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How to play the Y5 T-34

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Roberto577_One #1 Posted 30 June 2019 - 09:28 AM

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The Y5 T-34 has been given a bad name due to the fact that many noobs are given access to the tank. It is, however a very solid tier 5 medium, and in my opinion is one of the best out there. This guide will list a number of pro's and cons, and then I'll give my preferred playstyle. For those of you who think I have no business writing this review, I currently hold the #3 rank for all of the NA server for this tank on Blitz Stars. I am using Blitz Stars Stats, and not the in-game stats for this review.


Pros (In order of importance):


Good DPM; with a rammer and food, you can reach a 7.1 second reload, which beats of the Pz. IV G and M4 Sherman, who are tied at 7.4 seconds with the same.


Strong Turret; Despite the stats saying the turret is only 55 mm all-around armor, in practice it is really quite difficult to pen, and very reliable, at least versus other tier 5 guns. The only better Tier 5 Medium is the M4 Sherman.


10 degrees of gun depression; This makes ridge fighting extremely possible, and when combined with the strong turret, this tank becomes formidable against other Tier 5 Mediums.


Decent mobility; this tank averages about 40 kph on ground and easily reaches its top speed of 50 on roads, so re-positioning, while not as easy as it is for a light, is an option.


Surprisingly good credit maker; without premium and boosters, expect to make 20-30K per match. With premium and Rare boosters, expect 60-70K.




Weak hull; while you will get troll bounces off the hull, it isn't common. The stats say the side hull is 42 mm, but even though that sounds good to sidescrape with, in reality it isn't easy to do, and you will get penned.


Low HP; this is a universal problem with all Tier 5 Mediums, every hit you take will reduce your HP drastically and you must be careful with it.


Bad when bottom tier; this is a problem for all tanks in the game (with the exception of Tier 10's), but it is especially bad for Tier 5, which this tank is, of course. The reason is that Tier 6 receive a HUGE DPM and HP boost over Tier 5 (approximately a 50% boost to each) and as such, you will be demolished by any competent Tier 6 player in a 1v1.


Playstyle: Peek-a-Boom all the way. While this is true for all Tier 5 Mediums, The ways to peek-a-boom differ. Don't sidescrape in this tank. Go hull-down and peek around corners while the enemy is reloading, then pull back quickly. Getting above your enemies, such as on the hill on Mines, is also a good tactic. Play fairly aggressive as top-tier, but support your mediums as bottom-tier.


All-in-all, this is a typical Tier 5 Medium, but is unique enough to warrant a couple of battles to see if you like it. Also, due to my lack of Tier 8 premiums, this has been my #1 credit maker this last week, and it got me enough credits to purchase my first Tier 9 (E-75) as well as the 3 birthday containers for 1 million credits each. I grinded to level 75 of the event mainly in this tank, and still love it. I highly recommend you try it out, and I like the Tier 6 Y5 as well, so try it out too.

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