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What Tech Tree should I do now??

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lol333cmr #1 Posted 03 February 2020 - 04:50 PM

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So, I finished the British Medium tech tree and have been kinda switching from tree to tree and giving up. I could really use some help.

What should I do?


1. Russian heavy tree (IS7)

2. Russian heavy tree (IS4)

3. British Tank destroyer tree (FV-183)

4. British Tank destroyer (FV-4005)

5. American heavy/medium tree (T57)

6. American heavy tree(T110E5)

7. American medium tree (M48)

8. American light tree (Sheridan) 

9. Russian Medium tree (t62/obj140)

10. Russian Tank destroyer (any one)

11. British heavy (fv215)

12. Or German


Major_Sweatpants #2 Posted 03 February 2020 - 05:06 PM

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IS4, E 50 M 




give smasher ATGMs!!

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Explixiit_ #3 Posted 03 February 2020 - 05:16 PM

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You can bash me on this, but I kinda like missiles lmao

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__Frostbite #4 Posted 03 February 2020 - 05:33 PM

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FV215b, you already unlocked a lot of the modules. Then go down the IS-4 line and the T-54 line, and pick up both the T-62A and Obj 140. American lights are probably worth your time as well. You really don't need anything except maybe the Obj 268.


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MudkipAtWar #5 Posted 03 February 2020 - 05:56 PM


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I always vote german



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RonaldusMaximus_ #6 Posted 03 February 2020 - 07:15 PM

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Rumors are stirring of a second British Heavy line.

View Post _Cletus, on 02 July 2019 - 01:55 PM, said:

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__The_Dude_30__ #7 Posted 03 February 2020 - 08:41 PM

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I think you need to stay in tier 7 and below to work on your mechanics first. But, if you are hell bent on grinding another line, these are the best ones:





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Modern_Neanderthal #8 Posted 04 February 2020 - 12:38 AM

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View Post__Frostbite, on 03 February 2020 - 05:33 PM, said:

FV215b, you already unlocked a lot of the modules. Then go down the IS-4 line and the T-54 line, and pick up both the T-62A and Obj 140. American lights are probably worth your time as well. You really don't need anything except maybe the Obj 268.


tedg5 #9 Posted 04 February 2020 - 03:08 AM

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Go for the Russian lines, they play easier and will help your overall performance. :playing:

Ookla_the_Mok #10 Posted 04 February 2020 - 04:21 AM

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OP, I hate to do this, but someone has to say it if you are going to get anything out of this game. You didn't finish the Brit medium line. You finished the grind, sure, but I don't think you "did" the line. I am trying not to stat shame here, yet certain facts cannot be overlooked if you want to continue with other lines.


Over 600 games in the Brit mediums at tier 8-10. WR is below 40 and DPB is below 700. Are you aware of HESH? Are you playing as a support tank with flank-sniper mixed in? Did you ever get comfortable in any of the three tanks?


The above is all said to make the point that there is much more to do with the tanks you already own. Make them work for you or at least step back and understand that you never got them working.


Doing a line is more about figuring the tanks out and getting them to be productive (at least somewhat) in your hands.


Anyway, my advice is to play heavies with higher alpha. Focus on making the armor work. Focus on slowing the game down. Focus on making shots count. Simplify, then build on that. You don't have to be a unicum, but you should at least be winning more and contributing more than you have been. Grinding down another line isn't going to do much for you as you didn't get the full "ride" from the Brit mediums.

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BlackBeltBlitzer #11 Posted 10 March 2020 - 12:17 AM


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Go Russian, American, and German. Those have awesome tanks! Especially the IS-7 and 4 lines, T110E5 and Sheridan lines, among others. Those are some that I’m going down.

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