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Training rooms: Different minigames to play with your friends :)

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whatzup22 #1 Posted 07 August 2020 - 03:42 AM

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Ok after a day of grinding, you need that relaxation. Sealclub? ehhh maybe. Play premiums? errr How bout start a new, fun, exciting, no rage training room? oh yea. 2 years , have seen many diff types of training rooms come and go. I myself have made alot, and many got popular. Heres my list of fun minigames to play in training rooms:

Runner vs Rammer, the original :)


Virus. virus tank touches another tank to transfer virus. Last one without virus wins.


HEspam: get ur heaviest tank and ask everyone to spray HE at u. Maybe bring a tier 5 leopard or two.


Blindshots. nothing better than killing someone with a blindshot.


Derp vs all. basically tier 152mm bois vs heavy tanks.

no 183s allowed.


Easter egg and glitches. explore map and stuff


Chill. just chill. no s*x and stuff. just chillax




Tankpile. Just jump of a bridge and pile up!


Sumo. 2 Tanks on each side of a bridge. One attempts to push the other down.


PUSH! go mines with ya superheavies and push ya light tank up dat hill boiiii. also known as Hillclimb


Bootcamp. Listen to the commander or else...




This is my list. will update soon. Peace



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Dado_1968 #2 Posted 07 August 2020 - 07:32 PM

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My favorites I’ve played with clan mates are:


Skeet - low tier light tanks jump a cliff on Black Goldville while one or two high tier TD’s try to shoot them in the air.


Death Race - race light tanks of any tier around the perimeter of Black Goldville through the cave and down the highway near cap.  Shooting can commence after an agreed upon point.  Test your best strategy to get to the finish line first.

Launch - Park a small tank under the bridge at Castilla and see how high it gets launch. Not sure if this glitch still exists.


Easter Egg Hunt - all maps. Find every Easter Egg WarGaming has left us on the maps including flying saucers, magic carpets, sand worms, etc.


Virtually Impossible Mission - be the first to shoot down the blimp on Black Goldville.


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whatzup22 #3 Posted 09 August 2020 - 02:23 AM

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ah, how I miss my time in canyon map, glitching with my Bt7 :( good ol times.

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