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British tanks are depressing me, worth continuing to grind?

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instantsiv #1 Posted 15 July 2019 - 09:29 PM


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My goal is to get the FV4005 and FV215b. I finished the Churchill I and working on the crusader now.


I'm miserable playing british tanks. The Cruisers were okay but the matilda was horrific. Slow and I hate low alpha/high rate of fire guns. Same with the crusader, slow,low alpha/high rof. The only redeeming quality of the crusader is the gun depression but the turret face is complete flat, can't bounce so what's the point of gun depression? Churchill same, slow, low alpha/high rof.


I hate playing these tanks and am wondering if it gets better down the line, worth it to grind to the fv4005 and fv215b.

Posit1ve_ #2 Posted 15 July 2019 - 10:11 PM

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The British tech tree is one of the worst in the game. Stop grinding them, and play another line, like maybe one of the Soviets or Americans

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_ArmoredGlassCannon #3 Posted 15 July 2019 - 10:20 PM

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fv215b and probably cent 7/1 are the only gems of the British tech tree.

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__The_Dude_30__ #4 Posted 15 July 2019 - 10:55 PM

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There are some good tanks in the Tech Tree, but not enough to make up for all the bad ones. I would recommend revisiting it after you’ve ground some lines from other nations. Any of the Russian lines are viable. You might also like some of the German heavy lines.

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epicheeru #5 Posted 16 July 2019 - 01:28 AM

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215b, Cent 1, and Cent 7/1 are the only really enjoyable higher-tier tanks in the entire nation. I'd suggest going on the medium line, the Cent 1 was a really fun tank to drive, and the 7/1 with HESH is absolutely incredible. 

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AOT_Jaeger2 #6 Posted 16 July 2019 - 01:54 AM

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I found the Comet, Cent 7/1, Black Prince, Caernarvon, Conqueror, and FV215b were very fun to play

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rosgrim #7 Posted 16 July 2019 - 04:38 AM


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till tier 5 they are all piece of crap, especially after the total nerf (i'm trying to rehabilitate - improve - those tanks now and it is a nightmare).

From tier 6 med and heavy tanks lines have good tanks and some gems.

But all depends on your style. For example:


if you don't like high ROF/DPM but low alpha then you will like only 9-10 guns but forget the russian-german armor.


New Td line is ok 8-10.

Turtles (183 line) is a nightmare with very few exceptions.

boppinbobby #8 Posted 16 July 2019 - 03:48 PM

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View Post_ArmoredGlassCannon, on 15 July 2019 - 02:20 PM, said:

fv215b and probably cent 7/1 are the only gems of the British tech tree.

You haven't played the Conway then?

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boppinbobby #9 Posted 16 July 2019 - 03:51 PM

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OP, judging by your battle count I would recommend any line but the British line as your first. 

As A Brit myself I went down the same hole and my WR is what it is. 

There are some gem tanks in the line but they are unforgiving and won't make you look good. 

recommend you get experience along a more forgiving line like the IS line and the T62 line and then go for these when you are more experienced. 

to recap, I was that nub. 

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Ajax_Retro #10 Posted 16 July 2019 - 09:46 PM


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I would go down the medium line as the heavy line is filled with pain and more pain. The BP is fun with that super quick reload but that will fade and the pain sets in again.


Crusader was a secret gem in the low tier line. I ran it with a 60/ WR way back but it does take skill to use it to its full potential. Unfortunately after the low tier nerf its not as good as it was before but the RoF is still note worthy.  I drove this tank religiously in 2017 and 2018 racked up three Ace Mastery badges in it . I just prioritized which tanks I can engage and win against to which tanks I would lose against. The Crusader armor is bad but it has odd angles (the edges of the view port to the sloped front plate and the diamond shaped turret edge where the top bit meets to bottom bit) that stick out from the hull and turret that will cause some bounces so when I fight a tank I move back and forward to wriggling the armor so the enemy would bounce from any odd angles caused from these movements


The Cromwell is miles better, in this tank you get a good gun and amazing speed coupled with okay gun depression. This is my most played tank on my EU account.  I tend to play a hit and run play style when top tier and more like a flanker when bottom tier. Keep in mind that the Cromwells speed can get you into trouble just as easily as it can get you out of trouble. The Comet is good as it sets you up for the ridge line play style of the Centurions. The Centurion is decent and out of all the tanks in its tier its not the most threatening tank to fight but a good Cent player will give you hell and the Centurion 7/1 improves on the Mk III  but this time with the fun as hell HESH or user friendly HEAT depending on which top gun you like using. The FV4202 changes the line again this time the rock hard bouncy turret is gone and replaced with a slightly more squishy one and if you are using the gun depression you should be able to bounce shots but its not reliable.        


The Churchill series of tanks are meh not as strong when they where introduced into the game but still a tough nut to crack when they are top tier. Armor angling is a must in these tanks even sitting straight on you must angle the front track to cover the flat front plate but side scraping off a rock or any hard cover is better. A note to take in in is to angle the turret away after firing as most of the time you will get penned in the flat turret front with premium ammo or a tank with high pen also people can damage you and keep you tracked as there is a spot on these tank where the track and armor meet that can be penned. You won't get a heavy tank style gun until the Conqueror and FV215B the British heavy tanks up from tier V to VIII all use guns better suited for medium tanks. Viable but not the best. 


The caste mate British Tds are bad with only a few good ones. And the new British TDs are okay even though they have access to the new consumables and provisions.       



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