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Potential Game Improvements

Wargaming Gaming Mechanics Rule Violations Reward System Etc

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Andrew4U #1 Posted 12 November 2018 - 04:50 PM


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If you plan to read this it might to lengthy.  Hopefully Wargaming will put some of these into practice.

If you are like me and played almost 30k battles, you know that people put a tank in for the free experience and to crew mastery.  When the leader does not play and it becomes a 3.5 v 7 battle, things need to change.  Yes, one tank fought for part of the battle before the player left.  Many things could be done to improve the battles.  What should be done?

I suggest that a player may report as many people as needed at the end of each battle.  If it is learned that player is just reporting for no reason, the ability to report is gone.  Some players leave once the tank is inoperable.  They are not the target audience.  Imagine a person that had an inactive tank in the battle.  The tank was reported by 13 other players.  The person did the same thing again.  He was reported again.  What happens if that players highest tier tanks became unusable due to inactivity.  The second time might cause the premium tanks to also become unusable.  Who enjoys using tier I tanks.  How long the tanks are off-limits is Wargaming's decision.

Let me move to gaming mechanics.  Imagine I want the tier IV T54E1.  I can use either T49 or T69 to obtain it if I have both tanks.  This suggestion might not be liked.  I suggest that Wargaming make it so that the player has to research any tank.  We work toward the future vehicle so it is just extra practice.

When we had the last in game event (perhaps Take It Easy), I learned something.  I had plenty of credits.  Winning enough was not going to happen.  I decided to spend those credits to buy common containers.  That is when I learned that the daily limit is 3.  Why may we only spend enough to buy 3?  I also learned by accident that typing 2 M as a single word does not show in clan chat.

MudkipAtWar #2 Posted 12 November 2018 - 05:08 PM


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or they could just be banned for a small length of time altogether.



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__The_Dude_30__ #3 Posted 12 November 2018 - 05:40 PM

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This is very hard to understand, but I think I got the gist of it.


-Players should certainly NOT be allowed to downvote as much as they please. It would be very hard to tell if someone was just downvoting to be a troll, and MH would be even more useless than it is now.


-Something along the lines of what you suggested might be a good punishment for serial AFK-ers.


-I think what you are trying to say is that, when two lines merge into one, one should have to research both lines in order to continue. I disagree with this, because when two lines merge, it is meant to give the player an option as to what tank he/she would rather play. Let's say, I'm grinding the Leopard 1 line. I went the Indien-Panzer line because I can't stand light tanks with no armor. I shouldn't have to grind BOTH.


-It is stupid to spend all of your credits on standard containers. Use them on something less stupid.

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