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Professionals Tournament - Commentary

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__V_O_P__ #1 Posted 18 April 2019 - 02:36 AM


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I’ve been watching a lots of the professionals tournament - either via (mostly) Rolling Swarm or (less so) Amaunet. 


It strikes me that if WG want to make this game more suited to e-sports (they may not) then they really have to do something about the tools available for commentators. 


Big issues for me are:


free-cam - commentators have to float around the map. some hot key positions seem necessary, Red & Blue spawns, Caps, probably the map areas (1-9) as well. 


map - it needs to be much bigger and have big tank icons, the player map is useless for spectators​


Commentators screen - needs to be different from a player screen, map, hit points, ?


tank / team identity - for tourney play surely each side should have a team strip. Red team all red. Blue team all blue. Or is that an anathema? 


And then replays - seems to me that certain aspects of each battle need to be tagged for replays. 



Firefly_1026 #2 Posted 18 April 2019 - 12:48 PM

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In terms of spectating, our spectator mode isn't too bad for being the only thing we can work with. Problems with WOT as an esport stem much deeper than just the tools however.


Personally I feel that WOTBlitz as a game design is inherently better than WOTPC, faster gameplay, no arty, smoother movement, lesser (but still acceptable) graphics, and just a better competitive design overall, but saying that Blitz is a better esport than PC isn't much to begin with as WG's attempts to make PC a popular esport has failed quite frankly.


Issues go back to the base reason of WOT's game design and demographic. It simply isn't a very good spectator esport, tournament viewing isn't really popular outside of the top clans players and the general demographic of WOT just isn't the audience that watches esports.

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