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Jylpah #41 Posted 15 August 2020 - 12:40 AM


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BIG update: Tank-specific pages added


Big update! Tank-specific pages have been added to the site. The pages show detailed analysis of each tier V-X tank. One of the most interesting graphs is the Relative WR for different player skill-levels. WR at the tier is used as a measure for players’ skill. It tells how well the tank is performing for different skill-level players relative to the other players’ other same tier tanks. If the Relative WR is high for players with low WR at the tier, it means the tank is easy to play and less-skilled players do in average better in it than other same tier tanks. These are usually well-armored tanks with high-alpha guns.


E 100


If the relative WR is negative for players with low WR at the tier, but high for players with high WR at the tier, it means the tank is difficult to play, but can perform well in the hands of a good player. These are often tanks that require high-level of tactical skills and gameplay. It might be frustrating for less-skilled players to play these tanks.



Stats levels vs. WR in a tank

Tank pages also have graphs showing input-stat levels (average damage, average kills, spot rate, etc.) for different WR levels. The bars show 20-80% of the players within the WR bucket (20% have lower stats and 20% have higher stats with the same WR).

E 100: Average damage vs . WR

X/Y Stats vs. WR in a tank

Finally, there are contour-plots of two input-stats vs. WR. These graphs show what combination of stats are require in average to reach certain WR with a tank.

E 100 - Average Damage + Kills vs. WR

Please note that the plotting library tries to make the contour lines convex and therefore certain graphs have odd behaviors on the edges.

Jylpah #42 Posted 28 August 2020 - 11:11 AM


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Stats for update 7.1 are (finally) out.Tank-specific are available since 7.0 and now for all the tanks. After adding the tank-pages the site build time has grown 10x and I have been looking for parallel processing to speed up the work. But I have ran into weird issues likely related to shared memory limits causing the parallel R build script to fail. :arta:


The graph below shows the strongest tanks in game tier-for-tier


_Crusader6_ #43 Posted 30 August 2020 - 08:11 PM

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Awesome work as always.


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