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WG nerfing the wrong thing as usual

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NAforumaccount #1 Posted 23 May 2020 - 04:27 AM

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Anyone feels that the sheridan nerf was actually not a good nerf? 


Imo the real thing that made the thing so broken was the combo of speed and spaced armor. They should have just removed the spaced armor or something. The speed would be perfectly fine if the armor wasnt so trollish. 


Missile nerf was fine, but at this point im just questioning why they refuse to remove missiles and instead decide to make them absolute trash. 

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Noob666_ #2 Posted 23 May 2020 - 04:28 AM


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It so these salty "tunnel harder" sheridan players will quit the game for good.

__Frostbite #3 Posted 23 May 2020 - 07:11 AM

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normally, i like to see a very balanced spread of tanks across a tier, as close as possible to average winrate and damage between all of the tanks.


i make occasional exceptions. 183 is one of them. missile tanks are another. i want them to be nerfed into the ground so hard that they're free damage for the enemy team. i honestly don't want them to have any resemblance of power on the battlefield.


now that said, with my biases asides and a reasonable look at the nerfs, i  think these changes are actually right on the nose. the missile nerfs will prevent a lot of non line-of-sight shots, yet still allowing them to make percise and high pen shots on small weakspots when in Sniper Mode. the mobility nerf will make running around with the best p/w ratio in the game and with light tank camo to slap people with TD alpha harder, which is only fair. light tanks shouldn't get TD alpha in the first place, but if they do, they should at least be sluggish or have an abysmal pen+accuracy combo.


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acrisis #4 Posted 23 May 2020 - 11:00 AM

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It remains to be seen how accurately wg executed this round ...


Obviously they’re trying to hold steady, avoiding admitting the idea was overcooked and had no place in the regular game ... now they’re trying to avoid angering the owners, ... 


Personally, they should nerf missile tanks into the ground by any and all means, slower acceleration, make it a tin can, increase the dispersion, take missiles away, ...  I don’t care if missiles are only used for 10-20% of the shots or whatever. The amount of focus fire trick shots and number of unicum missiles I have eaten just made me close the game. Oh look a top clan unicum platoon with missile tanks ... back to the garage we go. Oh look here’s one on the other side of the cap hill ... here it comes ... 


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_Crusader6_ #5 Posted 23 May 2020 - 11:35 AM

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We already have a thread on ATGM tanks. 

However I do agree with the OP, I think this nerf will hit too hard.  
  Statistically the Sheridan underperforms for most 55-65% players currently. 
The APCR pen nerf just encouraged the ATGM abuse, and hurting the engine is not going to encourage Sheridan players to push flanks.  

I fully support any actions to remove Non Line of Sight Missile usage - but I think the P/W nerf is a little much.  
   I’d have preferred the Missile nerf a long time ago - and a buff to the BC to make it a more competitive light. 

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