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Coins Tournament Mockery

tournament matchmaking waste of time frustrating punishment rewards fairness participation random opportunity

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Vector_1337 #1 Posted 29 October 2022 - 08:15 PM


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Coins Tournament Mockery

How to waste your time


Sunday night was promising. Autumn Coins #3 VIII was about to start. 8 of our clanmates were ready for battle.

8h00pm: Team registered and excited. Then we wait.

9h00pm: Ready for battle... except no one on the other team showed up. 1-0 for us. Then we wait.

9h04pm: Same thing. Technical win 2-0. Then we wait.

9h09pm: Ready for second round.. same team on the other side, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Technical win of course. Then we wait.

9h32pm: Still waiting for next round.

10h15pm: Tired of waiting, we split up and call it a night.

Monday morning: No reward, huh? then we wait.

Tuesday morning: Still no reward, humm...


Friday I got tired and wrote to Wargaming, and at least I can say we didn't wait too long for an answer.


Solved? Talk for you. So we didn't play any match. No rewards for us and no penalty for ghost teams. How can this be called competition? 

- Give a minimum reward for showing up on time.

- Give penalty to ghost team. You register = you show up or else you give and serious teams get. Credits, coins, premium time, gold, whatever. At least make it fair.


Please Wargaming fix this. 



_Zakalwe_ #2 Posted 30 October 2022 - 06:24 AM

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FWIW I agree, you should get the rewards for showing up. It's not always easy making time for tournaments which is why I haven't done them in years. 7+ people take the time to assemble a team and show up? The reward should be theirs.

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