with any vehicles, regardless of the tier spread.


Fail/troll platoons is an issue that WG recognizes and is not in favor of the current drawback that it presents to our community. This act ruins the overall player experience of our game and we will address this issue asap.


The date for this initiative has yet to be determined. This feature change will mostly depend on the time frame in which we can add to the current development cycle.


We hope to provide everyone with another update, announcing the official date of this change.


Lastly, we'd like to thank everyone for voicing out their opinions and providing us the overall sentiment of this topic.   


Thanks again for helping us make World of Tanks Blitz, the best game mobile tank game in the world!



#1186639 New Wargaming video explaining Update 3.8

Posted RH_131 on 29 April 2017 - 07:35 PM

#380152 T110E5 - The Universal Machine [Guide]

Posted Ksftwe on 07 July 2015 - 06:38 PM

Tier X US Heavy Tank: T110E5

Ever wondered why all the unicums drive E5s?


Greetings! If you're here, it means one of three things: one, you recently got yourself a shiny new T110E5, but just can't seem to get the hang of how to dominate the battlefield with it.  Two, you just bumped into a platoon of 70% players who just wrecked you in their E5s, and you are now bashing yourself and asking "WHY CAN'T I DO THAT?" Three, you're exceptionally bored and just like reading unnecessary guides for fun. Or just want to point out every tiny flaw in the post. Which is fine too.


Now, please understand that reading this guide won't turn you into an amazing god-mode Hulk-smash-everything super unicum. You can memorize everything in here to the last comma, but to truly master a tank, you need to remember to practice and repeat. Furthermore, this guide is specifically directed towards beginner or intermediate E5 drivers, and will probably be of little help to an experienced player. If you are, however, one of those experienced players looking to improve, I highly suggest you read A7X0's Advanced T110E5 Guide, created as a follow-up to this guide.


Let's begin! (If you want a far less in-depth collection of tips, skip down to Summary)



The T110E5 is the (only) American Tier X Heavy Tank, following the M103 - researchable for 240,000 XP and purchasable for 6,100,000 credits.


Commonly referred to as the 'E5,' this tank is famous for one thing: versatility. With a very responsive gun, superb mobility (for a heavy), and cleverly placed armor "hardpoints," the E5 can accomplish almost any task adequately, while sacrificing specialization for a particular role that it naturally excels at.


This very evenly spread-out distribution of strengths and weaknesses can either be good news or bad news. An experienced player can absolutely abuse the E5's many strengths, while simultaneously hiding its many weaknesses. For the run-of-the-mill player, however, the T110E5's many weaknesses can be very difficult to identify, and strengths tricky to maximize, thus resulting in a sub-par, 45-50% WR. If you're one of the latter, keep on reading!


Stats'Cause numbers are everything in this game apparently

You can find the stats quite easily, so I'll leave 'em here in the spoilers.




StrengthsKnow thy tank, and it will know thee as well 

While the T110E5 technically has a lot of "strengths," they're not exactly strengths, because for everything I'm about to list here, I guarantee there's another tank that can do it better (even disregarding the 215b). But the one thing you should note is how many specific strengths the E5 has, even within the broad areas I am pointing out below.



The T110E5 has it. With a nice 37 kph top speed, fast acceleration, a respectable 25 d/s of traverse speed, and 20 d/s of turret traverse, it's able to not only quickly move around to respond to changing situations, but defend itself at close range by forcing its opponents (particularly those pesky T-54s) to face its front at all times, something many tanks cannot do.


   Tricky armor

First, a life lesson for you folks out there: never trust advertisements. Not on TV, not in real life, and not in World of Tanks Blitz. The 254mm of “frontal armor” the T110E5 supposedly has is a lie. Mostly. It’s only found on the tip of the “beak” that is the E5’s hull. The upper plate is only around ~150mm thick, but is extremely well sloped and will likely bounce/autobounce any non-gold shot coming its way. The lower plate is significantly less sloped and is a prominent weakspot.


That being said, the armor is, to say the least, tricky. The unique eggshell-shaped hull of the E5 is not flat, and its odd sloping makes it annoyingly hard to aim properly at a weakspot, especially when the tank is moving. Even the lower glacis is curved (unlike every other heavy) and can give troll bounces. The turret, in addition, has a thick mantlet with tough cheeks (we'll forget about the cupola for now, that's to be addressed later). Especially if you're on a slope, the E5's hull weakspots will shift from condition to condition, making it incredibly annoying to focus on a specific area to shoot at.


   Incredible gun

Accuracy. Aim time. Penetration. Reload. The 120mm M58 has it all, and is, without a doubt, one of the most reliable Tier X heavy guns in the game (surpassed only by the British L1A1 found on the Conqueror and FV215b). With 0.35m of dispersion and a pleasant 2.0s of aiming time, this gun will not fail to do exactly as you say most of the time (of course, sometimes, RNG may curse you with a few wild shots that bounce off an ISU, but that's to be expected for every tank). However, one of the best aspects of this gun is its impressive reload time. At 6 rounds per minute, this tank can reload faster than every other heavy (except that dang 215b) by a good margin, ensuring that for every shot you receive, you'll be able to put two back in the enemy.


   Great gun depression & elevation

The E5 conforms to the stereotype of American tanks with its excellent gun depression (-8 degrees from the front), which suits it very well to fight on hilly terrain. A hull-down E5 may not be invincible, but always remember that no matter what tank you're in, hull down is always better than being in the open.


   Large tracks

Tracks love to eat up damage. Although the T110E5 has miserable side armor, it can be very good at sidescraping due to its track placement. Many shots that should have easily gone through will instead by taken up by the tracks, which saves you a good deal of damage, and, as we just covered, allows you to put not one, but TWO shots back in the enemy.


Weaknesses'Cuz unfortunately no one is perfect

As amazing as this tank is, no one can deny, it has its fair share of weaknesses...all of which in some way relate to a respective strength.


   Horrible reverse speed

Oh, you're backing into cover? Sure, just gotta do it at the speed of a T95 with a dead engine and driver trudging over a river. For all the mobility the E5 has, its reverse speed is simply pitiful. DO NOT go too far out of cover, then decide "whoops, backsies!" It won't work like that. If peek-a-booming, make sure you do not poke too far out of that rock, or you may just get a few 150mm shells in your hull.


   Conditional armor reliability

Unfortunately, the E5's weaknesses become more exposed the closer you get. As such, despite its (as I previously phrased it) tricky armor, it is not a frontline tank. The lower glacis can be cut through by Tier 8 guns if exposed and unangled, and the large cupola will be a huge, easy target. I don't even think I need to mention that the side armor is basically plastic wrap, so if you are successfully flanked or surrounded, you will not last very long. The best hope is to go out guns blazing. For every impossible-to-hit armor hardpoint the E5 has, it has an equally unimpressive weakspot.


   Low alpha damage

While not really a problem as it is compensated by its short reload, it still can be annoying when you're playing 1v1 against an IS-7 and your shot deals just enough damage to put them at 1 hp. Then the accursed Communist scum reloads, and you're dead. Don’t be surprised to get low 300 damage rolls more often than you’d expect.


Abusing Your Strengths


Strength: ROF

Method of Abuse: The two-for-one tactic. Put two shells in them for every one they put in you (only applies to tanks with slower reloads, obviously, and not when 2 Jagerus are staring right at you).


Strength: Tricky armor

Method of Abuse: Some quick tips:

  • Avoid flat ground, as it will make hiding your lower glacis impossible. Anywhere hilly with a lot of shifting terrain - that is where the E5's armor can truly shine.
  • Shift your tank back and forth to make your hard-to-aim-at weakspots even harder to aim at.


Strength: Great gun depression

Method of Abuse: Hull down WHENEVER you can. This is not just a tip for the E5, but every single tank you will ever drive in this game. It doesn't matter how crappy your turret armor is. By hulling down, you make yourself a much smaller target than if you were to stay in the open. Of course, tanks that do have bad turret armor need to hull down with extreme caution, but luckily the E5's turret is fairly troll, meaning you should never choose flat ground over hull down.


Strength: Mobility

Method of Abuse: USE YOUR BRAIN. If you have not gotten into the habit of paying attention to the minimap and battlefield, NOW'S THE TIME. Some quick tips:

  • Hunt mediums. The E5 is an excellent medium hunter with its hard-to-hit-on-the-move armor, fast traverse, and perfect combination of alpha damage and ROF to easily override any medium.
  • Be cognizant of the battlefield. Flank getting weak? Abandon the front line and use your suppressive power to keep those pesky T-54s at bay. Frontline starting to fade? Again, fast ROF tanks are perfect for suppression - help out in the front.


Hiding Your Weaknesses


Weakness: Exposed weakspots

Solution: Keep moving. Move, move, move, move, MOVE. A stationary E5 is a dead E5. If you just took a shot, and are reloading, MOVE. Some quick tips:

  • After reloading, shift your tank back and forth, and constantly switch the angling of your hull
  • Your cupola has a machine gun mantlet located on the right side (from the your point of view) of the hatch. Try wiggling your turret to the left to get some troll bounces, but be careful not to actually expose the side of your turret.
  • Sidescrape! Be careful when doing this, as you have that cupola and weak sides, but the large tracks can eat up a nice chunk of damage. Consider this a backup plan, however.


Weakness: Unreliable armor

Solution: Don't pick fights with heavies! As I've said numerous times, you are NOT a frontline heavy. But that doesn't mean you can't shoot your gun at them - wait until the opponent has fired or is tunnel visioned on someone else, then pump one, or even two shots in that juicy E 100 side.


Weakness: Low alpha

Solution: I still don't like calling this a weakness, but since it technically is, I put it here. Always remember the 2-for-1 tactic, and you'll begin to appreciate the low alpha, fast reload tradeoff.



There are no particular tactics for the E5. You do as the situation calls for it, which is why this tank is such a gem. This is why you absolutely MUST keep an eye out on the battlefield to know what you are needed for. I'm going to wrap this all up with some do's and don'ts with this tank.







Pretty standard stuff.



Recommended: Rammer/VStab/Vents

Perfectly fine: Rammer/VStab/Optics

Acceptable: Rammer/VStab/EGLD (idk why 2.0s of aim time would ever be a problem, but to each their own)


Nom noms

Recommended: Adrenaline/Multi/Cola

If you're a penny-pincher: Adrenaline/Multi/Repairs



That's all, folks! Sorry about the long guide, but there really is a lot to say about this beast, as it's probably the least straightforward out of all the Tier X tanks (again, we do not acknowledge the 215b's existence here). I hope this helped out some of the newer tankers who are a little let down by the T110E5 heavy tank's lack of "heaviness." It is, by far, my favorite tank. I hope you will learn to love it as I have.

#118888 Crew Skills: A How-To Guide

Posted CptCheez on 04 December 2014 - 05:36 AM

I've seen a lot of confusion on the Blitz forums about how to go about selecting Crew Skills and spend all that Crew XP we all have saved up.  Here's what I've gathered so far through my own experimentation and observation.


Choosing Skills From Previously Earned Crew XP


The first time you log in after downloading the update, you'll be presented with a screen saying you have "### Crew XP" to spend.  It will take you to the Crew Skills distribution page where you'll see a screen like this:




Each skill can be leveled from 1-6 (I-VI).  Pick a skill and hit the green "Acquire Skill" button, which will bring up a screen that tells you exactly how much Crew XP it will take to train it to the next level.  If you're starting from scratch, it'll be to train it to Level I, which is 25,000 Crew XP.  If you have that much, you'll fully train the skill to Level I.  If you want to train it further to Level II (2), repeat the same process.  If you want to train a different skill to its next level, pick that skill and hit the green button.  If you do NOT have enough Crew XP to fully train it to the next level, you'll be left with a progress bar under that skill icon.  Like these:




Once you have fully distributed ALL Crew XP for the tank type, you'll see that the red "!" icon disappears.  The one skill in each type that is left with a progress meter is the one you'll now be training up while you play.  I'll explain further how that works in a minute.


Here's where it gets tricky: You must spend ALL of your previously-earned Crew XP for it to save your choices and activate your skills.  If you don't spend it all and exit this screen, your choices will not be saved and you'll have to do it all over again.  There will also be a "Reset Skills" button at the bottom during this initial choosing, and you can Reset it anytime during this process for free.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have chosen your skills and exited this screen to save and activate them, YOU CANNOT RESET THEM AGAIN.


Earning Crew XP and Training Up Crew Skills


Once you've made your choices above and have your 4 skills that you're now working on, go play like you always do.  Any tank that you play that does NOT have 100% Crew Mastery yet will NOT earn Crew XP towards skills.  It will solely be earning Crew Mastery %.  However, once the Mastery reaches 100%, you'll start earning Crew Skills XP during every battle.  After the battle that finally raises your Crew Mastery in a tank to 100%, you'll be presented with this screen:



It gives you the option there of choosing WG's "Recommended Skill" to train when you continue playing that particular tank category (Light, in this case), or to select a skill of your choosing (the green button).


If you've chosen to play a 100% Crew Mastery Light tank, for example, all XP you earn in the battle (including any X2 or whatever modifiers happen to be going) will also be earned as Crew XP on your skills screen for the currently in-progress Light Crew skill.  In the picture above, that would be the Hasty Shot skill.


After any battle that completes a skill level mastery, you'll be presented with this screen:



At that point, you can click the grey "Recommended Skill" button if you wish to work on WG's suggested skill next, or you can press the green "Select Skill" to choose your own.  Either way, what you are selecting is the NEXT skill to train, since you just finished one.


Crew XP earned in a tank category where you've already mastered all Crew Skills to Level 6 will accumulate in the same tank category.  The current assumption is that new Crew Skills will be released in the future where you can spend this saved-up Crew XP, or some other functionality will be added where you can use it.


To get to the Crew Training page, choose any tank that has less than 100%, hit the Crew button to the left of Battle, the one that looks like 3 people.




Another feature added in the 1.5 update is on the Crew Mastery page, where it will show you exactly how much the existing tank's characteristics will be increased by training your crew to 100% Mastery.  For example, on my T95 currently at 90% Crew Mastery, here's what that looks like:




If I were under 75%, I assume it would display how much the 75% Crew Mastery would affect the tank stats as well.  Hit the Skills button in the lower left corner of this screen to be taken to the Crew Skills page.


Alternatively you can select any tank that has 100% Crew Mastery and press that same Crew button, which will immediately take you to the Crew Skills page.


How Much XP/Credits/Gold Do You Need to Get 75% or 100% Crew Mastery
Many thanks to Aventre3 for putting together this list! Sourced from here.  As you might notice, the list is incomplete, so if you can help fill in the blanks, please comment below!
Experience needed to train 100% Crew Mastery

Tier 2: 2,700 
Tier 3: 7,600
Tier 4: 18,300
Tier 5: 36,000
Tier 6: 83,000
Tier 7: 139,000
Tier 8: 250,000
Tier 9: 455,000
Tier 10: 540,000
Credits needed to purchase 75% Crew Mastery
Tier 2:  12,500
Tier 3:
Tier 4:  30,000
Tier 5:
Tier 6:  75,000
Tier 7:  100,000
Tier 8:
Tier 9:   160,000
Tier 10:  200,000
Gold needed to purchase 100% Crew Mastery

Tier 2: 150
Tier 3: 
Tier 4:  350
Tier 5:  450
Tier 6:  550
Tier 7:  650
Tier 8:  750
Tier 9:  850
Tier 10: 1,000


Changing Skill Being Currently Trained


If you've been working on one Crew Skill and decide you'd rather be working on a different one earned in that tank type, for example you're working on Penetration Boost in the Medium type but want to work on Rage instead, you can do that!  Click on the skill you want to change TO, and hit the "Train Skill" button.  That will display a screen where you can move all of the currently earned Crew XP on the current skill to the desired skill, like this:




Press the "Change Skill" button and all of that Crew XP will be moved over to the new skill, leaving the old skill at its current level (Level II in the above example).  All new Crew XP earned in Medium tanks will then apply toward the newly-chosen skill (Rage in the above example).


Accelerate Crew Skill Training with Free XP


Go to the Skills page, select any skill and hit the Accelerate Training button.  It will then display a screen where you can convert Free XP to Crew XP.  This conversion is FREE (as in, it does not cost Gold) and happens at the rate of 1 Free XP = 2 Crew XP.  You can choose to apply as much Free XP to that particular skill as you wish to help level it up faster.  So what does this mean if you have a Premium or Elite Tank with gobs of XP sitting on it?  You first have to spend Gold to convert it to Free XP, and then you can convert that Free XP to Crew XP.


How Skills Apply to Tanks Being Played


Once any tank reaches 100% Crew Mastery, ALL currently acquired Crew Skills will then apply to that tank.  Not only the ones in that tank type, not only the ones that have reached Level 6, but ALL of them Level 1 or higher.  You want Smooth Turn and Smooth Ride in a Heavy tank?  You got it!


The tank type displayed on the Crew Training page determines what tank you have to play to TRAIN that skill, NOT merely what tank that skill applies to during gameplay.


Training Costs for Crew Skill Levels


Level 0 -> Level I : 25,000 Crew XP 

Level I -> Level II : 50,000 Crew XP

Level II -> Level III : 100,000 Crew XP

Level III -> Level IV : 200,000 Crew XP

Level IV -> Level V : 624,000 Crew XP

Level V -> Level VI : 1,000,000 Crew XP


Each skill costs a total of 1,990,000 Crew XP to fully train to Level 6.  For Light Tanks, that's a total of 5,970,000 XP needed to train all 3 skills to Level 6.  For Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, and Tank Destroyers, that's a total of 9,950,000 Crew XP needed to train all skills to Level 6.


All 18 Crew Skills yields a total of 167,160,000 Crew XP needed to max everything.  Divide 167,160,000 by your Average XP and you get the total number of games needed to max all of your Crew Skills, assuming a start from scratch.  You could even break that down further by subtracting the skills you've already raised from that 167,160,000 total.  For example, if you had a skill at Level 3, subtract 175,000 (25,000+50,000+100,000) from that total.

How Long Until My Skill Levels Up?
Blitz update 1.10 added the ability to see how many more battles you need to play in order to finish mastering a skill to the next Level.  When looking at an individual skill, click this button:
And you'll see a screen like this:
I'm assuming that the Battles Remaining counter is based on your personal "Average XP" stat.
Reset Individual Skill XP
Blitz update 1.10 also added the ability to reset the Crew XP earned in individual skills.  If you click this button:
You'll be presented with a screen like this:
This process will remove ALL Crew XP earned on that skill and reset it back to Level 0.  That Crew XP will then be applied to the Tank Category to which that Crew Skill belongs (ie. Medium, Light, etc.) and you will then be able to use that Crew XP to level up any other Crew Skill in that same Tank Category.  Please note that this process does cost Gold, depending on the Level of the skill you are resetting.
Level 1 - 100 gold
Level 2 - 200 gold
Level 3 - 400 gold
Level 4 - 800 gold
Level 5 - 1,500 gold
Level 6 - 2,900 gold

Hope that helps!

#877766 Please stop using the word Cancer

Posted Lokeen on 14 August 2016 - 12:22 PM

Alright Fellow Forumers,




Some people will call me a "sensitive snowflake" some will have other comments I'm sure.  TBH I don't care regarding this topic.


I'm tired of and frankly disgusted, at the use of the word "cancer" to describe everything from a bad tank to people's perspective on the community in general.


As a 40 year old husband of a wife who was diagnosed with non-curable breast cancer 2 years ago I'm respectfully requesting that people stop using this term so flippantly.

I find it insulting and calloused that people choose to use this term as an adjective for there petty 1st world problems.


Try pulling yourself out of your self centered world for once and think how someone else may be affected by your choice of words.  I know there's children or immature people in this community that this post will be lost on but please I hope some one reads this and listens.


It's hard enough to look at the woman you love everyday, my best friend, deteriorating and fighting for her life while you try and remain positive and try not to wonder if you'll out live her or not.


Please show some respect or at least humor a struggling man and find some other word to describe you petty inconsequential problems.


Thank you. :honoring:

#79704 WoTB terms, phrases defined v. 2.0

Posted thunderthies on 24 October 2014 - 10:32 PM

The World of Tanks Blitz community throws around a lot of terms and phrases which, unless you’ve been indoctrinated into the culture, you may find a bit confusing. Below is an alphabetized list of some of the most commonly used expressions and their respective definitions. You can simply scroll through the list or search the page for the desired term. Hyperlinks are displayed in blue and offer a more in-depth explanation. If anyone has anything else to add, please do so and I’ll edit it into the list. (Link to Original Thread)


   1. Active Scout


1. a tanker who uses speed and maneuverability to drive ahead of the main force so as to spot enemy tanks. 

e.g. "we need an active scout to find us targets"


2. AFK/Away From Keyboard


1. when a tanker is not participating in battle, either because they are suffering from connection issues or have set their device down. 

e.g. "the last guy is AFK at spawn"


   3. Alpha 


1. the amount of damage that can be dealt with one shot.

e.g. "the BL-10 has great alpha but a terrible rate of fire"


4. Alt/Alternate Account


1. a secondary account with a similar name as the primary account . Typically used to troll.

e.g. "sometimes when tankers are banned they created alts so they can keep posting in the forums"


5. Ammo Rack


1. the location on a tank where ammunition is stored. Particularly susceptible to explosion. 

e.g. "I aimed for the ammo rack but missed"



2. to destroy a tank in a single shot by detonating their ammo rack.

e.g. "I ammo racked a full-health IS-7


   6. Angle


1. to position your tank at an angle in relation to your enemy, thereby reducing the chance of penetration.

e.g. "angle your tank so he can't get a shot at you"


7. Attrition/[ATT]


1. a clan, led by dddqqq, that requires members to have a minimum average of 1200 damage per game, and a damage ratio of at least 1.6.

e.g. "ATT is a clan associated with KRIEG"


8. Auto Bounce Angle


1. when a tank is angled greater than 70 degrees in relation to the enemy, thereby automatically bouncing incoming rounds.

e.g. "I positioned my tank into the right auto bounce angle and all incoming rounds ricocheted. 


9. Auto-Aim/Automatic Aiming  


1. a selectable feature that keeps your reticule tracked on a specific point of the enemy tank. 

e.g. "I normally keep auto-aim on whenever I'm circling an enemy tank"




1. a rapid-fire gun which shoots between two to eight rounds with a single click of the trigger.

e.g. "the autocannon on my BT-7 lacks penetration but fires a burst of shells"


11.Ban Hammer 


1. a mythical weapon that strikes down and suspends tankers for team killing or violating some other rule.

e.g. "I was hit with the mighty ban hammer after killing two of my teammates"


12.Battle Tier


1. a system that categorizes every tank into various subsets in order to determine what tiers a specific tank is supposed to fight in. i.e. a tier three tank cannot be matched in the same battle as a tier seven tank. 

e.g. "even though my T29 is only a tier seven, it often gets matched with tier nine tanks because of its battle tier"


13.Blind Shot 


1. to fire at a tank that has disappeared from view. 

e.g. "he vanished behind a bush but I fired a blind shot and killed him"




1. a clan, led by concep, that requires members to have a minimum average damage of 1800, and damage ratio of at least 1.9. 

e.g. "you must have very good stats in order to be in KRIEG"


15.Bounce a Shot


1. when a tank's armor effectively stops a round from penetrating. 

e.g. "even though he fired HEAT I still bounced the shot"


16.Box Tank


1. nickname for the SU-100Y.

e.g. "I just got owned by a Box Tank"




1. when two or more tanks fight in close combat, using angling and speed to deflect shots.

e.g. "While in my E 100, I brawled against lone TD"


18.Brothers In Arms/[BIA]


1. a clan, led by Want3db0y, that requires members to have a tier eight tank or higher.

e.g. "sometimes I see BIA members in public matches"




1. when WotB developers raise certain values on under powered tanks in order to even the playing field.

e.g. "hopefully the T95 will receive a speed buff in the next update" 




1. a value that helps keep a tank from being spotted. i.e. Camo net, bushes.

e.g. "I equipped the camo net so I can better hide from enemies"




1. to stay in one spot and not contribute to the battle.

e.g. "there was a heavy tank camping at spawn the entire battle"




1. an area located near the center of the map that can be captured to win the battle.

e.g. "everyone rushed for cap as soon as the battle started"



2. to capture the flag.

e.g. "we won the battle by capping" 




1. to deal a significantly higher amount of damage than any other teammate, thereby winning the battle.

e.g. "I carried so hard and dealt over 7,000 damage" 




1. a group tankers who platoon together and share camaraderie and teamwork. Currently, clans are unofficial in WoTB, but will be officially implemented in a future update. 

e.g. "it's fun being in a clan and getting to know other tankers"


25.Clan Wars


1. a politico-military add-on where clans battle for control over various provinces and territories and are rewarded in gold for their success. Currently, Clan Wars is not available for WoTB, but will be implemented in a future update.

e.g. "when Clan Wars comes out some clans will become filthy rich with gold"




1. when an autoloader empties its entire clip into an enemy tank.

e.g. "I came around the corner and got clipped to death by a BT-7"



2.  when a tank's barrel denies real-world physics by passing through a solid object. 

e.g. "even though my hull was flush against the side a building, my barrel magically clipped through the wall"


27.CoD/Circle of Death 


1. a technique typically used by medium tanks, where one tanker outmaneuvers another by circling them, effectively staying ahead of the enemy tank's turret and avoiding being shot.

e.g. "while in my T-62A, I used the CoD to defeat an E 100"




1. single use, multi-use, or permanent effect items that repair damaged modules, heal crew, or increase specific skills. i.e. AdrenalineCase of ColaChocolateEngine BoostExtra Combat RationsFire ExtinguisherFirst Aid KitMulti-Purpose Restoration PackRepair Kit.

e.g. "I always keep my tanks loaded with consumables"


29.Cupola/Commander’s Hatch


1. a weak spot on the top of the turret that is susceptible to penetration. 

e.g. "target the cupola when facing a T110E5"


30.Death Star


1. nickname for the Jagdpanzer E 100

e.g. "I just got one-shotted by the Death Star"




1. an overconfident tanker who rushes headfirst into the enemy and dies, then complains the team didn't help support.

e.g. "some deer rushed into a group of enemy tanks and died a few seconds later" 


32.Derp/Derp Gun 


1. a short gun with low accuracy and high alpha.

e.g. "I finally got the derp gun for T82"



2. to kill an enemy with one shot. 

e.g. "I got derped by the T82"


33.DPM/Damage Per Minute 


1. the total amount of damage a tank can deal per minute. i.e. a combination of ROF and alpha.

e.g. "the T-62A has good DPM for such a fast tank"




1. when a perfectly aimed shot randomly veers off-course and misses the target.

e.g. "RNG donked my perfectly aimed shot and I missed"




1. a tanker who makes poor decisions during battle.

e.g. "some donkey sat in the open and took fire from all directions"


36.Doom Turtle


1. nickname for the T95.

e.g. "the Doom Turtle may be slow, but it has awesome frontal armor"


37.Drive Wheel/Sprocket


1. the geared wheel/s on a tank's tracks that connect to the transmission and provide forward and rearward movement. 

e.g. "shoot the drive wheel and immobilize him!"


38.E8/Easy 8 


1. nickname for the M4A3E8 Sherman.

e.g. "we got an Easy 8 comin' in fast"


39.Echelon Formation


1. a diagonal formation in which tanks are positioned behind and to the right, or left of the unit ahead.

e.g. "Whenever I push a T95, I employ the echelon formation so I'm protected from incoming fire"




1. nickname for the Ferdinand.

e.g. "there's an Elefant sniping from the far side"  


41.Elite Tank


1. a tank that has been fully upgraded.

e.g. "I try not to sell my elite tanks as they are good for earning free experience"




1. various items that can be purchased with credits to permanently increase your tank’s effectiveness in battle. i.e. Additional GrousersBinocular TelescopeCamouflage Net, CO2 Filled Tanks, Coated OpticsCyclone FilterEnhanced SuspensionImproved VentilationSpall Liner,Tank Gun RammerToolboxVertical StabilizerWet Ammo Rack.

e.g. "I finally have enough credits to purchase some equipment for my T-150"




1. to drive directly into the hull of an enemy and stay there while trading shots, not allowing them to flank or outmaneuver you.

e.g. "I couldn't penetrate the IS-7 because he was facehugging me"


44.Fail Platoon


1. when a lower tier tank platoons with a much higher tier tank, thereby entering into a match outside its normal battle tier. 

e.g. "a BT-7 was in a fail platoon with a T95"




1. to move the targeting reticule in small increments in order to find a shot.

e.g. "I had to feather the reticule to get a shot on the hull down T110E5."




1. nickname for the Ferdinand

e.g. "I just got sniped by a Ferdi"




1. refers to the side of something.

e.g. "cover the T95's flanks." 



2. to maneuver to the side or rear of the enemy in order to create a crossfire. 

e.g. "mediums flank to the lighthouse"




1. a clan, led by pickler9ee, that requires members to have a tier six or higher tank, and a win rate of 55% or greater. 

e.g. "I saw a FLYNT platoon and ran for the hills"


49.FPS/Frames Per Second


1. the amount of unique images that are displayed on the screen per second. The higher the number the smoother the gameplay will appear. 

e.g. "the game started to get really choppy when my FPS dropped"


50.Free XP/Experience


1. experience gained from elite or premium tanks that can be used towards unlocking any module or tank, regardless of line.

e.g. "it's a good idea to save up free xp for when you really need an important module"

#1231107 My Time in the PRAMO clan

Posted __Frostbite on 08 June 2017 - 03:10 AM

This is basically an appreciation post for the PRAMO clan. But feel free to read if you would like to hear about the PRAMO clan. I had to include a back story as well, otherwise this story would make no sense.


A few nights ago, I noticed my Personal Supply Level was soon to reach Level 10. The only thing this meant to me was that I would be able to unlock and purchase the IS-5 (more on that later). Unfortunately, my clan was still at 40% to unlocking Supply Level 10, so I wouldn't be able to get the IS-5. I talked to my clan, and I told them I would be leaving for a few days while I searched for a clan with Supply Level 10 unlocked. I figured the best way to find a clan would be to post a thread on the forums, and this is where the PRAMO clan comes in. 


A PRAMO deputy left a comment on my thread, telling me he would let me into PRAMO so I could pick up my IS-5. I went crazy. I PM'ed him in game, I told him I wouldn't stick around for a while because it would significantly lower their stats, and I was in. Just like that.


Remember, we're talking about the best clan in North America. The clan that represented North America in the Twister Cup. I was stoked. Their personnel page was so bright, so full of unicums, that I had to look away for a second. I used to be proud of my 54.5% WR, I mean, that puts me in the top 20% of all Blitz players in North America. But to see that green number, all around the purple and blue ones, was a bit of a shock. The PRAMO clan averages about a 70% WR. Suddenly I was among the best in the continent. Yes, I realize they let me for an IS-5, but still, it's not every day you have the chance to casually chat with the best players of NA. 


Well, it turns out the boys from PRAMO are not much different from your everyday, ordinary clan (asides from their stats.) They still ask for platoons, talk about tank stats, what's been working for them, swearing at terrible teammates, and of course, being really friendly and chill. I could immediately tell none of them judged me as a normal player, none of them were stuck-up or anything. They welcomed me in with open arms, asked if I wanted to platoon, and told me some of their inside jokes (only thing I'm going to say about that is: oof.) They were very professional, respectful, and humble. 


Being in the PRAMO clan had some perks. I got a lot of random people calling my name out in global chat. I got a lot of random friend requests from people. And one guy PM'ed me after one match, saying how proud he was of himself that he killed a PRAMO guy in battle. I did get a lot of attention, including another guy who PM'ed me with a single question, "how da fuk r u in PRAMO". :trollface:


The next day, I unlocked Personal Supply Level 10, got my IS-5, played a few rounds in (it's actually pretty decent. Deflects a few rounds, good old standard 122 mm gun, decently fast, average tank and turret traverse speed. Basically another tier 8 IS, but very affordable at the price of 1,500 gold. I would say it's worth it if you have an extra 5 bucks laying around or a boatload of gold with nothing to spend it on. My best match with it was today, with 3.5k damage and 4 kills. That only earned me a Class II mastery badge, thanks to all the unicums out there like the PRAMO guys doing very well in it. :medal:


I said my goodbyes to PRAMO the same night I got my IS-5, but before doing that, I sent a few friend requests to all the guys that had been around the chat. If I ever need an OP platoon, I've now got a few PRAMO guys on my friend list. Hehehe...


Anyway, if you managed to get to the end of this, o7 to you, thank you so much. And that's exactly what I would like to say to the PRAMO clan for the last time, "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" I enjoyed the experience beyond words. And hey, my win ratio is climbing fast and my number of higher tier tanks are soaring, maybe one day I'll be back there...but there to stay. 


Thanks all,



Edit: I've since gotten to 58% win rate. I've done some tournaments, played against and with some of these PRAMO guys, and improved as a player a lot in a few short months. I just looked at this thread for the first time since I wrote it in June, and was surprised to see how many upvotes I have received! Also, I see a Popular sticker with the star, I've very honored to see that! I've only seen that sticker a few times on the forums, and only written by the forum hawks. Thank you so much community and again for PRAMO for helping me get the IS-5! Over 100 battles in it and a 60% win rate! Maybe some day way way in the future, I might just be able to join PURPL and work my way up.


Oh and, why did people suddenly start posting on this thread in October? I know they won the Vegas tournament and qualified for the Twister Cup, but lol, guess people searched for the thread because of the tag. I was not expecting this thread to get revived LOL.


An another thing: I can retire peacefully from this game, I enjoyed a few months in FLOOP. I can say that I was a proper member of the PRAMO family. Well boys, I achieved my goal, you guys can too.


#587384 Advanced Topics: T110E5 Tactics and Strategy

Posted A7X0 on 28 December 2015 - 12:10 AM

Advanced Topics: T110E5 Tactics and Strategy


Hello everyone. Today, I will be presenting a different style of guide. Unlike typical basic-strategy guides, this one will delve into more advanced concepts and topics to prepare you for excellence in the Tier X American Heavy that is the T110E5.


Firstly, understand that this is an advanced guide. This guide is not oriented towards beginners.


Secondly, I've communicated with Ksftwe about the creation of this guide, and it is meant as an add-on to his guide (linked just below) of the T110E5 that he created to teach new players about the tank. This guide serves as a continuation. Some strategies here may be briefly mentioned in his guide. I am going to expand over them and explain how they are to be used properly and why they are beneficial.


If you are a beginner, or you haven't yet seen it, check out Ksftwe's T110E5 basic-strategy and tips guide first to understand the straight-forward and fundamental aspects.


So, let's begin!


Remember the E5's strengths and weaknesses.



• Great mobility and acceleration for a heavy

• Great and accurate fast-firing gun, allowing you to return fire twice to most enemy heavies and TDs

• Cleverly-designed trollish frontal hull armor, as well as tracks coming up to the hull allowing for decent sidescraping

• -8° of gun depression

• Nearly impossible to circle



• Miserable reverse speed

• Lower plate is weak and not well-protected. An aimed shot will usually penetrate

• Has a large cupola considered a weak-spot (However, one topic in this guide is how to negate this disadvantage)


While those are not necessarily all of the pros and cons, they are some of the most important to remember.


For the rest of the guide, I'll explain each tactic in detail.


Tactic #1: Overangling

We all hate HEAT spam. Some tanks like many in the German lines are extremely vulnerable to it due to their tracks not coming up to the top of the hull. Hm, but the T110E5's tracks come up all the way to the top of the hull. What this means is due to tracks acting as spaced armor, its side is virtually immune to HE(SH) and will often absorb HEAT. Now, how do we go about trolling the enemy to an extent even more than just having their wallet drained? It's quite simple.


Let's say an IS-8 is being annoying and attacking you from close to mid-range and shooting nothing but HEAT. Maybe you noticed he was shooting HEAT at literally everything earlier, or you just feel confident that he will shoot nothing but HEAT at you. Either way, to perform this maneuver correctly, consider the following Armor Inspector screenshot:


This is the IS-8 using HEAT on the frontal armor of your unangled E5. You're not helping your own case very much if you remain positioned this way. You're going to want to switch your angling. Now try this: if you are pretty sure the next shot will be HEAT, overangle your tank like this:


Notice the sides, despite being overangled to an angle that AP would pen, now have a good chance of absorbing the HEAT and taking no damage. If this plays right and your opponent is gullible enough to shoot at your side, you may just get lucky and bounce it. If they still go for your frontal armor, it will be much harder to penetrate due to the extreme angle. Not impossible, but harder. 

This is not foolproof. Will it help if your opponent is smart enough to switch to AP? No. Is it still a good choice rather than to face your hull frontwards while getting pummeled by HEAT spam? Yes.


Tactic #2: Gun lifting

This is a slightly more difficult technique. The E5 is infamous for its tumor weakspot. Although weak indeed, it is much more troll than you would think. Now, the following tactic is less reliable than the previous, but in my experience despite Armor Inspector showing little difference when this technique is employed, I have seen it work for me many, many times. What you do is after you fire a shot and are reloading, you lift your cannon up in the air and attempt to place it over your cupola as a "shield" and wiggle the gun side to side. What ends up happening, if done correctly and RNGesus is on your side, is the E5's gun will end up absorbing the enemy's shell if it just so happens to be placed right where the enemy fired. Obviously, you can't 100% predict where exactly the enemy is going to shoot in your cupola, so wiggling the gun helps to "guess" where the shot will go. The gun barrel really takes up about half of the cupola, so the enemy might still be able to nail the edges of the cupola that your gun is unable to cover. Notice here an E 75/VK 45.02B aiming at your E5 while your gun is lifted up at just the right height:

I will say Armor Inspector can be inaccurate at times, but according to it, it is still more difficult to penetrate the cupola when the barrel is placed over it, although it feels to me that it often completely absorbs the shot. Armor Inspector claims this tactic is extremely useful against HEAT, given by this Jagdpanzer E 100's 420mm penetration HEAT shell being completely absorbed just because the gun was placed over it:


To summarize this tactic, when you're hull down and have fired or you see someone aiming at your cupola, lift the cannon up to a high elevation and wiggle it over your commander's hatch, which can effectively save you some hitpoints if the shell gets absorbed by trying to penetrate both the gun and the hatch.


Tactic #3: The cupola gun mantlet trick

This is similar to the gun lifting trick, as it will help you bounce some shots when people aim at your cupola. First off, let's look at the cupola a little closer:


When you're engaging an enemy E5 frontally, you'll see that on the left side (from your view) there is a machine gun mantlet that can be practically invincible depending where your shot hits. If you look at the right side, you'll notice there is just flat armor to shoot at. This is the non-troll side of the cupola which you can usually reliably penetrate if you aim. Now, a great way to counter this and troll the heck out of people shooting at your cupola is to do this: Wait until right before you think the enemy is about to shoot, then swerve your turret to the left quickly. What happens is your machine gun mantlet will now be angled and from your opponent's view, it will now take up part of the right side of your cupola as well as the left. Be careful to not expose the side of your turret. Since the machine gun mantlet has parts that are virtually immune, chances are the shell will probably disintegrate:


Notice how a lot more red appeared on the cupola? Timing is essential for this trick.


Tactic #4: Diagonal facehug

This tactic is very great against run-of-the-mill pubbies. Why? Well, because most of them lack the ability to aim. And if your enemy can't aim, you're going to have a hell of a time watching your opponent missing entirely often. Warning: Do not attempt this maneuver against powerful TDs, and do not facehug straight on, as it will render this tactic pretty useless and more harmful than helpful. The only time you should be doing this is if you are forced out in the open with another tank. If you do not have to, do not go out of your way to use the diagonal facehug trick if you can do damage from mid range without taking much in return. The main reason for this trick is to avoid giving the enemy free shots on your lower plate, and instead giving them a challenge by being forced to shoot your turret or upper plate, which is still very strong.


Here's a basic rundown of how it works: Let's say you're out in the open with a lone ST-I engaging you and there is no cover nearby to retreat to. Instead of just sitting back and using your superior DPM to crush him, get close and personal with him at a diagonal angle and facehug (or just get very close so that he lacks the gun depression to nail your lower plate) and constantly move diagonally so that in the ST-I's view, your cupola is moving left to right, thus forcing him to have to readjust his aim all the time. The worst thing to do would be to facehug straight with no angle, because then as you move back and forth, in the ST-I's view, your cupola will only move back and up, and not left to right, which would make it far more difficult to hit. For most tanks without amazing gun depression, the upper plate will not be an option to shoot at, leaving them with the turret. Even for the ones who can shoot your upper plate with gold rounds, it won't be a guaranteed penetration. You can also apply the gun-lifting or cupola trick while you reload. Just be sure not to angle too much so that they can't shoot your side armor, and don't angle too little so your cupola is actually in motion.


Tactic #5: Baiting shots with your hull 

This tactic can really apply to any tank, but I feel I should put it in because the E5 is really, really good at it. The eggshell-type armor is quite troll because it will always be curved no matter what angle you're at. You can pull off some troll things with the hull, such as sloping your hull down on an incline. The penetrable parts will shift massively and thanks to the nature of the hull, the angles will still be curved, where as if you were in an E 100, your upper plate would become much more flat and possible to penetrate. The E5's armor cannot be considered "bad" due to this awesome ability to troll when you play with the angles.


A great way to bait shots with it now is when you're in a peek a boo situation, or you are simply around a corner, stick your hull out (but not your track wheels) at an autobounce angle. The E5's armor is created in a way where angling doesn't create more effective armor, but when you poke out of a corner at an autobounce angle, sometimes people will believe they can penetrate you, since the curvy hull armor was proven to not become more difficult to penetrate when angled. Yet, you angled so much that again, due to the hull armor being circular rather than flat, the hull gets harder to penetrate on one side because it begins to angle away from you.


To put this in other words, a tank like an IS-4 poking its hull out around a corner might still be penetrated by the most powerful HEAT rounds because the lower plate is very flat and the angles do not differ much depending on which part of the lower plate is struck. But the E5 has one side of the hull that is weaker since it is angled closer to you (although still extremely hard to hit and penetrate due to the angle) and then the other half of the hull which is angled away enough to be immune to everything when you're poking the hull out at autobounce angle. This technique is viable if you are trying to get the enemy to waste a shot so you can safely put one into them. Just be careful not to overexpose and give them your track wheel, for you can get tracked in place and that's not good.




That's really all I have for this guide. It is meant to point out some advanced techniques that the average pubbie would never consider. Hopefully you've learned something new about this fantastic Tier X US Heavy. It is my favorite Tier X to play simply because of its reliability and ability to perform almost any task adequately. Thanks for reading and good luck on the battlefield!

#1276227 Me, A Unicum, and MS paint.

Posted CrimsonJaeger on 06 August 2017 - 05:48 AM

So I put my incredible art skillz to use today when I was trying to keep my eyes open for unicums who might squash me in game. This is what I came up with. First is me.

And what i thought of when i saw the unicum.

Relax, its a joke :) Everybody is so serious today.