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Funny Series: Clumsy JPanther II

funny battles when nothing works lol battle

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tankist22 #1 Posted 02 January 2019 - 02:45 AM

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Happy New Year!

This time I bring a video that I hope entertains you in a "comedian" way. Many times we outrage when it simply is not working for us in this game. Or we outrage on other players when we see them doing things wrong, struggling, or whatever we think ab out them at that moment.

I was lucky all of my teammates were alive while I was chasing myself in this tier VIII JPanther II in which I consider myself well versed, LOL. The good part was that:

  1. I was actually laughing at myself while I was trying to manage getting up that hill that I climbed many times;
  2. I felt like Benny Hill when I started getting hit at the spot I hoped for to be safe, plus while I struggled to get lost from it.


In order to bring the whole feeling during this battle, I did full copy/paste from the video's description as many people do not really read it while watching a video:
Call it clumsy, nub, or whatever else. Omg, I struggled in this battle... A LOT! Like, first it takes me forever just to get onto the hill, while almost all reds are already spotted, pushing onto my team. Then, just as I get into that "Yeah baby!" moment by getting up, landing a shot, i get almost destroyed in an instance because of being hit multiple times. Plus, I had a difficulty retreating back, but was lucky not to get shot at that moment. Then I get into position again, and OMG... gun depression sucks, can't aim right away. Then, one of the shots onto that T-30 goes in front of it, I thought I aimed well. Finally, I get treated by landing a blind shot to destroy that T-30. Oh boy... what a battle ending in being 2nd by damage. LOL.


I hope you find it amusing. Thank you for watching!




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richdubz #2 Posted 02 January 2019 - 06:25 AM

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All’s well that ends well.  Heck, I didn’t even know you could climb the ridge in that spot. I usually go back to the water mill and climb there.


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