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Rotating Assignment Mouse Macro?

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Gerbebob #1 Posted 24 October 2020 - 03:39 PM


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I use a game controller on a PC, but my game suffers accordingly (those who flag play as 'noobs', well, doesn't mean we aren't studying and trying with Zen laser focus to be better, just means we are doing the best we can with materials on hand).  My fingers are just too large and stubby to work a keyboard, and my wrists are shot after 50 years of typing/keyboarding.  [On a side note, a controller is not bad, the access to buttons for this and that, using a Dpad for tank motion, and the joystick look around are all pretty good, it's just getting off that accurate shot quickly instead of fiddling with a joystick that hurts.]


But I have hope for an ergonomic mouse, more pistol shaped but not a joystick. Finally my question.  I use JoyToKey for the controller and it has the nifty function of being able to assign switch between multiple key assignments in rotation (see attached screen shot).  Thus, I can assign a single button to rotate between 1, 2 and 3 to select ammunition, or 4, 5 and 6 for consumables.  I want to program the forward and back buttons on the mouse to do this same thing, but I can't find a program (yet) that will let me do it.  Yes, there are many macro programs out there (e.g. X-Mouse and many others, I've looked at a lot) but they trigger a macro to run to completion without having a "pause until" or "break" function to allow registration of sequential clicks and move to the next key assignment.


I am now looking at AutoHotKeys, and am willing to do the work so I'm not looking for a 'hand to me' solution, but up front I'd like to ask the question whether anyone can simply tell me Yes or No, AutoHotKeys will do the job, or if there is another obscure corner of macroville that I have not properly visited.


On a side note long time power computer user, but basically new to video games, driven by lets just say present societal circumstances.  Got started with Animal Crossing and that was a blast for awhile (waiting for my KK Slider 2020 Pandemic Tour t-shirt), but there was no opportunity for head shots on Mr. Nook or blowing up the residents I did not like, so I moved on to WOT Blitz.  Very engaging, makes you want to just strive to do better, very 'Zen and the Art of Tank Driving' immersive environment.


Maybe a sig on next posting.

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Morphman_ #2 Posted 24 October 2020 - 07:49 PM

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Smart people would have just picked up console if they wanted to use a controller.

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