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I need help with 112 Glacial

112 Glacial Help Glacial

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Sloppster #1 Posted 03 June 2021 - 04:33 PM


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Hello! I just got the 112 Glacial and I was wondering how it performed and how you recommend I go about playing it, any answers regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to tell, thank you! Sorry if I posted in the wrong place.

maobos #2 Posted 03 June 2021 - 06:28 PM


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All i have to say is worse than wz112-2


Reaaally satisfies

e___18989 #3 Posted 03 June 2021 - 06:32 PM

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This review is 3 years old but the gameplay commentary is very much still applicable for the Glacial 112 today. It is situational. A good player using simple hulldown/sidescrape/facehugging tactics can make it shine. But it is a very average tank with a large lower plate so it is very vulnerable in the open. 



Another game showing great tactics for the Glacial 112.


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Posit1ve_ #4 Posted 03 June 2021 - 06:41 PM

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Yeah... the Glacial....


It's pretty bad. Mobility wise, the p/w is ok, but really not great, but it's severely limited by the 32km/h speed limit. It's a little faster than superheavies, but that's about it.

Armament wise, you've got a fairly standard tier 8 heavy 122mm gun. Big 400 alpha, but weak DPM, and horrible dispersion/gun handling. The pen is workable, but 215mm on the standard APCRs will be annoying sometimes, especially compared to something like the 225mm AP's on the IS-3's BL-9.


The one advantage the 112 holds is that you get the hull armor profile of the tier 10 113 heavy, but at tier 8. Even at tier 10, the 113's hull armor is pretty good, and at tier 8, it's pretty much impossible for most enemies to pen save for the lower plate weakspot of course (and even that has been buffed, so with a little angling, it can be made up to ~190mm or so effective armor against AP, ~200mm against APCRs, and ~210mm against HEAT), allowing 112 to shrug off lower tier tanks, and lower pen same tier meds if they're not loading prammo.


The turret is also pretty strong. It's not going to be penned by pretty much anything, but be mindful of the cupolas and turret roof, most tanks will slice through the cupolas with ease, and everything you'll face can triple overmatch the thin 25mm turret roof, so do not let the enemies get the chance to take good aim at the turret, and tall tanks, and tanks with high ground against you will also be dangerous



Overall, due to the armor profile, and the poor armament, the Glacial is best played close up to the front line. Peek out from a hulldown position when you're loaded from close range, and club your enemies over the head with the 400 alpha, but if you can help it, try to avoid facehugging and sidescraping. The cupolas and front mounted turret make those traditional brawl tactics overall bad ideas in the 112. Low mobility also makes him also unsuited to flanking and rotations, so stick to bullying mediums from a hulldown position. One final caveat, like the 113, the 112's upper hull armor is primarily based on its angle, not its raw nominal thickness. If a higher pen opponent manages to get above you, he can, and will pen the 120mm nominal thickness of the 112's upper plate, so it's best to try and maintain high ground positions to the best of your ability.

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_Crusader6_ #5 Posted 03 June 2021 - 06:49 PM

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It’s better than it was at release. 
   It’s Gun is woeful, as are all the 122mm tier 8 Chinese guns. 

It has the worst mobility of the 4 Chinese heavies in 8.  Decent turret and upper hull armor, and 6 degrees of depression.


The lower plate is a weak area - at least now it got strengthened and they moved the fuel tanks not to be directly behind the paper front plate like it had at release.


IT IS NOT A PUSH TANK -- it is a sit use the turret/upper plate and aim for a while tank at mid range -- it is boring, reliable when played correctly - but not dynamic at all.








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KempBushThe3rd #6 Posted 03 June 2021 - 08:53 PM

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You just have to hide your lower plate and rofl-stomp everyone. In other words, very situational and boring tank to play.


Frostbaka #7 Posted 03 June 2021 - 11:03 PM

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The Glacial isn't really situational. It's a bog-standard IS copy, with a few weaknesses and strengths added. Still, it plays very much the role of the traditional heavy. Low skill ceiling (hard to do exceptional in it), but also low skill floor (difficult to be a complete waste).


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BAR_001 #8 Posted 03 June 2021 - 11:29 PM

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Im with Frostbite, it is no more "situational" than any heavy. The trick to getting the glacial to work is manufacturing shots that the pathetic worse than Russian gun can pen. And with its meh mobility that can be a challenge as you will regularly be facing other heavies. Be patient, aim well and protect the lower plate and you should do fine.
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Sloppster #9 Posted 04 June 2021 - 10:38 PM


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Thank you all for your response, I appreciate it!

HeXwave #10 Posted 06 June 2021 - 05:04 PM


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A lot of people say it's a garbage tank, but I prefer the glacial over tanks like the is-5 because it doesn't have a pike nose, and it has a very strong upper plate. If you can find a turret from a dead tank to push around and hide your lower plate, you can seriously troll the enemy.

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