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New Maus line Tech Tree

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SullyBhit #21 Posted 10 November 2018 - 01:49 PM


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View Post__Crusader6__, on 09 November 2018 - 10:06 PM, said:


This aspect will be addressed by WG in Dev Q&A on their Discord by Monday. 


Based on conversations I’ve had with WG staff, folks are misunderstanding the 5.5 Collector Tank Orphan policy.  

   In 5.5 the Vk45.02 B is linked to the Maus and the Vk 72.01 

 The only reason for that was to prevent those with exp in the Vk they where grinding towards the Maus being lost. 

  The tree severs in 5.6, but the Orphan Policy for Collector tanks in 5.5 does not apply. 


Lets be honest here anyone really think WG will give you upgraded tier 8/9 tanks when they could get your gold? 


Now why didn’t you say you had ‘insider’ knowledge from WG on discord?  Now I know why you’re so adamant.  I agree that WG giving you a tier 8 and 9 was laughable but it really is the same problem as the T29 in 5.5.  You just ended up with the problem by different means.  Orphaned discrepancy tank.


WG is so contrary.   I’ll take my free slots and tanks on 5.5 and be happy. 

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_Crusader6_ #22 Posted 10 November 2018 - 04:17 PM

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It’s actually up today in Discord in Dev Q&A.  


I had mentioned in the third or forth time it was brought up in Discord that I had discussed it with WG.  

    The issue I was getting in Discord was that many wanted to see in it Dev Q&A before they’d accept it.  


It isn’t the same as the T29, as if you ground it from the Jumbo my understanding is you will get the T1 and M6 heavies researched at 5.5.  


The differentiation is solely based on while they are servering the Vk 45.02 B link to the Maus in 5.6, the B remains in game - so while it’s possibke to have a Maus ‘orphan’ its Orphaned by divorce not death.   





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