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VK72.01 Guide (yay) derp english included


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A_raellgunawsome #1 Posted 10 June 2019 - 11:19 PM


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I liketh the vk72. The vk72 has good armor. 

But actually, despite its derpy appearance, the vk72 is actually a viable tank. Definitely not the easiest heavy to use. Probably the hardest heavy to use in the game, since all traditional strategies must go out the window. 


1) Don't sidescrape. Actually don't. Sidescraping in a vk72 is easily the biggest mistake you could make. Your hull bulges out near the rear, ensuring penetration by the enemy. Instead, frontscrape. stick the front of your hull out at an angle, just enough for your gun to poke out. This way, the building hides the bulge, but you are still able to hit the enemy. Your frontal armor is too thick for most enemies to penetrate even with gold shells. However, be wary if a fv183 or other high pen tank is in your game, as they can easily go through your front. 


2) Share the love! If the enemy closes in, meet them head on, again, do not angle. Facehug them instead, and use your gun mantlet and gun to block any shells they send your way. Try to predict where they are aiming and turn your turret to block it. However, it does not always work since your cheeks are very weak. Again, beware of facehugging a tank with good gun depression. The depression can easily negate the slope of your armor, allowing them to get an almost 90 degrees angle with your armor allowing them to pen.


3) You are fast. Well sorta. The vk is very fast for its kind, hitting up to 30 km/h while weighing 120 tons. A ram with this beast is lethal. Use this speed to take up positions quickly and push ahead of your team, using your armor to soak up the hits. Do not sit with this tank, that is a blatant waste of its speed and its speed is arguably one of the best aspects of this tank.


4) Your accuracy is garbage. Its literally the  e100. If you're gonna snipe, please sell the vehicle and go buy a grille. Not to mention sniping is a waste of its mobility. 


Just a few tips for people to find useful, its not as bad as people claim it is, especially if you know how to use it. However, it is hard to use and the terrible stats I have in it are from me dying the first 30 matches because I couldn't use it. Please don't be like me. Play smart. Thank you.



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