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New player firing range and timed shooting runs in training rooms

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REDSTEELEIi #1 Posted 17 March 2019 - 03:15 AM


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Hello Folks. Idk if this is known to well and  I dont have a huge number of games under my belt. This is aimed at new players.It helped  with my 2 nephews when they 1st started and they went into battle better drivers and gunners . Just go to the Winter Malinovka map in training rooms By yourself.The hay bails are all targets that will react to you shooting them. A perfect place to practice your firing on the move. Lite tank drivers will enjoy it especially. Yes other maps have cars and haybails but. On W.M. there are also gords on some of the fence posts each one is shootable,perfect for honing more precise shooting. Weak spots like Driver, Gunner, and Commander view ports also drive wheels . It will let you mess with your settings and learn to drive your tanks better. Getting your controls set just right on the screen The 2 Scarecrows are reactive as well. This is all probably common knowledge but. I hope a new player wanting to get more dmg on target and the maneuverability limits of their tanks can  maybe benefit from this especially Lites with auto loaders. With a teammate it can be made into a timed game each tanker in equal type tanks. Start from the same spot and runs the pre selected circuit. While firing on the move they see how many bails they can bag with no stopping.Popping a scarecrow is extra time off the run .This is pretty fun in any fast mover. The Dynasty Pear Car buster is another. Its really any but meds are good here. Then the Himmelsdorf Heavy tank truck blast.The kids liked,time starts at the Church spawn and the 5 tanks engaged  then move South towards the tracks. Then making all right hand turns. Head North  if your a Nascar fan lol But it ends with the tank hull down in the bomb crater  and firing on the ammo boxes near the flag pole there are a couple of trucks hidden in corners on this one but none  on the far side of the tracks just what can be hit from the main main streets. Ammo is free in this folks. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HUNTING.



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HumanCoookie #2 Posted 17 March 2019 - 03:41 AM

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GrandToad #3 Posted 17 March 2019 - 06:19 AM


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Good stuff, Mate.

FWitt #4 Posted 07 December 2019 - 04:17 AM

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How do you access the training rooms? I've recently rekoined the game after 6 mos so can use some practice.

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