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One tanker’s thoughts on how to help the team somewhat.

Tips PSA

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SillySkipperLilly #1 Posted 14 January 2019 - 02:31 AM

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Ok, I just have a few tips for people that need to know the things that I am telling them. This is mostly geared towards less experienced players that at least know the meaning of certain key terms(gun depression, hull down, etc.) and how to use these in battle. Make sure you get cozy in a chair by the fireplace because its gonna be a while. ;)


1. Just Cap!

          It may sometimes seem that you are about to get an easy victory, but that doesn’t always mean you will. To try to maximize your victories, make sure you dont ignore that completely uncapped and abandoned supremacy base 5 feet away from you. Sure, it might get the enemies’ attention, but chances are, if they haven’t capped it already, they aren’t close enough to get to you before youve finished capping it.

          This goes in encounter battles too. It’s not always a bad idea to just cap instead of trying to find the last enemy player, especially if they are a light tank. Their chances of slipping away and forcing a draw or abusing LT camo on your low HP teamates will certainly be very high.

It is also good to use the encounter base as bait, since it forces the enemy to make a move. Just remember, if you’re the only one capping and you dont begin the cap before about the 1:40 time mark, you may as well have just gone after the enemy. 

            Another point to note on the subject of capping is not to call someone out if they choose to cap while the battle is going on. It may just save your skin later. The ‘no cap kill all’ mentality has already been the downfall of many seemingly victorious teams, don’t let yourself be next!




2. Certain tanks shouldn’t always follow their role as expected by of their respective tank class(but usually they should)

          So usually, a light should spot, a heavy should be on the front line, a medium should be doing either of the two aforementioned roles OR playing second line support, and a TD should be supporting the others by sniping from somewhere it can’t be spotted, right? Well, this isn’t always the case. It depends on the map, the tank, and the matchmaking. For example, if your team has 1 light tank and the enemy team has 3, then it is unadvisable for the allied light to go alone against the three, unless it is being helped by any friendly medium tanks.  It is the same with any tank  when the enemy team outnumbers their tank class. (well its hard to put thatlast sentence into words but you should know what i mean from the example.)

          second, the map. Its not a good idea to leave certain key positions poorly protected.( or worse, completely unmanned) two good examples of this are the hill on mines or the b cap in canyon. if your team doesn’t contest the hill on mines, it is almost definitely going to be a loss. The b cap on canyons is a similar affair. Ideally, a friendly gun depression medium(s) will know to go to this direction, as it is a key spotting position and a good area to attack from when hull down. however, if your mediums or lights decide not to go there for some reason, and you are in a heavy tank( or in some cases, a tank destroyer) that has good gun depression, it is very helpful to the team if you are to go up there so the enemy wont have free shots on your whole team.  A few good examples of heavy tanks and TDs that can excel in this position are the american T29, T32, T34, and T30.

          Now, this leads nicely into the tank dependence portion of this segment. Remember that the statistics of your vehicle greatly affect which strategies you can use effectively. These are armor thickness numbers, dpm, gun depression, speed/maneuverability, accuracy, whether or not you have a turret, overall shape of your tank, and and much more. Here are some examples of things you would never want to do if you have the choice and a simple explanation why for each.


  • Side scraping in an RU 251— you wont block anything unless they fire heat into your tracks, you just dont have the armor for it.
  • 1v1 brawling a comet in the T-34-1— even if you block a few of the comet’s shots, he can still completely screw you with one arm behind his back due to the huge difference in dpm.
  • Going to the hill on mines in the WZ-120— I know I said its a loss if youre team doesn’t try to take the hill, but I never said it had to be YOU. In this tank you don’t have enough gun depression to do anything on the hill, which is why you should instead go to the lighthouse area and put in shots from there. 
  • Flanking in a heavy tank or slow TD(except maybe certain heavies like an IS series tank or any of the AMX-50s, since they can actually go pretty fast.)— By the time you’ll get around to the enemies’ rear, either they’ll all be dead or the rest of your team will be in severe distress. 
  • sniping in a pew-pew tank like the Luchs or the PZ. II— your accuracy is not meant for this, you should be dumping massive loads of damage into the enemies sides from 20 meters away
  • pushing the front line alone in a turretless tank— while there are some exceptions, chances are you will most likely be CoD’d and killed in a matter of seconds.
  • pulling out sideways in an IS-3(or 5 or 8 or 7)— your armor is meant to face the enemy head on, due to the angles and sloping which the upper playes are already placed.The best strategy is to hide your lower plate and watch all the enemy shells bounce. However, consider using a reverse side scrape to try to maximize the effect of your trollish side armor.





3. Watch out for your teammates

          Make sure you are never blocking someone’s retreat. If a friendly pushes in front of you to fire, keep a clear path behind them, so they can back up. If you somehow interfere, it will cost your ally big time, and possibly the whole team. The same goes if you are  the one who’s pushing. Make sure that you have a clear retreat behind you before you start pushing, that way you have less chance of being surprised when your tanks suddenly becomes unable to back up.


OK, thats all for today folks! Follow these rules and you’ll be doing better in no time!




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FussyRude #2 Posted 14 January 2019 - 03:32 AM

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But no one want cap hill with me, everyone runs to B and that is a massacre

tedg5 #3 Posted 14 January 2019 - 03:38 AM

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View PostFussyRude, on 14 January 2019 - 03:32 AM, said:

But no one want cap hill with me, everyone runs to B and that is a massacre

“I’m too slow” needs to be a hot button for these guys. :harp:

Doc_Ho11iday #4 Posted 14 January 2019 - 03:40 AM

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Wasted effort dude.  The VAST majority of the targeted noobs you are trying to educate do not come to the forum seeking advice or knowledge on how to play effectively and efficiently.  Cheers!!!

shyw #5 Posted 14 January 2019 - 04:22 PM

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View PostAKWolf1, on 14 January 2019 - 03:40 AM, said:

Wasted effort dude. The VAST majority of the targeted noobs you are trying to educate do not come to the forum seeking advice or knowledge on how to play effectively and efficiently. Cheers!!!


^^^^^ TRUE ^^^^^    a waste of time and effort

PanzertroopenVT #6 Posted 14 January 2019 - 04:46 PM

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View PostAKWolf1, on 13 January 2019 - 10:40 PM, said:

Wasted effort dude. The VAST majority of the targeted noobs you are trying to educate do not come to the forum seeking advice or knowledge on how to play effectively and efficiently. Cheers!!!


funny thing also I've noticed.........NEWER PLAYERS don't seem to want to go with commen sense approaches......they really are yolo queens out their that apparently find the enemy and drive straight into them...........Spock is confounded as well. 

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