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Tiers VI to X(higher prefered). Trying to maintain 60% WR(weekend hell)

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Si1verBlood #1 Posted 25 May 2019 - 02:53 PM

    The Armored Garbage Truck

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****Disclosure: I trashtalk people who deserve it, if you are not ok with it, that is your right, but please do ignore this request****


I am decent at the game(trash by uni standarts) but I need one more constant other than me on my team since the teams might as well be composed of literal meatshields and their effectiveness will be the same.

From 14:00 est till we get bored or tired...

Saturday and Sunday (if you want to toon on work days I wouldn't have consistent hours)

If you want to VC on discord, I am always down for it.

PM me here or in game if you are interested...or post here if you want to diss me or want me to PM you instead.



View Post__Crusader6__, on 22 February 2020 - 03:58 PM, said:

Accept that bad players are a feature of the game.   


sudeshna99 #2 Posted 14 December 2019 - 06:19 PM

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Hey, I just started getting back into this game currently only have tier 6 tanks but am averaging 60%+ winrate past 30 days if you want to plat. Username is ShizzleNizzle. You can look me up on wotblitzstats if you want to vet me. Id be interested in a plat 

Stats: 58.65% WR Target WR: 60% WN8: 2367 (Unicom) Star1: 1.34~ (Unicom)  Battles: 10000 

Tanks: T-54IS-8, M103IS-4, Obj 140, E75Obj. 704 Tanks Unlocked (Not bought): IS-7Obj 268E100. M46 Patton                      Favorite Tanks: Kv-3T-54, M103, Kv-2, Su-152, Obj. 140~ Under top 50 on Star1 List!  

More in depth stats of me: http://www.wotbstars.com/?usr=sudeshna99&geo=NA&game=WOTB&lng=eng

Proud member of Titan Family (Titan/Azul/Atlas/Kronos):

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