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AMX CDC, and why I think it's worth it

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deathman4 #1 Posted 23 November 2018 - 08:40 PM


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So, this event put the AMX CDC out for 5k gold. 

That's remarkable

5k for a rare tier 8

Is5 is 1.5k but it's a basic tank, just an IS3 with is6ish troll armour, and the is5 is also a great tank

But this isn't about the is5

This is about the CDC

So the CDC was once this really bad Dracula.. same hp and all that but it saw tier 9's

Apparently it got buffed (idk when) but I just got it this morning 

It's plays somewhat like an RU251 but slower, and has a great power to weight ratio to maintain 60kph. What I like about it is how quick it gets to that speed.

So why I think it's worth it?

1)  -10 degrees of gun depression, which is great for pushing hills and since your turret it small when viewed from the front (side on this thing is the train from Desert sands) and therefore will be harder to hit. It has a decent mantlet despite being so poorly armoured and is capable of blocking most shots. The mantlet is also large and the sides around it are tricky to hit if you continue moving back and forth

2) It's premium. This means lots of credits

3) gun is decent, beating the super Pershing as it has 212mm of penetration compared to (less that than lol) and it has a nice rof. It has a 5.5ish reload which isn't bad but it could be buffed since it's a 90mm gun, and at tier 7-8 you're seeing mostly 100mm and over in terms of gun size

4) it's speedy for a medium and it's like a large amx1390 when you think about its its speed

5) it's rare so people seeing a CDC will not really know how to combat it(this event most likely will change that because I'm seeing up to 4 CDC's per game)

6) it can ram tanks under 30 tonnes (this is like light tanks, rhm's,  sp-ic's and other light armoured things) but before ramming make sure they're on low hp and you have enough hp to take a few more shots after that ram.

7) nice view range- spots like a light tank and has great mobility to spot and run

8) it has a decent gun aim time of 3 seconds of set up correctly (if I'm wrong correct me)

9) 5k for a tier 8. I remember it being in the offers for 12500 so 5k is a steal for it


Thanks for reading this, if you did and feel free to state your opinions below :)




AOT_Jaeger2 #2 Posted 23 November 2018 - 09:33 PM

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My friend and I played a bunch of games today, him in the CDC, myself in the Lowe. And he never pulled down less than 2k damage per game, something I didn’t manage in the Lowe (normally I do, just seems like it’s been an off day of RNG). And he’s no unicum. It’s a good tank now, as it always deserved to be. 


That being said, I do love to smack these things with HE.

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I_Maverick_I #3 Posted 24 November 2018 - 02:43 AM


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Reasons why I dislike my CDC:

1. No armor to speak off. I've gotten one Steel Wall in mine, and that's the only one I'll probably ever get. It gets whacked with HE from any gun that has a gun caliber higher than 100mm frontally (most of the time, at least. There are a few exceptions), and the only bit of armor that it gets is on the gun mantlet, which is super tiny. Honestly, if you want next level ideas, try sidescraping in your AMX CDC to bamboozle those pesky players spamming HE at you (kinda sarcastic, but this actually will work from time to time.)

2. The gun bloom is pretty bad when moving. It gets .14 when both traversing the turret and the tank, which means hitting tanks on the move from more than 50 meters becomes very difficult. This is really bad for a tank that has no armor and thus can't hold a position. French tanks need to be able to move, and while the CDC can definitely skedaddle, it can't use its gun while moving very effectively at all. 

3. The camo rating is terrible. It's longer than an IS-3, and it is taller than most mediums due to, well, its thiccness. It's just a big tank. Definitely a problem for a tank with no armor.

All in all, it's basically a worse Ru 251 in every way except credit making. No light tank camo, worse camo rating, worse DPM, has APCR instead of HEAT, Ru 251 gets HEP shells, Ru 251 has a 20 kph higher top speed limit, and the Ru 251 even has longer view range. 

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RogueGen #4 Posted 25 November 2018 - 05:00 PM

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Its come a long way since it was first released, but its still far from being the top of the pack. Its got good mobility for a medium, but with that its armor is terrible and its huge and eats HE shells for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Its DPM is very tier 8ish, decent for a tier 8 medium, but nothing to write home about. The thing that makes the difference between the CDC and the other mediums at its tier is the accuracy and the penetration. While its not the best tank for snap shots its gun is good for sniping and its mobility is good for getting out of dodge and gives it decent flexibility. Its a fun tank, but if I hadn't won it off the original even I probably wouldn't buy it.  

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