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Grille 15 Raisin. JohnDeere23033 Mastering Mines in Tall TD.

Grille 15 Hated Cursed

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Meat_Locker #1 Posted 11 November 2020 - 01:13 PM

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JohnDeere23033 may have moved on to the Hated clan. However, before doing so, he smashed out this fine Raisin Mastery in the Grille 15. 


It is very difficult to play such a tall TD on such a claustrophobic map. Watch how J.D. keeps his eyes wide open and TD well-hidden. Note how he conserves his Hit Points and spends them wisely only at the very end. 


And a huge word of appreciation to the "Horrors" of the D2TH clan for being the channels first official Patreon supporter. Thanks so much. 

If you want to support the channel, sign up for any amount and get a shout out in the next video. 

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Every Sunday is Seal Club Sunday for at least as long as all of the newbs are in quarantine from the Moronovirus and flooding the server at all tiers. If 39% weenies are going to be at tier X, let's drop down to 3-5 and give it right back to 'em! Also good for grinding new lines. 


We also get into training rooms and attempt to get bragging rights over each other in contests of skill, strategy and salt disbursement. Join us!


Seal Club Sunday is every Sunday: 

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Only on the NA/SA server.

Come join the (somewhat dumb) fun! Tiers 3-5 until we get impossibly bored.


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Your support would be greatly appreciated as I'm fresh outta Slim Jims!





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