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IS-2 Definitely a non-premium Premium Vehicle

IS 2 morph videi video IS premium review

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Morphman11 #1 Posted 25 July 2019 - 02:44 PM

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So IS-2, the big boy of the Victory Day bundle. $50 later you are stuck with a Cromwell that likes the color green and a funky ISU that has a gun full of disappointment. But the last vehicle is the big boy itself the IS-2. A better version of the IS. Except there is one problem the IS is a better version of itself while it’s using a 100mm gun. So what is the point of a premium IS? Well it has slightly better armor that the Soviet IS and better gun handling than the Chinese knock off. So essentially you bought a balanced vehicle for about $17. So what can it actually do. The gun handling is bad so no sniping or snapping shots although this is a Soviet vehicle which meaning aiming lowers dpm so the latter portion is up for debate. The armor is workable enough at tier 7 and below but being bottom tier makes you a useless heavy. So unlike the stories of the IS-2 being the break through vehicle of legend it will be a support gun about 80% of the time.

A video showing an IS-2 played as a support vehicle.

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