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GARAGE event idea

discounts on upgrades

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PrettyFly4aFirefly #1 Posted 21 September 2021 - 12:58 AM


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Just an idea for discussion WG may want to implement. It may add depth to the WOT universe......

Having "specialists" visit your garage. 

For a certain day an ace mechanic, armorer, fitter or gunsmith will visit your garage. This will give great discounts to specific tank components upgrades. 

Mechanic = discount on engine upgrades [only]

Armorer = discount on turret upgrades  [only]

Fitter = discount on suspension upgrades  [only]

Gunsmith = discount on cannon upgrades  [only]

Manufacture sales rep = upgrade to next tier/model of tank on the tree  [only]

The visit may be purchased or given as a reward and may encourage people to spend during the event to upgrade certain tanks.

What do you think?

_Rei_Ayanami #2 Posted 21 September 2021 - 02:25 PM

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meh. But that allows new players to grind up the tech tree even faster and ruin t10. plus the'd make it only for people with premium time or sum [edited]

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