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Last video of 2020. Rudolph & Face Reveal. Here's to 2021!

Rudolph Mastery Triarii

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Meat_Locker #1 Posted 20 December 2020 - 05:37 PM

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Here's to a much better 2021! Thanks to everyone that has discovered and supported the channel in any way that fits you.

Big thanks to the channel's first Patrons. We're trying to keep the channel free from adverts during the videos. Meat Locker Heavy Industries finds them to be very annoying, distracting, mood-killing, and advertising revenue emphasizes all of the wrong motives for creating engaging videos. 


So, thanks to: Yipee_Ki_Yay [III], EL_Din_46,  Joe_Six_Pack [TOES] and Horrors [D2TH] and How_u_like_me_now [TQT] . They are helping to keep the channel advertising free for your enjoyment. If you want to support this change in video making and consumption, please consider signing up: Patreon.com/Meat_Locker

Support starts at the price of a cup of coffee per month! Support how, and if, you can.


I'm indebted to the following generous gents for getting the word out and steering their audience to this channel:




Blitz with Muffin


TankEatingTiger and the entire crew at DETH/D2TH


Gratitude goes to all of the clans with which I've ever sullied with my nonsense/presence:


TQT, TITAN, F4ME, and of course: the Mighty TOES.


Where'd this channel be without the help and support of Kombat Kay_Hoss? Nowhere, that's where.


Thanks to Oddeo_guy for picking up the slack and and helping with new audio file editing for your amusement. I threw a couple of his files in on this video close out the year.


I'm appreciative of the moderators on the forum for tolerating my fits and outrage to the best of their ability. I know that moderating is a thankless task and I appreciate what should be a struggle for even-handedness. 


And to all of you that send in replays: there'd be no channel without you. This channel is about the players kicking posterior and irreverent fun. Thanks for your trust in allowing me to do my best with your games; and have a lot of fun.


And lastly, to the entire crew of Salt Lords on Discord: thanks for your friendship and assclownery over the past year. You're all helping to keep the channel running and you're making Seal Club Sunday a recurring pleasure for everyone. 

Wanna join Seal Club Sunday? See below.


Merry Xmas and on to 2021!


So, the Newbs got ya down?  Sick of the QuaranTeams? Despair no more! Come join our club, The Baby Seal Club!


Every Sunday is Seal Club Sunday for at least as long as all of the newbs are in quarantine from the Moronovirus and flooding the server at all tiers. If 39% weenies are going to be at tier X, let's drop down to 3-5 and give it right back to 'em! Also good for grinding new lines. 


We also get into training rooms and attempt to get bragging rights over each other in contests of skill, strategy and salt disbursement. Join us!


Seal Club Sunday is every Sunday: 

9AM Pacific Standard Time 

12PM Noon Eastern Standard 

18:00 (6PM, Luddites) Central European Time 

Only on the NA/SA server.

Come join the (somewhat dumb) fun! Tiers 3-5 until we get impossibly bored.


If the newbs are gonna flood the high tiers and ruin games, let's give 'em hell in the lower tiers. Jump on to our Discord Server using this link: https://discord.gg/7dKdf9Z


Then join us in one of the "toon" voice channels and we'll get silly with the newbstorm.

Discord: https://discord.gg/7dKdf9Z


email: Meat_Locker@altered.audio 

Discord chat: Meat_Locker#9911

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Meat_Locker

Your support would be greatly appreciated or it only coal for the kiddies!

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tankist22 #2 Posted 20 December 2020 - 08:25 PM

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