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Blitz North America Cup qualifiers regulations

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RexyComandante #1 Posted 17 September 2020 - 02:52 PM

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Blitz North America Cup Qualifiers

On the 5th of October, the Blitz North America Cup Qualifiers will start, where the best 8 teams from the Top Echelon will compete. To participate in this tournament, each player in the team must have a Professional ticket which has been accrued for the Top echelon clans basing on Prove your skill tournaments in Autumn Season 2020. The precise match schedule is indicated in the regulations.

Participants of this tournament could not participate in other tournaments which take place at the same time.


General Requirements

Vehicle tiers: X.
Registration period: from the 30th of September, 8:00 AM (PT) / 11:00 AM (ET) to the 2nd of October,  8:00 AM (PT) / 11:00 AM (ET).
Duration: from the 5th of October to the 11th of October 2020.
Battles start: the 5th of October, 6:00 PM (PT) / 9:00 PM (ET)
Control mode: touch
Maximum number of teams: 8.
Number of players in a team: 7 main players plus up to 3 backup players.
Battle time: 7 minutes.
Battle type: Supremacy.
Interval between battles: 2 minutes.

  • If the minimum required number of team members (5players) does not turn up for the battle at the set time, the match will be recognized as lost for this team.
  • A special room for conducting matches will be automatically created 5 minutes prior to the first battle. Check the Notifications section for the invitation.
  • Team membership is fixed and cannot be changed before the end of the tournament.

Player Conduct:

  1. Only teams which represent clans from Top Echelon are allowed to participate in this tournament.
  2. The Player must be a resident of one of the countries bound to the respective Gaming Regions where the Game accounts of the Players are registered. Given below is the country and Gaming Region classification. Each team can content up to 2 players that don’t conform to this rule.
  3. All team participants should contain at the same clan from the moment of registration to the Tournament to the end of Tournament. In case of the violation of this Rule team will lose 50% of the prize fund for this Tournament, as well as any unique distinctive prizes such as camouflages, avatars, medals etc.
  4. No insults of any form towards the Players, Teams, Tournament Organizer and its employees are allowed.
  5. It is forbidden to post excessive, meaningless or aggressive messages.
  6. Players must observe the principles of fair play and the sportsmanship of the competition. Any actions of the player that do not comply with these principles shall be treated as unsportsmanlike conduct and may cause the punishment for the player for all Tournament duration.
  7. There shall be no breach of the Game Rules and other rules of the License Agreement.
  8. It is prohibited to intentionally mislead the Tournament Organizer or other Players using knowingly false information.
  9. Players must observe the principles of fair play.
  10. It is forbidden to participate in the Tournament using a gaming account registered to another Player.
  11. Any modification of the Game client during the Tournament with the purpose of gaining a gaming advantage is prohibited.
  12. Any arrangements between Players and/or Teams for the purpose of gaining a gaming advantage are prohibited. Collusion shall include, but is not limited to, the following cases:
    • Arranging an agreement or any form of negotiations on the outcome or score of a Match.
    • A deliberately passive play for the purpose of achieving the desired outcome of a Match or deliberate sabotage of the Team's actions for the purpose of achieving the desired outcome of a Match.
  13. It is forbidden to intentionally use any errors (bugs) or failures of the Game with the purpose of gaining a gaming advantage.
  14. Organizer can prohibit participation of team and/or player in this tournament based on violation(s) of previous tournaments regulation. Violation evaluation is held by the Organizer. Organizer decision regarding team and/or player is final and can't be appealed.


Tournament System and Battle Format

The precise start time of matches will be displayed in the game client after the drawing. Teams will be drawn randomly.


► Group Stage

The Group Stage is conducted using the Round-robin system: each Team plays against each Team within its group.

Tournament system: Round-robin. Number of teams per group: 8, number of groups: 1. The first spawn point is determined randomly by the automatic tournament system.

Schedule and maps:

Two battles are held on the same map with the spawn point swapped after the first battle, then the map is changed. All maps are playing in the "Supremacy" battle type. The format: Bo7 (up to 4 victories).

  • Round 1: the 5th of October, 6:00 PM (PT) / 9:00 PM (ET)Maps: Middleburg, Port Bay, Naval Frontier, Castilla.
  • Round 2: the 5th of October, 7:10 PM (PT) / 10:10 PM (ET). Maps: Canal, Black Goldville, Rockfield, Vineyards
  • Round 3: the 7th of October, 6:00 PM (PT) / 9:00 PM (ET). Maps: Yukon, Dynasty’s Pearl, Desert Sands, Fort Despair
  • Round 4: the 7th of October, 7:10 PM (PT) / 10:10 PM (ET). Maps: Normandy, Mayan Ruins, New Bay, Oasis Palms
  • Round 5: the 9th of October, 6:00 PM (PT) / 9:00 PM (ET). Maps: Faust, Winter Malinovka, Hellas, Alpenstadt
  • Round 6: the 9th of October, 7:10 PM (PT) / 10:10 PM (ET). Maps: Castilla, Fort Despair, Alpenstadt, Normandy
  • Round 7: the 11th of October, 6:00 PM (PT) / 9:00 PM (ET). Maps: Vineyards, Oasis Palms, Canal, Faust

A victory in the round brings the team 1 points, a loss in the round brings the team 0 points. After the end of the Group Stage, the 4 best teams will be determined based on the total points.

If several teams have an equal number of points, the following parameters will be considered to determine the winner:

  • Head-to-head battles and the total score for these battles (the team that won in head-to-head battle or that has more victories in head-to-head battles advances to the next stage).
  • If it is impossible to determine a winner based on the above parameters, the total score (number of victories) earned by teams in all rounds of the Group Stage will be considered.
  • If it is impossible to determine a winner based on the above parameters, the total duration of all head-to-head battles of the contesting teams will be considered.
  • If the winner is still not determined upon considering all the above-mentioned parameters, a tie-break is announced. The time of the tie-break and the maps to be played shall be determined by the Organizer. The Organizer shall notify the teams of the tie-break time on the forum in advance.



The Organizer reserves the right to add, for any Matches, spectators to one or both Teams for the purpose of streaming Matches. Links to streams will be added a day before the start of Matches.


► Tournament Prize Fund

In the case when team miss 3 and more battles, players of the team won't receive 50% of prize fund as well as any unique distinctive prizes such as camouflages, avatars, medals etc. 

In the case when team miss 7 and more battles, they won't receive prizes at all. 


► Group Stage

All participating Teams will receive a "Professional" medal, "Professional" avatar, “King of the Hill” profile background and “Cyber Autumn” camouflage.

  • 1st Place: 6 750 000 credits, 15 000 gold, 150 000 free XP for each player and invitation to the Blitz North America Cup.
  • 2nd Place: 5 500 000 credits, 12 500 gold, 125 000 free XP for each player and invitation to the Blitz North America Cup.
  • 3rd Place: 4 750 000 credits, 10 000 gold, 100 000 free XP for each player and invitation to the Blitz North America Cup.
  • 4th Place: 4 000 000 credits, 8 000 gold, 75 000 free XP for each player and invitation to the Blitz North America Cup.
  • 5th Place: 3 500 000 credits, 6 000 gold, 50 000 free XP for each player.
  • 6th Place: 3 000 000 credits, 5 000 gold, 50 000 free XP for each player.
  • 7th Place: 2 500 000 credits, 4 000 gold, 50 000 free XP for each player.
  • 8th Place: 2 000 000 credits, 3 000 gold, 50 000 free XP for each player.

* Rewards for this stage will be accrued during 10 working days after the stage will be ended.

Misoras #2 Posted 23 October 2020 - 01:59 PM


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Hello there!


Major tournaments participants are quite involved and high-skill players which set an example for all who watch them. That's why it's important for us to keep the atmosphere in tournaments fair and players themselves tend to keep it the same. We thank each Autumn season participant who played fair and showed a great skill level. Unfortunately, besides such players, there were some who violated the Game rules. All these players were banned.


Banned players list


Besides this, each player from this list who participated in Blitz North America Cup qualifiers is deprived of his prize fund part.

Players who are deprived of their prize fund part


We ask all players to be responsible for following the Game rules in general and during tournament seasons, in particular.

Dark_Magician_Girl #3 Posted 23 October 2020 - 05:24 PM

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Good job honey, but that really is just the tip of the iceberg.




How about this WG, I'll shut up about the superpershing if these bans are actually permanent this time and you don't roll over because said banned players send tickets.



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_Yohtician #4 Posted 23 October 2020 - 06:52 PM

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I guarantee there are so many more

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Morphman_ #5 Posted 24 October 2020 - 12:12 PM

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Some of those accounts have been bought and sold. Uh oh.

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__K2 #6 Posted 29 October 2020 - 08:59 PM


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Once again, these bans are not going to be permanent, as several of these players have gotten their bans revoked or changed to 14 days. Not only did Wargaming stop there, but they also have edited the list of players whose rewards have been revoked


  • As of October 23rd, 2020: 





  • As of October 29th, 2020:​




Nice job taking a stand against EULA violations among some of the most prevalent members of the community Wargaming. You have done nothing to set a precedent and prevent this issue from occurring again.

Edited by SnipedYa_, 29 October 2020 - 09:02 PM.

Venstar21 #7 Posted 01 November 2020 - 03:59 AM


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Hey Amm0rat do you know Amm0rax in any way?

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