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Rating battle camouflage change

Rating ratings camo camouflage platinum

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nixt987 #1 Posted 19 November 2019 - 06:18 AM


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I personally was very disappointed to find that the rating battle platinum camouflage had been changed. It was frustrating for me to have to reinstall the rating camo on all of my tanks that had the camouflage named “rating ace” installed. This was a pattern that I had not earned and that gave an aesthetic that I wouldn’t have worked for on those tanks.  I really liked the old platinum camouflage with the green and brown tiger stripes with a mesh net over the top.  This pattern is currently called “rating camo”.  I specifically targeted those tanks to get that camo.  The new pattern has been released, the rules have changed, there was no warning provided for this move.  I would like to have the appropriate camouflage that we earned from the months that we earned them back.  These old rating patterns would become rare making garages more unique and player specific.

Did anyone else find this disappointing as well?  Would it be possible for WOTB to remove “rating ace” and replace it with “rating camo” for all of the tanks that earned it before 1 Nov 2019?
 5136A24C-BB4A-4541-9498-63B8DD88852C.jpeg this is “rating ace” now

C2764BC2-85EB-4ADE-AFDD-08488E523382.jpegthis is “rating camo” and in my opinion worth working for.

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