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Status of low tier and new players

its horrible

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Morphman11 #1 Posted 14 February 2019 - 01:19 AM

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This current system of the low tiers for low battle count players is a travesty. All the battles will have at least 2 bots, which within it self is bad. The bots are completely broken. They will go to a set spot on the map which isn't that big of an issue within itself but due the programming they will always aim in the set position unless a vehicle is spotted. They will also fire at the same moment the enemy vehicle is spotted that means they are firing without an aim lock. Obviously these vehicles should at least aim to the last know position of the enemy. Surprisingly the new wave of brain dead Steve's have noticed that these bots don't move nor are they effective against even poor players. This has lead to a very toxic environment, with 30%ers gaining false confidence. Yes 30%ers, the majority of the new player population, it is impossible to understand how these new players are averaging lower win rates compared to afk bots. The best explanation to describe this phenomenon is that they are using the bots to learn from. They see that the bots move in a linear direction towards the cap, so these players will either camp in the useless third next to spawn or they will rush out in front of the bots. There is no learning going on at all these new player tiers there is no punishment for constantly playing worse than a bot. There are some probable fixes. A tutorial on positioning, and not the crap that is in the beginning but rather one that goes through ridge lines and how gun depression works because majority of the complaining from these troglodytes is that they aim and are not hitting the target. The next fix would have to be on the bots. The bots should be programmed to still go the cap but rather than have them go straight away make them go into the cap circle say about 2:30 into the match. The best fix to the bots would be the aiming mechanics of the bots. They should only fire when the gun is in position with the aim reticle and the lock on the last known position of the enemy vehicle. There is no possible way to fix players that are too to dumb to understand re-positioning and proper sniping over camping nor is there a fix for players that just yolo. The only fix to stupid behavior is an example of good tactics. Since 90% of the time the new player will be watching the bots sit afk in the cap, a bot fix is the best way to introduce the newer players into actual tactics and movement. The lower tiers are so mundane and terrible that they will lead to more newer players leaving compared to the age of seal clubbers. I don't condone the actions of troglodytes that club their brethren. But even now for accounts that are trying just to ace the low tier vehicles and move on forever it is nearly impossible to find an actual battle. Low tiers need to be fixed as soon as possible. Without a sustainable population of improving lower tier players this game will die. I personally hate the low tier vehicles but if nothing is done the higher tier games will only get worse. Not to mention a heavy tank meta is awful and in no way helps these new players transition to 7+.
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