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Tiers VI to X(higher prefered). Trying to maintain 60% WR(weekend hell)

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Si1verBlood #1 Posted 25 May 2019 - 02:53 PM

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****Disclosure: I trashtalk people who deserve it, if you are not ok with it, that is your right, but please do ignore this request****


I am decent at the game(trash by uni standarts) but I need one more constant other than me on my team since the teams might as well be composed of literal meatshields and their effectiveness will be the same.

From 14:00 est till we get bored or tired...

Saturday and Sunday (if you want to toon on work days I wouldn't have consistent hours)

If you want to VC on discord, I am always down for it.

PM me here or in game if you are interested...or post here if you want to diss me or want me to PM you instead.


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