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ALF4 (Alpha Tank) - Made by disappointed players

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RodrigoV600 #1 Posted 12 July 2019 - 06:25 PM


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I wanted to join a competitive clan in the last 2-3 years.


I started out like many of you, here in the forums in search for a competitive clan that could be chill but also challenging in tournaments and clan warfare.


I joined my first clan, after being a lonewolf for 2 years, and was quickly disappointed when I declined a tourney request and got booted not long after for failing to participate. So much for wanting a competitive clan.


I joined my second clan, of who promised a balance of being chill yet also competitive. No luck here, the leader wanted me to do all the heavy lifting!

"Set up my Discord! Message in-game 50+ members! Set up our bots!"


When I messaged our members, only 10 of them replied. Of those, only 2 joined the Discord chat. The rest were complaining that I was requiring too much of them and that I was just a stupid volunteer.


What does that say about someone if they aren't even willing to talk to each other despite being in the same team?


Okay, considering the leader hadn't logged in all day despite being of the same timezone, I quit.


I quit and right after that I founded my own Discord channel, my own clan, and properly organized myself and the clan in such a way that allows us to have fun, hang out and increase our fighting capabilities.


I've founded the clan: ALF4 or more known as Alpha Tank.


I will make the intentions of this clan VERY clear: This is a clan where you don't have to participate in tournaments, but you have to get along with everyone. You are not required to do anything, the only thing I ask of my future members is that they join our Discord.


I envision a clan where people of all ages, races and walks of life log in and have a blast in our community.


If you share this vision, feel free to contact me on Discord:

Vod Valkfire



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Killing tanks all the way from 2014 in my original account.

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