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3 Dracula or Helsing crates for $9.99

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EricOtown #1 Posted 18 October 2019 - 04:37 PM

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So according to the description of this 3 crate package, we are only supposed to be able to buy this 3 crate package 1 time, but I’ve found a way to buy as many you want. After buying it 1 time, it becomes grayed out and the counter says zero available. But if you force close the Blitz app, wait a few seconds, and open up the app again, this 3 crate package become available again. Doing this you can buy it as many times as you want. It also works for anything being sold on the store that says there is only 1 available. These crates are available for 1 for $4.99, 3 for $9.99 which comes out to $3.33 per crate or 11 for $49.99 whic is $4.54 per crate. So the 3 crates for $9.99 is by far the best deal for crates if are wanting to try to win the Dracula and/or Helsing.


On a side note, I got 2 Dracula’s out of the 3 crates when I bought this 3 crate deal for $9.99. What are the odds of that considering that each crate only has a 3% drop rate to win the tank. They only have me 6,500 gold for the 2nd Dracula which is total bull [edited] because if War Gaming ever decided to see the Dracula outright for gold, they would probably charge at least 10,000 gold at a minimum. 

But trust me winning 2 Dracula’s out of 3 crates isn’t all roses because I bought 4 of these 3 crate deals for a total of $40 prior to final 3 crates for another $9.99 where I won the 2 Draculas. So in total I spent $50 for 15 crates and in those 15 crates I won 2 Draculas, 1 of which was exchanged for 6,500 gold. And in all the crates that didn’t have a Dracula, I got a total of about 500,000 free XP certificates, hundreds of combat, crew, and free xp boosters, a lot more gold. 

All in all, really not a bad deal for $50 considering that probably what War Gaming would sell the Dracula for if they ever sold it outright for cash. So for $50 in crates, I ended up getting a Dracula and plus at least $50 worth of gold, free xp, and boosters. 

One more side note, you will also get free xp certificates in some the event stages in addition to the Dracula and Helsing crates. Free Xp certificates are the only thing that pays to combine. Never do it with boosters with the combing ratio is not in your favor but for free xp certificates it is. You can combine 10 common 200 free xp certificates for a 2,300 rare free xp certificate which gives you an extra 300 free xp. But then you can combine 10 rare 2,300 free xp certificates for an 23,000 epic free xp certificate which gives you an extra 3,000 free xp.


Then you can combine 10 epic 23,000 free xp certificates for a 350,000 legendary free xp certificate which gives you an extra 120,000 free xp. That’s the end of the line. So i never use my common, rare, or epic free xp certificates and always combine them until I have enough for a legendary for 350K free XP.

dport02 #2 Posted 18 October 2019 - 11:16 PM

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Ya normally I’ll buy the bonus crates whenever they sell crate tanks ( I won’t this time) and Ive gotten 50k before. The $10> are worth it with bonus
RNG is rigged !

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