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Blitz NA Cup 2020: Your team-by-team guide

eSports RGN _V_ GMA ISHTR Blitz Cup Tournaments

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Wildoneshelper #1 Posted 25 November 2020 - 10:04 PM


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We will wrap up with Blitz NA Cup as the final region to know the champion of Blitz Cup on the NA server! The matches are held on 27 and 28 November at 19:00 PT/22:00 ET. You are surely in for some exciting matches! Top 4 teams: RGN, _V_, GMA, ISHTR.




RGN are most known of finishing 2nd back in Twister 2019. This year they are looking stronger than ever. They have made some impressive games with their sheer aggression – don’t be fooled by their heavy lineup! They have great focus fire and they allocate it well. They also love to isolate tanks on the enemy team. The most unique advantage from RGN is that they are able to hold a side where they don’t have number advantage, with hit point pool sharing and mutual shielding. In some of the games, their capability to buy time by shielding allows them to clear out the side where they have advantage on more quickly than the opponents do.


Top 5 games:

  1. RGN vs. 7RATS (4th game) (Black Goldville) (Streamed by Blitz Fish)

This is probably the best game in Blitz Cup Preliminaries across all regions. 7RATS threw in everything, making a well-timed push onto RGN’s somewhat spread out forces. They have the ingredients to make it a comfortable win. However, RGN came out on top thanks to the hit point pool sharing and the healthy tanks being on the frontline while the unhealthy tanks move back to safety to prevent the opponent from scoring a kill while still able to unleash some shells.

  1. RGN vs. _V_ (2nd game) (Rockfield) (Streamed by Droodles Blitz)

This is a tense and nervous affair from both teams. RGN started well with the push, only for _V_ to punish ruthlessly with concentrated focus fire on tanks that are out of position. _V_ did exceptionally well trying to regain a hit point pool advantage, punishing RGN for the slightest of mistakes that include unfortunate bounces. At the end where we see a 1v1, this is possibly the highlight of Blitz Cup Preliminaries, and by no means a stupid one -- _Cant_Be_Shook (a.k.a. Moe) outsmarting the opponent by capping B and bleeding iRaikkonen. Two experts of the game facing one another in a 1v1, what can you more expect??!!

  1. RGN vs. ISHTR (6th game) (Alpenstadt) (Streamed by Blitz Fish)
  2. RGN vs. PNCR (5th game) (Canal) (Streamed by Fugit’s Blitz)
  3. RGN vs. _V_ (3rd game) (Mayan Ruins) (Streamed by Droodles Blitz)




_V_ consists of team players formerly from PRAMO, which won the 2018 Seattle Mobile Masters. They have a wealth of experience in tournaments. During the Blitz Cup Preliminaries, they have a relatively comfortable run to the top 4 playing mostly to the enemy’s weaknesses. They probably have not shown us fully what they are best of yet, so it was somewhat difficult finding their 5 representative games in the stage. Nonetheless, they punish the enemy’s weaknesses and can go aggressive when they could.


Top 5 games:

  1. _V_ vs. GMA (1st game) (Vineyards) (Streamed by Droodles Blitz)

_V_ made a calculated push to GMA’s IS-4 and AMX 50 B defensive combination near the GMA’s spawn, which was a great call considering the low overall DPM of AMX 50 B. They also crippled the Sheridan’s hit points very early in the game. Shutting down 3 tanks quite early in the game means that the opponent needs to do exceptionally well to bring tanks down but it wasn’t really the case and _V_ were awarded a victory by a decent reading.

  1. _V_ vs. GMA (6th game) (Canal) (Streamed by Droodles Blitz)

_V_ did not have the cap advantage at the start, but they did really well punishing an overly aggressive T110E5 on the GMA side. They went a step further and pushed down the depression to the Maus near B. Things stalled a bit for _V_, but eventually _V_ flowed again with their focus fire priority while capitalising on GMA’s isolated tanks.

  1. _V_ vs. ISHTR (3rd game) (Winter Malinovka) (Streamed by Fugit’s Blitz)
  2. _V_ vs. PNCR (2nd game) (Canal) (Streamed by Droodles Blitz)
  3. _V_ vs. -MM (3rd game) (Fort Despair) (Streamed by Fugit’s Blitz)




GMA is somewhat of a newcomer to clan wars but they definitely have a lot to offer. They are known for their base capture strategies, while going aggressive to obtain the bases. A lot of the wins come from base captures. Besides, GMA like to divide the tanks into small squadrons to activate numerous 2v1 and 3v1 situations to shut down the isolated tanks on the enemy’s side. However, they often regroup and form new small squadrons if they need to. It is the intricacies that win them games.


Top 5 games:

  1. GMA vs. ISHTR (5th game) (Naval Frontier) (Streamed by World of Tanks Blitz en Espanol)

It was a clever game by GMA. They initially punished ISHTR for capturing the bases in a somewhat open area, but they connected with one another very well with the shots by first punishing an overly aggressive Vickers Light on the ISHTR side, then the T57 Heavy. It was not a win for GMA at this point, and they played the rest of the game patiently working with the terrain advantage they have.

  1. GMA vs. PNCR (4th game) (Winter Malinovka) (Streamed by Blitz Fish)

GMA originally have the cap advantage and they waited patiently for a push from PNCR to come. When they spotted the push, GMA’s defending forces were able to pull back quickly, while they made a counter-push on the other side whilst getting the other bases, which PNCR were unable to reset effectively. The aggression of GMA threw PNCR off the course and they were able to consolidate and work on the focus fire to ensure it won’t be possible for PNCR to win.

  1. GMA vs. RGN (6th game) (Desert Sands) (Streamed by World of Tanks Blitz en Espanol)
  2. GMA vs. _V_ (4th game) (Oasis Palms) (Streamed by Droodles Blitz)
  3. GMA vs. ISHTR (1st game) (Middleburg) (Streamed by World of Tanks Blitz en Espanol)




ISHTR might be the most inexperienced team here, but they continuously showed us some brilliant and beautiful gameplays. They have amazing teamwork and individual skills in the games. They also showed us possibly one of the most poised teams in the top 4, especially when they did not buckle under an immense pressure securing a spot in the top 4. They only focus on the matches and try to get the most out of it. They also showed that they could contend with the strongest teams in this server, with amazing coordination and rotations against RGN. In a 2-month window, they could potentially be the most-improved team in the top 4.


Top 5 games:

  1. ISHTR vs. PNCR (4th game) (Dynasty’s Pearl) (Streamed by Blitz Fish)

Imagine you are down 0-3, your hopes of qualifying the next stage are on the line. If you lose this match, you will need to pray to God that miracles happen. PNCR are riding high coming into this one and they only need a solid victory to wrap up their spot in the top 4. However, this is possibly the most nerve-wrecking battle in the entire clan wars history, and possibly the most significant and important one. PNCR tried to take home the victory with a very aggressive push at the start, only for ISHTR to remain calm and look for the isolated tanks of PNCR, to which they found and pincered them effectively. Everything went down to the wire and it was when the individual skills of ISHTR outshone those of PNCR. The last minute is possibly the most beautiful game you have ever seen with immense teamwork on a 2v3 situation. What happens next in the next few games is possibly one of the biggest breakdowns of a single team in the entire clan wars history, and one of the best comebacks from a losing team too. What a way to handle the immense pressure!

  1. ISHTR vs. PNCR (6th game) (Desert Sands) (Streamed by Blitz Fish)

You have to admit ISHTR played their best games against PNCR to force their way into top 4. This game is also a great game from ISHTR. PNCR went on the defensive, after knowing their impulsively aggressive pushes did not work against PNCR. ISHTR grasped this opportunity to apply pressure and aggression onto PNCR. Sending tanks to push the PNCR frontline in the city of Desert Sands is an unusual move, but it comes with a lot of patience in the end when PNCR tried to pincer ISHTR forces, to which ISHTR handled perfectly punching holes in PNCR pincer movement with great focus fire and target priority.

  1. ISHTR vs. 7RATS (1st game) (Normandy) (Streamed by Fugit’s Blitz)
  2. ISHTR vs. RGN (5th game) (Alpenstadt) (Streamed by Blitz Fish)
  3. ISHTR vs. -MM (4th game) (Oasis Palms) (Streamed by World of Tanks Blitz en Espanol)




NA server is possibly the most confident server in the entire game in terms of predictions and ranking. For RGN to be jinxed under my magical power, they have to play the first day catastrophically bad, which is very unlikely given their assertion in dominance over teams in the Blitz Cup Preliminaries. Even then, almost 2 months have passed and things can change a lot.

I believe RGN has showed some of the strongest performances in all the regions, and they could have very well challenged the title of Blitz Twister Cup Champions, had the offline finals not been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. They are very aggressive and unpredictable and they have really good focus fire. What’s more, they showed us how to make use of the number of tanks on different flanks, coping with the pressure perfectly well under a number disadvantage, while trying to be as effective as possible with a number advantage. RGN really have themselves to lose here, and would require everyone not to communicate at all in order to lose in this tournament. The only concern is that sometimes there might be a disconnect with the formation they put out mid-game, but that only happened sporadically.

_V_ is possibly the most unknown clan in terms of how well they could perform. The fact that they don’t look like they have to fight for the top 4 spot shows how confident they are as a unit. If you don’t believe me, watch how _V_ deal with PNCR rushes. It looks like most of the time that PNCR is going to catch _V_ offguard, but _V_ continuously showed us with good coordination and focus fire, it is possible to outbrawl the enemies. However, _V_ needs not to be lax coming into the top 4 and convince us what they are capable of. The level of confidence they demonstrate is certainly promising, but they have to be careful not to be complacent.

GMA is possibly the most sophisticated team out of the four. They have a system that serves them well. They love caps and their strategies with caps often put the enemies under a lot of pressure. This is what GMA can build on. If they can apply pressure on both caps and hit points, they are certainly a mentally draining team to deal with. However, they sometimes need to be careful of confusing themselves, as they could be caught a bit hesitant in the focus fire, which in turn could loosen their formation in a defensive or rush formation. Whether or not GMA is able to polish their system is going to be the highlight for Blitz NA Cup.

ISHTR is clearly the underdogs here. They have a strong mentality but they are also the most inexperienced team. They sometimes have magnificent ideas to rotate and win the game under a cap disadvantage, and they can be aggressive and risky. However, sometimes there are some questionable moves from them and if they have too much pressure, they can panic at times. Obviously, they have their games against PNCR to look on to boost themselves mentally. They also have a big room for improvement and we are up for a completely different and more cohesive ISHTR in the top 4.

My opinion is that there is a gap in general between teams in the top 4 and whether or not the gap could be bridged within 2 months is certainly worth watching. RGN looks very tough to beat, even if the enemy team plays really well on the day. That is not to say some of the teams do not deserve to be in the top 4. They all have a solid argument in the top 4 and NA server could bring us some exciting and emotional games.


Final prediction:

  1. RGN
  2. _V_
  3. GMA
  4. ISHTR

_Cletus #2 Posted 25 November 2020 - 11:24 PM

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Great write up, thank you!


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woowoobars #3 Posted 26 November 2020 - 12:04 AM


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wow dude. thanks! 

Icarus1000 #4 Posted 26 November 2020 - 01:30 AM


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Great effort indeed. Thanks for posting this. I have been watching you in the WG streams and enjoyed it alot. I'm really looking forward to the NA tourney as NA has so many very skilled players and teams. It will certainly be the pinnacle of skills in Blitz and exciting to watch. :P

generalhonks #5 Posted 26 November 2020 - 02:19 AM

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I’m personally rooting for VOID. 

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alphablob #6 Posted 26 November 2020 - 02:33 AM

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Foot thread! Maybe you can profile some of the individual players as well?

Also, will Na players be at a technological disadvantage during the final stage vs the other servers (due to connection limitations of having to connector to run servers)?
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__V_O_P__ #7 Posted 26 November 2020 - 03:17 AM

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Great post!

_Zakalwe_ #8 Posted 26 November 2020 - 05:40 AM

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Terrific guide, so much more than I was expecting.

Wildoneshelper #9 Posted 26 November 2020 - 10:25 AM


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Thanks everyone for the compliment!


View Postalphablob, on 26 November 2020 - 02:33 AM, said:

Foot thread! Maybe you can profile some of the individual players as well?

Also, will Na players be at a technological disadvantage during the final stage vs the other servers (due to connection limitations of having to connector to run servers)?

That is going to be hard to pinpoint, but some ISHTR players do catch my attention, particular the lone Vickers Light on Port Bay against a team that I couldn't remember clearly is a great showcase of individual skill, and that match against PNCR in the middle is also worth watching for individual brightness. Personally, I wouldn't emphasize it too much since clan wars is a lot more about team work rather than individual brilliance.


I don't think NA players will have the biggest disadvantage but certainly one server that encompasses almost the entire array of latitudes is certainly going to cause some connection stress. I would have said Asia since there is a wider range of longitudes to cover as well.


However, I'm not aware of any Spanish or Portuguese clans, or any notable players from those regions, but I could be wrong because I haven't followed the NA server a lot myself. That means, the population is more localized in one region so that could also minimize the disadvantages too with connection.

_Yohtician #10 Posted 26 November 2020 - 06:29 PM

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My team played RGN 3 times in qualifiers, so I feel I can comment on them more than most. Their focus fire is really good and they layer their pushes so that the heavies are first in and the meds come just behind at full speed. They isolate well, and when they make their move they are lethal. My team lost all 6 games, although one was close. We made two mistakes, they made 1, and they punished our mistakes mercilessly.

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