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Is there a relationship between winning percentage and games played?

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Dwm042_nJon #1 Posted 21 November 2021 - 03:41 PM


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Why I am asking. I join the game, I get to tier 5, my winning percentage shoots up over 50%. It maxes at about 53.5% and when I hit tier 6 it starts going down. Right now it's 47.5 ish give or take half a percent. So what to do?


I have read the guys from back in the day who say that guys like me should play T5 only until I reach (this value ranges from 1500 games to 5000 games) but that bird had flown the coop. 


I'm going to use a chess analogy. Back in the day, the 1970s,  when I was starting to play tournaments, I was disappointed in my chess rating and didn't know why it didn't get better. There is a lot to learn in chess and you can improve a lot and not see it in your wins. What I didn't know at the time is to mark my progress.. that active tournament players will start with some initial rating and then progress, usually about 100 elo points a year until they reach their peak..


I'm wondering if something the same is in play here. I've seen people chart winners and average winning % and all that, but for now, not as a function of experience (in terms of games played).


I guess I'm looking for a metric to mark improvement in play. I've looked at map vids on youtube (Droodles on Mines I really recommend) and I like that littlefinger made the casual comment that he went 7k games before getting over 50%. Now, if that's the expectation, that 7k games is how much experience (in games) that you need to get better, that's ok.




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Player_0000000007 #2 Posted 21 November 2021 - 05:27 PM

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Win rate is simple math. It's just the ratio of victories to the total number of battles.


I don't necessarily think there is a causal relationship between the two. Some folks grasp the basic concepts of the game fairly quick, others play for tens of thousands of battles and still fail to adapt to winning strategies. It's mostly on the individual, though teams remain the heavy anchor for any strive in improving stats.


Common factors leading to consistent success here include:

- Good situational awareness

- Basic map reading skills

- General knowledge of all tanks in the game (knowing ballpark armor values and gun capability of your opponents allows you to plan ahead)

- "Survival instinct" (odd one to explain, but knowing when to pull back and how to stay alive keeps your gun in the fight longer)

- Some degree of patience and a cost/benefit mindset (know when to walk away; today might just not be the day to play some tanks)

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Lmsd123 #3 Posted 21 November 2021 - 06:26 PM


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It takes time to learn this game, some are naturals from the start and others never fully grasp how to good after thousands of battles.

You have already played 841 games in 41 hours and are trying to play at high tiers.  Slow down the more games that you play poorly makes fixing your winrate harder. Being overly concerned with winrate will take fun out of game.


Up thru tier 5 your playing against bots and at tier 6 real players, that’s why the drop in winrate.


Stay at tier 6 until you learn the basics, your not helping your self playing in higher tiers to quickly( been there,done that)


Pick a tank type and play it till can do well in it ( over 50% at tier 6), don’t jump back and forth between tank types. Play 100 games in a tank type before moving to a new type. I would start in this order, heavy,medium,light,tank destroyer.  Find which one fits you best.


watch battles to the end after your knocked out, especially the good player, watch there positions and how they play


Don’t continue to play when losing. Go to YouTube and watch how good players play.  Littlefinger, Bushka on Blitz, Armoured pants, Hisroyalfattness.


High tiers are harder to play , tier 8 s are better than tier 7 s but worse than tier 9s. It’s easier to learn at a lower tier


hull down, side scraping, reverse side scraping, view range, camouflage, aiming, auto aim, look around bar, ammo types and use, mini map, map awareness, hold or fold, spotting and being unspotted


having a good stable ping and no packet loss makes game better


even the best players have games they can’t win



tedg5 #4 Posted 21 November 2021 - 09:27 PM

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Your damage ratio is 1, should be a little higher so your overall a positive to your team. Also, considering the tiers your playing a survival rate of 38% is kinda low. Concentrate on living longer. Just staying alive to get in one more shot will improve both those numbers. Not hiding, but living and landing shots, less trading hp. :playing:

___ImUrHuckleberry #5 Posted 22 November 2021 - 03:05 AM

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 I'm not sure why you'd use games played for self-analysis. I've seen dodo birds with 100k games at tier X that make newbies look like gods. Games played is at best a correlation to improvement, not causation. Stick with the staples of self-analysis: damage per tier/DR (200+ is considered a starting point/ 1.1-1.5 DR), survival rate (it's a good predictor of WR, about 10% less than WR), and shot effectiveness. Hit your targets, but more importantly get the max out of your ammo. In other words, learn weak spots so you can shoot standard ammo instead of prammo, learn really weak spots to exploit HE over standard, and so on. And definitely mitigate bouncing on enemies as much as possible. That's a decent primer when deciding when to move up tiers.


All of this is simplified for you, free of charge on a third-party website. Here's your page:



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