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Hull Down TDs and Heavy Equipment

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BlackBeltBlitzer #1 Posted 28 August 2021 - 02:44 PM

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I have two questions and thought it would be better to combine them instead of posting two in a row.


First, a question about how to play TDs that can work hull down. (Jagdpanther, T25 AT, Jpanther 2, T30, T110E3, etc.) Since they can play hull down, is that the best way to play them, or should I stay back sniping or play second line? For example: If I’m in a hull down TD and I’m in the Mines map, I can go to the conventional sniping spots, try second line, or go the crest of the hill. Which would be the best way to play in such a tank?


Second, a question about which equipment I should get for certain heavies. Slot five in the equipment has Enhanced Armor and Improved Assembly. For some heavy tanks, the decision is easy. (T29 gets Enhanced Armor and Tiger 1 gets Improved Assembly.) But what about the Churchill line, where the armor isn’t exactly the strongest point, but it is workable. Same with all the IS tanks and clones. What equipment slot do I use for tanks like that?



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BlueAudeL1ne #2 Posted 30 August 2021 - 12:50 PM


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I usually play aggressive in my TD if it has armour, but you need to know the correct engagements. The latter 3 examples will be fine against most, but tanks like the Jpanther with so-so armour will require knowledge of whether the enemy can penetrate/out-trade you. 

Mines is tricky- The T30 and E3 perform best hull down but if the enemy meds take hill, it will be much harder to work there. TDs which are penetrable like T25 AT, Ferdinand, Foch, etc shouldn't be fighting at the hill. 


I always use improved assembly since there are many times where I survive with only a few HP. Whether this is the most effective use of the slot is questionable. 

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