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Looking for active casual clan w/ discord

looking for clan im homeless a penny a day

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_Squatchin_ #1 Posted 12 August 2021 - 01:37 AM


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Gonna try this one mo gain, since my last thread didn't score very high. I'm an active casual player looking for a clan with members that are equal to, or near my experience level. Will play competitions but keep in mind I drive long haul so sometimes my internet isn't the best in the world. My stats at the time of writing this are as follows:


Battles: 505

WR: 60.08%

Avg Damage: 1227

Mastery Badges: 9

Highest tier: 8

Discord?: Yes

Discord Name: _Squatchin_#8924

BlitzStars: https://www.blitzsta...com/_Squatchin_


60 battles in the last 3 days with a 65% wr, 1,591 avg dmg, 55% survival, 6.20 average tier (grinding 3 separate 6s pretty hard)



I'm looking for a clan that I can play with and grow with. I'm pretty dedicated to learning the game and having fun. I'm tired of playing solo and getting matched with 95% bots and 2 less than stellar team mates. Eventually I will want to get into competition but first would really enjoy learning how to play more tanks thank the few I have. I know I have a low battle count but play every evening for atleast 15-20 battles. If any ACTIVE (10 or more players on discord a night) casual/comp team is willing to take a 60% player with less than 1,000 battles please let me know. Doing it alone is starting to burn me out and I really enjoy the game, just have a distaste for the 3,000 damage losses I've been plagued with recently. Thanks for reading. Can dm me on discord if interested. If your interested but don't have discord, sorry but I prefer being able to coordinate with my platoon mates and skype and zoom calls get me super laggy,

Gone Squatchin

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