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New Italian TD Line Opinions?

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Poll: New Italian TD Line Opinions? (5 members have cast votes)

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Juggernaut7_2 #1 Posted 11 November 2022 - 12:23 AM

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Just curious as to what public (i.e., not community contributors) consensus is on the new line, especially tier VII and up. Personally, I like the gun mechanic but think that a small armor nerf wouldn’t hurt for balance purposes. Their armor is just as solid, if not more so, than same tier hevs. Thoughts?

Usually kinda somewhat half-decent

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rosgrim #2 Posted 11 November 2022 - 04:59 AM

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did you play it ?

At my first opinion after very few battles, It seems the line (as majority here stated before) is at the best mediocre: some slightly better than other. Not bad but certainly not overpowered. 

Mediocre DPM tier by tier, even considering the comparison with some HT. 

I think probably WOTB was too cautious with the gun mechanics.

T10 and 9 just like "Bus" that only in few circumstances can excel 

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Markus_The0 #3 Posted 11 November 2022 - 10:18 PM

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From the perspective of fighting them only, some of them seem quite capable, others I've not been too impressed with. The tier 9/10 haven't seemed to scary to go up against, but it's either the tier 7 or tier 8 that I keep seeing do really well in battle (obviously partly down to the driver, of course, too). I'm incredibly sad that the tier 5 doesn't have a derp gun like I believe it was originally mentioned it might, and the tier 6 has insanely good traverse speed--like really don't try to circle it unless you've got some great momentum or mobility of your own!


Overall, I'm very happy the IT TD's are in the game.

It's not the RNG, the MM, the diameter of your shell, the thickness of your armor, or the number of premium rounds you carry that counts ultimately; it's the courage in your heart, the calmness in your mind, the hope and faith you have in your team, and the way you use what's at your disposal that truly determines Victory.

daREAL_trainboi #4 Posted 12 November 2022 - 02:30 AM

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I believe it was the Tier 6 that had the derp gun.


The tier 5 irl only mounted 75 mm guns, which is what it has in both PC and Blitz- in it's top configuration it's essentially a Semovente da 75/34 while in it's stock config it's a Semovente da 75/18.


The Semovente da 105/25, the tier 6 in Blitz, has a variety of guns none of which are historical.

The stock 75 mm I believe was never mounted to the vehicle, the 90 mm gun (which uses the model of the 102 mm from PC) was also never mounted and the top gun, designated as the "Cannone da 105/25"  actually uses the in game model of the 90mm gun from PC (the models were switched around on Blitz) however this gun performs most similarly to the 102 mm available on the PC version.


The actual 105/25 howitzer, which uses HEAT/HE rounds and is modeled as a howitzer on PC, is unavailable on Blitz. 


Even with a plethora of unhistorical guns available, it's still neat to see some real vehicles as opposed to WG's "generic modern postwar historical fakes" that populate oh-so-many of the recent tech trees in Blitz and PC...even if the vehicles are low tier. 


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