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Get us back to WWII

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twh1952 #1 Posted 07 November 2018 - 06:57 PM


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I always thought this game (WOT BLITZ) was about WWII Tanks not all this futurist Moron on Tanks they are a bunch of CCRRAAPP! It’s always about sale Tanks make up SSHHIITT Tanks to sale to all the newb’s that don’t know any better. If they what Tanks in the Year 3000 then start the WOT Tanks Year 3000 get us back to WWII TANKS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonny_applesauce #2 Posted 07 November 2018 - 07:12 PM

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Lol you want them to remove the make-up tanks? not to mention all the cold war tanks?



WoT blitz is better than WoT PC imho because no arty and +/- 1 mm.


Jonny Applesauce

Zuke76 #3 Posted 07 November 2018 - 07:17 PM

    Zuke le grand

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Well its not about WW2 tanks. Most of the tech tree tanks aren't even ww2 tanks.



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Oicraftian #4 Posted 07 November 2018 - 07:35 PM

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I'll presume you're looking for some illusion of better balance.


So I'll take the strongest tanks on the Axis side and compare them to Soviet models to demonstrate why you are so very silly.



Ok. So T-44B vs Panther I.


Your big German tanks have a 50% chance of working or not. The T-44B is totally immune to the Panther in all but the turret.


Panther is immune to T-44B's BR-412B AP at... A kilometer? If it hits the UFP and cheeks sure but nothing else.



T-44-122 vs Panther?


T-34 85 can butter a Panther, and even if it hits the UFP the armor maims the crew without being defeated.


Anti concrete HE shells from the lowly 85mm cause local armor failures on side hits.


T-44A vs Panther? Mutual immunity to each others armaments on the UFP, not so for anything else. Totally outclassed in all but the great big poking stick.


Precious German 2.5X magnification low fov gun sights are no match for the Soviet counterpart...




T-34 85 vs Tiger I

Your precious Tiger, even if it actually reaches the battlefield gets an [edited] kicking.

In duels, whoever sees and shoots first has a huge advantage and oh balls who is faster and smaller?

Who has better FCS?



T-34 85 vs Pz IV

Complete stomping. Will the Pz IV even do a turn above 20 kph?



Oh surely it's better if a Tiger II vs IS right?


Well, aside from breaking down more often than even before. Needing a complete gun recalibration every ~15? Shots. And the armor having over an 85% chance of maiming your own crew from critical spelling...


The 122mm can pen you from more places than you can pen the IS. Also the IS actually works and doesn't destroy itself by making slightly complicated maneuvers.

The Soviet tank is less likely to be penetrated and is more likely to destroy or disable you on any hit, by virtue of having a really OP gun.




Oh and for the most part T-34's and co have better FCS than your Panthers, and Pz IV's.

The Tiger II can barely reload and aim faster than an IS.



SU-101 is also immune to all but the Jagd Tiger across it's main armor, because of how kinetic shells interact against highly sloped armor. So it will be duking it out with your Tiger that it can so kindly blow a hole through.


Are you sure you want WWII?


TLDR: Even in WWII tanks it becomes an [edited] kicking of epic proportions for the Germans. Far worse than in WOT.


In fact, the Soviets whip everyone. Only Germans stand a chance.

Edited by Oicraftian, 07 November 2018 - 07:57 PM.

65% scrublord

Remember only tier 8/9/10 stats mean anything

Jonny_applesauce #5 Posted 07 November 2018 - 08:43 PM

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@oicraftian...…. he doesn't mean that the game should be a WWII simulator - he is moaning about fake tanks - Lupus, Hafen, Dracula etc

WoT blitz is better than WoT PC imho because no arty and +/- 1 mm.


Jonny Applesauce

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