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5k Gold Tier 8 Black Friday Review

5k gold for tier8 prems

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Morphman11 #1 Posted 26 November 2019 - 11:37 AM

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After getting the premiums that have not been owned or playing those that have been collecting dust, I would be qualified to actually post a review. This list contains the WZ-111, Chieftain, Mod 1, Ravioli, and the T95E2. If I had to rank them in order of worst to best based on regular battles it would go the 111, T95E2, Ravioli, Chieftain and finally the Mod 1.


The 111 is basically a worse carbon copy of the IS-3. It is not able to sidescrape effectively compared to the other Chinese brethren and the nose isn't angled enough to compete with the 110. While it has the same exact turret as the regular 112 with the prominent cupolas it can not compare to being as good as the 110 or the 112-2 hulldown. Next both the 112 variants have a flat frontal plate giving them the edge in basic sidescraping. The 111 barely has a better aim time than the 112(.3 secs) and 112-2(.1 secs). It is not the most accurate on paper either with it having the same dispersion as the 112, the 110(not garage) and 112-2(.005) both beat it out. Side armor is at 80mm which is the same as the 112 but the 110 beats it by 10mm and the 112-2 beats it with 20mm. Basically it is just purchasing a 112 Glacial with .3 better accuracy with a higher top speed but a lower power to weight. If you have a Glacial or any other Chinese or Soviet Tier 8(Excluding the KV-4) heavy there is no reason to purchase this tank. 


Next is the T95E2. On paper it seems like a decent tank. The 127mm turret would seem ok but it is not reliable against anything with decent pen as anyone can laser thru around the gun mantle. There is also a prominent cupola which is not hard to hit. The biggest travesty compared to the c*kapershing is the base pen, 180 which by this point of power creep is not good. Puts it near Soviet quality and is one less than Chinese mediums excluding the T-34-3 which has the Soviet base. While it has a aim time less by more than a second 3 secs for a tank that has a lower alpha on the spectrum you are hanging around too long to make the gun work. It also has 9 degrees of gun depression which is less than its America friends which both have 10. Dpm is on the good side but considering that tier 8 is flooded with heavies this will make the tank struggle. The frontal plate is decent but the tank is fairly large and it is not hard to pen on flat ground. The tank is fast enough to due its job but the power to weight is near the lower than or about average. The biggest issue is the 290m of view range which is near the worst of tier 8 mediums. It has a 20% rate of catching on fire which isn't good and the ammo rack will consistently get hit from the front. Overall, if you want tier 8 with a Patton turret the 59 Patton is better option.


The Ravioli is quite a disappointment. The 3.5 aim holds it back. But a more pressing issue is the premium HEAT pen. At 250 it is not reliable at going against Tiger IIs, decent heavies, and tier 9 vehicles that have a smidge of armor. It could be stated that you should be running CS on tier 8 mediums but the dpm is so poor that heavies at tier 8 will kill you first so the rammer is a better option to run always. View range is at 296 which is still less than Soviet standard but not as bad as the T95E2. 350 alpha is nice but armor is still non-existent so this vehicle can not be played in a half aggressive manor. Anyone who likes HE will absolutely love playing against you. The dpm is towards the high side of all tier 8 mediums which is a plus. Mobility is also fairly decent. The profile is large meaning escaping from a bad engagement will be difficult. Luckily the fire rate is only 15%. Since both the T95E2 and the Ravioli both are forced to be mainly support tanks, the Rav beats it out with the higher pen on standard rounds and the 350 alpha. 


The Chieftain after its buff handles with its gun well. The aim time is very short and the gun is very accurate. But the cupola is still a major flaw in the tank and it also has no armor other than the turret. The pen is good to grind credits with and it shoots APCR as the gold round meaning no hassle of shooting around destructible environment. Mobile for a heavy. Overall an alright tank. 


The Mod 1 is the best purchase of the 5 solely due to it being the most forgiving. The armor makes it an annoyance to everything it will face and basically any monkey could do well in this vehicle. This is shown by the 83% win rate in not even trying to win and the 2 losses were basically due to a couple minor mistakes which swung towards the enemies favor ie. useless heavies and shooting the tanks into the wrong places. The pen is pretty much the worst in class but it shoots APCR as gold which still allows for flexibility.  


In conclusion, only the Chieftain and the Mod 1 are really worth buying. The rest are mostly novelty tanks for collectors or for those that don't care about maximizing credits and chance to win.

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