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Buff suggestions on release 6.3

Vk36.01h tiger ii jgtiger jgtier 8.8

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Jaff_qi #1 Posted 26 August 2019 - 11:06 PM


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Have been thinking about the potential 6.3 buff since Blitzhanger released the new armor profiles of the VK36.01 and Kng tiger. Both looks amazing, but may be a little overdone and not consistent with the current tech tree.


The VK will get 145 hull front armor, plus 80 instead of 60 lower side armor in 6.3 (upper side not changed). This profile is great and combined with the 6.2 KV2 nurf, it won't get penned anywhere frontly and sidely except the copalar, with enhanced armor.equipment This is very good and will be the mainstream agains kv2 spaws. Howver it will have both better front and side armor than tiger I. This is rediculous and never hapens anywhere else (45/20 anmor reduction a tier higher). I think WG should rebuff it to a less extend.but match.tiger I armor to it. Something like 125 frontal.


Similar.thing for tiger II. The turret armor and front uppler plate makes sense, since althoght the old values are historically accurate, tiger ii should fight with m4 76w,  firefly, churchill I, IS but not.at tier viii. The buff will make a tiger II stronger than m6 exp frontally and is3  sidely, which is great, but the lower plate of 160 is way too strong. Also, shouldn't the jgtiger/jgtiger 8.8 be buffed the same time? IMHO the lower plate should be something around 125mm and make it for all three not just tiger ii.


AOT_Jaeger2 #2 Posted 27 August 2019 - 01:40 AM

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Man....I think I had a stroke reading that...


But to contribute, I think the 36.01 really didn’t need a buff, but the Tiger II did. The lower plate buff sounds a little too much, I agree.

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trogvision #3 Posted 28 August 2019 - 02:21 PM

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Sounds like wg recieved an influx of wehraboos in their dev staff. :facepalm:

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