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Crew skills training

crew skills training

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Rocksrtong #1 Posted 08 October 2021 - 04:07 AM


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When do we start getting crew characteristics?  My bother has it.

I have one Tier V tank and the rest Tier IV


I was told when I get a Tier VI tank I will start to see crew levels.  Will this happen on all my tanks once I get one Tier VI tank?



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EL_Din_46 #2 Posted 08 October 2021 - 07:03 AM

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When you have a tech tree Tier VI tank you’ll unlock the Crew button (left of the Upgrades button in the garage) on all your tanks. Selecting it will show the Crew Mastery level. Tier I-V, premium and collector tanks all start with crews with 100% training. All others start 50% trained and you have to increase that level by earning Crew XP, or by spending credits or gold. Once that tank is 100% trained the button will show you the Crew Skills.


Littlefinger has a good video on this:

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