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Obj140 and 62A/ Tier10 Credits - Questions

Obj 140 T-62A Credits

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Mon4009 #1 Posted 20 November 2018 - 08:45 PM


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Please help me with these two questions



- Do you think Obj140 and 62A are still relevant in the game or both have lost their previous glories? I am a Tier 10 player with decent Avg Damage (~2150) in these two tanks (no toon) (~ 13K games in these two). WR seems like going down (~57% career as of now) non-stop and no matter what I try to do, seems like never going to make it to 60%. Again I am not too crazy about magic number 60% but that was the goal I had since couple years and seems like no way to get there anymore. Don’t want to play in lower tiers either and no toon. Any thoughts? Appreciate the help. I did try Defender and have decent WR (~62%, 3.3K games) in it but came back to tire 10 since tier 8 seems like tier 4 now (player base level).
- Even after premium account and no Prammo use, seems like difficult to make credit in tire 10. Using all the provisions and consumables. Anyone having the similar issues? Any thoughts to save some credits?

Apologies if there are similar posts in past on this topic, every situation is unique and was hoping some insights from you guys for my situation.


Appreciate all the help.

reichmarshal_1 #2 Posted 21 November 2018 - 12:10 AM


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I just tried an experiment with the E100 an the IS7 played 7 battles with each one, no premium time broke even on wins, lost 42,000 credits with the E100 an lost 100,000 credits with the IS 7 good buy tier 10 seal clubbing for profit now

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