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Changing adjacent Tech Tree tank line experience increase notification required!

Tech Tree grinding tips communication notification newby purchasing tanks

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Q_Prof #1 Posted 31 October 2019 - 04:44 AM


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Found this out the hard way, although some of you are already aware of this, those that are not (need developer intervention) take heed...


When WOT Blitz gives you the option to move into another adjacent Tech Tree line, it increases the amount of grinding experience needed to allow you to purchase that tank, and does not show that there is a cheaper/quicker way. The Tech Tree shows you "the shortest path with minimum experience" quoted from WOT Blitz support services, which it actually isn't the case always, and very costly if you do decide to.


Developers need to add in more communication/information when you do decide to do this right in the Tech Tree or process of moving to an adjacent tank line/tank, that there is a extra cost, and that the same tank in it's own line will probably be half the amount of grinding experience.


Below shows the Ferdinand requiring 150k (high!) of experience to buy.

This is clearly misleading and not full disclosure! Whether this is intended or not, it needs to be fixed!



Still shown here in the mini Tech Tree off of the Tiger (P):



In my case, I had been grinding in the German heavy line, the Tiger (P) for the VK 100.01 (P), and then also the VK45.02 A. I had previously finished grinding in the German TD line: the Nashorn and the Jg Pz. 4 which leads to the JPanther, but did not purchase as I had enough tanks to grind at the time.  Because I did not purchase the JPanther, I did not see the mini Tech Tree price for the Ferdinand.  After I had finished grinding the two heavies the VK 100.01 (P), and the VK45.02 A, I looked at the Ferdinand confused as to why the experience requirement was so high as seen from the Tiger (P) mini Tech Tree and the main Tech Tree.  Apparently the main tech tree is programed to show you experience costs/requirements based on "the shortest path with minimum experience"... in this case for the Ferdinand 150k. I thought that was expensive, almost double what I grinded for each of the heavies - the VK 100.01 (P), and the VK45.02 A. Eventually, after looking into how great the tank was in the field, decided it must be because it is a really good tank... so I started grinding it. Got up to about 130k grinding experience at the time, and had grinded out a few other tanks decided to purchase and start grinding the JPanther… to my astonishment, seen the Ferdinand experience required only 77.5k - half the experience that was required from the Tiger (P) line (because all I seen prior to this was the 150k in the Tech Tree mini and main up until then).


Thought it was a mistake, then realized WOT Blitz must be penalizing/charging extra ginding experience, if you go from one Tech Tree line to the other, and I just wasted grinding efforts and time to grind the Tiger (P) to 150k... not happy as I could have had two tanks for the same grinding effort and to add fuel to the fire so-to-speak, I had grinded up to the JPanther already before I even started to grind for the Ferdinand with the Tiger (P)… all I had to do was buy the JPanther and grind it to get the Ferdinand for 77.5k.


Only after buying the JPanther (too late already grinded 130k of the 150k with Tiger (P), did I realize another less experience requirment was available, to get the Ferdinand:



For this reason I am suggesting to developers one or all three suggestions to implement:


#1 Make the cost 160k so that the system will show the 77.5k on the tree based on the system rule "the shortest path with minimum experience" and then if a player does try to switch lines, next menu explains: because you are switching tech tree lines, an additional experience amount is required for that extra benefit.


#2 Create some kind of warning, maybe a tap-pop-up, or colour change on the experience number.... something to let players know that there are two different prices for experience required to get that tank depending on if you are in that line or switching from another.


#3 On the Tech Tree, put a XP++, a symbol, or something similar between the two tech tree lines/tanks, so that players know, crossing over to another line to get that tank, it will require extra grinding experience in addition to the normal experience required in the same tech tree line.


The system showing "the shortest path that requires a minimum amount of experience", taking into account switching tech tree lines, is misleading the player in my case, and is not providing all the information because of the extra experience needed to cross tech tree lines, in-turn ending up grinding more than is needed to advance to that tank.

I do feel there are other relatively new players like me (and I have casually played several years already not aware of this extra cost for switching lines, although now makes sense), that are not aware of this extra cost to switch lines and will go through the same thing I did and find out the hard way, which is unfair, especially if you can easily just provide more communication/information as suggested above, with my three suggestions.

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We all make choices in game and in the end its our effort and choices that make our gaming a quality experience.

Remember, it is just a game... for fun, competition, and excitement, if not.... you're not doing it right!


Morphman11 #2 Posted 31 October 2019 - 05:26 AM

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It takes 3 taps to check this entire thing out. Its your fault for not paying attention to a couple of taps on a screen. 
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__Frostbite #3 Posted 31 October 2019 - 05:35 AM

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Eh. I guess they could just make it say 77.5k/150k XP. Still, since there are so little instances of this on the tech trees, WG most likely won't bother with it.


That said, your time spent grinding is not a total waste. Not only is the Tiger (P) a great tank, but you've got all that Combat XP you can convert to Free XP with gold, use for crew experience, or research the Ferdi with. I mean, it's almost better to just grind all three lines through the Tiger P and avoid playing the Jpanther as little as possible, just to get the Jpanther II because the Jpanther is a much worse tank, tier for tier, than the Tiger P, even though it would technically take more time and XP.



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Q_Prof #4 Posted 31 October 2019 - 05:55 AM


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Thanks for your feedback... Yeah they may not bother with it, but it would not take much to do something simple to fix/update. Here's to hoping. Tech Support was positive in sending my concern on and suggested I post here also as the best place to make it known.  It is not a big deal, but I am sure everyone would love to have the game more refined for a smoother playing experience, so that's what it is all about, and that is why I am putting this thread up.


Well now that I have started with the JPanther, I am actually enjoying it's gun, the armour is going to force me to be more careful, which I can't complain will help in the long run.  Looking forward to the JPanther 2 also. With the combat experience I usually use for tank upgrades and rare occasions to top up the crew xp.


As for the Tiger (P), I did enjoy it and that was probably the best part, using it to grind all three tanks, but if I realized earlier, the JPanther is not a bad tank, in-fact reviewers have praised it in its tier and class.

We all make choices in game and in the end its our effort and choices that make our gaming a quality experience.

Remember, it is just a game... for fun, competition, and excitement, if not.... you're not doing it right!


acrisis #5 Posted 31 October 2019 - 09:48 AM


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There are only a few instances of this crossing over in game. 


It probably should show both amounts, or default to the lowest #, not sure how or why it defaulted to the more expensive 150k.


Looking at my tech tree, it shows 77.5 k for the tier viii vehicle, with both preceding lines unlocked at tier vii. 


So it has to be an edge case, where you were grinding the heavy line further first and it recalculated the options based on that. 


Changing tank lines / types always costs extra, because WG figures it allows players to not grind the preceding line up to that point. Something one figures out the first time one runs into that, if one sees an extra high cost ... 





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cheesehead247365 #6 Posted 31 October 2019 - 01:27 PM

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That's alot of reading about the Ferd, it sucks anyway

Posit1ve_ #7 Posted 31 October 2019 - 02:43 PM

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I think showing the expensive option is actually better.


In the past, Tiger P actually used to be able to lead to the Tiger I for a mere 15k XP. And because of that, the research cost for the Tiger I was displayed as 15k.


And there were actually a few confused posts as to why the Tiger I showed a research cost of 15k whereas it actually took 45k from the VK 36.01H

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