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T92E1 -- Aced in Fort Dispair

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tankist22 #1 Posted 17 October 2020 - 09:58 PM

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This was a day after the previous video featuring T92E1 making 5.5K damage for Class 1. Lower tier, just one of the two tier IXs per team.

I opted for an ordinary run to a well known spotting place, a bush between A & B. I know this can be very painful in tier X battles, lol, but I still do it.

Start was not good, reds cap early, and we lose both meds quite fast. Team was not really supportive for the corner, even though they were positioned for it. Oh, that AMX 50 B, while I was running the T92E1, I bounced multiple times on plain pen area of its bubbly turret. What a troll thing.

Anyhow, things got a bit better from the perspective of destroyed tanks, but points were working for reds. Then, there was some rant about our FV TD as it went alone to cap C while all else was on the AB side. I used the opportunity to cap red's B base to stop their point count.

After all, there was a thing I regretted a bit, as I asked FV to let me finish red AFK (yeah, they had one), hoping for a possible Ace since I was getting a bit pressed as I already finished grinding for Sheridan. I'm not a fun of such "begging" moments, yet I asked it. FV ignored me or did not get it, I don't know. But, lol, I felt kind of bad, so I got a bit puzzled and just did not get it I could finish the red AFK by ramming it. I just stood besides and waited for either my reload or our FV to finish it.

And.... L-M-A-O, when I saw the shiny Ace mastery badge, ahaha, I felt was so relieved as I did not get a favor for it. 4529, red base capped, 2 reds destroyed, enough for an Ace in T92E1.

Huh, does anyone even need to watch the video after my commentary? Lol!




rosgrim #2 Posted 18 October 2020 - 04:06 AM

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congrats. well done !

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