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Looking for an active clan with around 53-54% wr

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JJImapro #1 Posted 06 August 2022 - 04:44 AM


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I'm a fairly active player in blitz, but I do sometimes take breaks from the game, 1-2 months at times. I'm looking for a clan that isn't super competitive in tournaments, but is still considered above average in pub games, and is fairly active for clan challenges to get those sweat rewards. My stats as of now are 54% wr, almost 7,000 battles not counting my other accounts, been playing since 2015, and have average dmg of 1,455, and currently in [DOOBY]. Anyone know of a clan with above average players, and active to get clan rewards every week?

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KING_SNAK3 #2 Posted 08 August 2022 - 03:20 PM

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I started a clan a couple years ago you can join "South_Pride", it only has 4 members, im trying to make it pro clan (not doing well) you can join if you want to, you qualify for it.

I have a 52% WR, my other clanmates have a 54% WR & 55% WR & 84% WR.

I try to play weekly, but take breaks somtimes.

not super active, dont play tournys.

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