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AWACS Tank Guides: FV215b

AWACS Tank Guides

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EdAWACSdenyY #1 Posted 08 May 2015 - 04:37 AM

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AWACS Tank Guides

FV215b: The Name's FV, FV 215b



Hello everyone! EdAWACSdenyY here! and today I'm going to be talking to you about the FV215b. This is the Tier 10 British Heavy Tank. Down below is an image of this British Bulldog of a Tank. 



Background History: 


The actual tank you see in game never existed. The FV215b never looked like the image shown above either on paper or in construction. This tank was cobbled from a better armoured version of the Conqueror's hull with a better armoured Conqueror Mk. II turret mounted at the tank's rear. Only a wooden mock-up was ever built of the real FV215b which is known as the FV215b (183) on the PC version of World of Tanks. Here's an image of what the wooden mock-up of the FV215b looked like 



The tank which borne the British designation of FV215b.


During the Cold War era, the British Army alarmed by the advanced features of the Red Army's tanks devised a weapon which would on paper, allow the British to destroy any present or future Soviet tank at medium to long range. Royal Ordnance Factories with these specifications in mind, went to work on creating such a weapon. They soon unveiled their proposal with the biggest tank gun ever in the form of the Royal Ordnance 183 mm L4 anti-tank cannon. This gun was designed to only fire High-Explosive (HE) and High Explosive Squash Head (HESH) ammunition and could on paper, destroy any Soviet tank from the present and future from medium to long range. The gun also featured automatic-loading.


At the same time the British Army were also experimenting on way to increase the fire power of their current tanks. The British Centurion Universal Tank was experimented on in an attempt to mate its chassis with the 120 mm L1A1 rifled cannon in a modified turret which created the FV4004 Conway as shown below. 


FV4004 Conway


But when the FV214 Conqueror was upgunned with the same 120 mm gun, the Conway became redundant. However, the British continued to experiment still with the Centurion chassis and decided to mount the huge 183 mm L4 onto the Centurion chassis to create the FV4005 Stage 1 which featured the gun mounted with limited traverse in a non-turreted configuration as shown below.


FV4005 Stage 1. The 183 mm L4 cannon featured an autoloader.


However that wasn't satisfactory so the gun was than mounted in a huge thinly armoured, boxy, fully traversable turret creating the FV4005 Stage 2. The turret could rotate 360 degrees but rotation was limited to 90 degrees only due to the tremendous weight of the gun tipping over the tank should it traverse its turret 180 degrees or more. The tests with the FV4005 Stage 2 failed possibly (this is a guess with no backing on my part) due to the zero battlefield survivability of this tank with its massive profile and terrible armour and simply just how unwieldy this thing was.


FV4005 Stage 2 


With the failure of the FV4005 Stage 2, the British army attempted to mount the 183 mm gun on the Conqueror chassis to create a self-propelled gun designated as the FV215b. The FV215b featured a Conqueror chassis with the 183 mm gun mounted in a fully traversable turret at the rear of the tank. Although the FV215b is capable of full turret traverse it actually would have to use a limited traverse. The reason being that the gun was so large that it would have tipped over when turning the turret around. Only a wooden mock up of the FV215b was ever built and after reviewing the mock-up the British cancelled the project and the idea never went into mass production.


Now that we have brushed up a bit on the history of this tank, Let's go over it's stats:


*Vehicle is Elite in Stock Configuration.


Hitpoints: 2200


Speed Limit: 34.km per hour


Hull Traverse Speed: 33 degrees per second 


Turret Traverse Speed: 25 degrees per second 


Hull armour:


Front: 152 mm

Sides: 101 mm

Rear: 76 mm


Turret armour:


Front: 254 mm

Sides: 152 mm

Rear: 101 mm


 Top gun: 120 mm L1A1


Standard Shell Penetration: 


259 mm (AP)

326 mm (APCR)

120 mm (HE) 


 Average Damage:


400 (AP)

400 (APCR)

515 (HE)


 Rounds per minute: 6.90


Accuracy: 0.33 (at 100 m)


Aim time: 1.7


Top Engine: Rolls-Royce Griffon Engine


Horsepower: 950


Now that we have glanced over the general stats of this tank, Let us review its advantages and disadvantages on the battlefield in great detail:




Mobility: Like the Conqueror before it, the FV215b is mobile and responsive despite being heavier than the Conqueror. The FV215b  is fast and agile for a heavy tank, inn fact it can be considered the most mobile and responsive of all Tier 10 heavy tanks with only the T110E5 or the IS-7 rivalling it in mobility. This allows you to move into positions much quicker than other tanks can and makes keeping up with any member of your team be it a medium tank or heavy tank much easier. This also allows the FV215b to get out of a risky situation ASAP which most other Tier 9 heavy tanks cannot do successfully due to their slow and cumbersome nature. As your the most mobile and responsive of the Tier 9 heavy tanks, should the situation call for it, you can also provide heavy fire power for medium tank wolf-packs 


Excellent Traverse: Despite being much more heavier than the Conqueror, the FV215b has much better suspension. This gives the tank a total of 33 degrees of track traverse, the fastest of all tier 10 heavy tanks and 9 degrees better than the Conqueror. This combined with your decent turret traverse, means that medium tanks will find it extremely difficult to carousel you as you manage to turn your hull to face them while hammering away at their vulnerable side. Even the most agile and fast medium will have trouble trying to run circles around you. The only way they could would be to track you. One on one, you almost always are able to counter-carousel any medium tank.


Acceptable Gun Depression: While the -7 degrees of gun depression on the Conqueror was frustrating, if you have come this far down the British Heavy line, you should probably be used to it by now. For a tank with a rear-mounted turret, 7 degrees of gun depression actually isn't half bad. It's decent enough to allow you to hulldown should the occasion call for it. 


The gun: The 120 mm L1A1 rifled Tier X cannon, which was an excellent weapon on the Conqueror, is even better mounted on the FV215b. In terms of damage and penetration values the FV215b and the Conqueror have the same gun stats. The L1A1 deals a respectable amount of alpha damage for a Tier 10  heavy tank at an average of 400 damage per shot. However your usual alpha damage per shot will mostly be in the 360-380 ish range. The average penetration of 259 mm is very good for its tier and will be able to penetrate the weak spots of Tier 10 vehicles with ease. With APCR ammunition it can penetrate up to 326 mm of armour on average.


However overall when it comes to the gun stats, the FV215b is better than the Conqueror with a much higher rate of fire at 6.90 rounds per minute compared to the Conqueror's 5.71 rounds per minute and a 1.7 second aim time as opposed to the Conqueror's 1.9 seconds. This means that the FV215b has the highest damage per minute out of all the Tier 10 heavy tanks. With your high penetration, quick aim time, and fast rate of fire, you will be able to shred your opponents to bits and pull of snap shots with confidence as you reliably score hit after hit. 


These excellent gun stats means that you can pull off some pretty good clutch shots and will be able to fire and retreat back into cover before most of your equivalent Tier 10 tanks can finish reloading and aiming. The very high rate of fire also means that you will usually be able to fire twice for everytime the enemy fires.


TLDR; The top L1A1 gun does a respectable amount of damage and the high ROF means that you will often get a second shot in before your enemy has a chance to reload. The decent damage and penetration on the L1A1 will allow you to engage Tier X tanks in high tier matches and still be very effective. It has the same penetration and alpha as the top gun on the T110E5, but is improved in terms of aiming time, accuracy and rate of fire.


Decent Frontal Armour: Unlike the Conqueror, the FV215b actually has pretty decent armour at tier 10. The upper glacis plate is 152 mm thick sloped back at a fairly good angle. This can bounce a surprising amount of shots during combat if angled slightly.  However it should not be relied on. 


Strong Turret: The FV215b has a turret which resembles the turret mounted on the Conqueror. However, unlike the Conqueror, which has a large fragile turret with glaring easy-to-hit weak-spots, the FV215b has a very tough turret. The frontal armour of the tank is 254 mm thick with lots of sloping and curves which increases the effective thickness of the armour. The cupola may seem like a weak spot, however it isn't very prominent and it's extremely sloped back and heavily armoured leaving only a small slit of a hit box which can be difficult to hit.


The strong and well sloped turret has tiny weak-spots which are hard to aim at at range. With a bit of wiggling the Fv215b's thick turret can even bounce  Tier 10 premium shells. This means you are able to hulldown much more effectively in the FV215b than in the Conqueror.


"HESH" ammunition: Like the Conqueror is the first of the British Heavy Tanks which can load regular HESH ammunition which is essentially a high penetration HE shell. This will allow you to completely devastate weakly armoured targets who were unfortunate enough to be caught in your cross-hairs. The penetration is pretty good at 120 mm and deals awesome alpha damage should it penetrate. 


With your regular HESH rounds you will be the bane of equal to lower tier medium tanks which turn their backs on you not to mention other British and American Tanks. Just remember, like HE ammunition, HESH is not subject to normalization of enemy armour and can be mitigated by spaced armour as well as tracks. 


Side Skirts: Like most tier 8 and above British tanks, the FV215b's side armour is covered completely by tracks and side skirts. This gives the tank effectively 2 layers of spaced armour, allowing it to mitigate most of the damage from High explosive shells and completely neutralizing HEAT shells. People will regret firing HE ammo or HEAT into your side armour unless they aim really carefully.





Weak Side and Rear Armour: The FV215b despite being listed as having 110 mm of side armour does not actually have 110 mm of armour around the entire side of the tank hull. The upper hull of the tank above the side skirts is 110 mm thick. However the underneath the 6 mm of spaced armour covering the tank tracks, the armour is a meagre 76 mm thick only. This trait of weak side and rear armour  the FV215b shares with it's American equivalent, the T110E5. This means that Tier 7 and above guns of any kind will have no problems slicing through your side armour with their armour piercing shells. This means you have to be careful in battle not to expose yourself too much or else you will suffer from revealing your sides to the enemy.


Tendency to Catch fire: There's good news and bad news when you get to the FV215b. The good news is unlike the Caernarvon or the Conqueror, the FV215b does not have a frontal ammo rack placement nor a weak ammo rack. So you will have to worry less about your ammunition storage areas being damaged so easily. However, due to the rear placement of the turret, the tank has the engine and fuel tanks mounted in the front of the hull. That means any frontal penetrations or penetrations to the front side armour of your tank will easily rupture your fuel tanks or damage your engine. The FV215b is notorious for having a nasty tendency to burst into flames after being hit only a few time in the front. Not only will the FV215b go up like a Roman Candle, it will also burn for a long period of time compared to other tanks. You now rather than having to worry about potential ammo detonation, now have to contend with being burned to death.  


Rear-mounted turret: Your rear mounted turret gives you the disadvantage of (if you are an amateur) exposing most of your hull before being able to bring your gun to bear on a potential target. This can allow the enemy to track you out in the open leaving you unable to return fire and being continuously damaged and tracked by the enemy. Keep that in mind when you are rounding corners as if you are not careful you will give the enemy the first shot when they ambush you behind a corner.


Limited Ammunition Capacity: The FV215b does not have a lot of ammunition stored on-board especially if you mix and match your ammunition. It only store a total of 35 rounds which is not really a lot. It is sufficient for you to do battle with but you much be careful and try not to blind fire as much unless you risk running out of ammunition in the long run.


Zero Resistance to High-Explosive Splash Damage: The FV215b also has almost no resistance to the splash damage from HE ammunition unlike other tanks and so can easily be brought down by guns which exclusively fire HE ammunition or deal considerable splash damage upon impact. 


Exposed Turret ring: This may not seem that prominent, but the Conqueror's second turret  has a  much more exposed turret ring which with careful aim can be very easily penetrated. This will both damage your tank and potentially jam your turret ring as well. Something to keep in mind when face hugging. 


 Now that we know what's good and bad about this tank, Let's move on shall we to performance and how to effectively operate this tank in battle.



 If you made it to the Tier 10 in the British Heavy line congratulations! You made it down a challenging but rewarding line to play. You have proven that you can handle the British tech tree with vehicles riddled with faults but gifted with the excellent gun stats. The FV215b is well worth the pain and grind that you endured and is really the biggest gem of the line. Those of you who struggled with the Conqueror's weak armour will be glad to hear that the FV215b is much a dramatic improvement over it's predecessor. With a very thick and well sloped turret combined with hull armour that is not so shabby not to mention the increase in hull traverse makes the FV215b a very mobile and versatile tank. 


This tank feels comfortable being among heavies or wolf-packing with medium tanks. You a nightmare for most tanks of your tier at range with your superior accuracy quick reload and aim time allowing you to function effectively at long range putting in shot after shot after shot against an enemy. Your gun may lack alpha damage, but it makes up for that with being able to slam your opponents with another shell before they can reload. All that damage eventually adds up. Couple this with a high penetration gun and it works so perfectly. 


Your turret can bounce quite a bit of shots. I cannot help but repeat that fact. Coming from the Conqueror, which had sub-par armour everywhere meaning it could not hunker down due to a weak turret, the FV215b is a blessing. This is me talking from experience. I know for a fact playing with or against FV215b's, just how difficult it can be to penetrate that sloped turret even with premium shells. It just ricochets the shells off like nobody's business. There are weak-spots to the turret but they are so small and difficult to aim when this tank is firing and retreating that they might as well not be there. And being face hugged by an FV215b is a scary thing as most of the turret in sniper mode seems to be a shade of red. Even when you were sure you aimed for the weakspot. it still bounces. This strong turret is exactly a Tier 10 heavy tank of the British line needed and will make you feel more confident exposing your turret when going hull down than in the Conqueror. 


Your hull armour is also a god send coming from the Conqueror's sub-par Tier 8 hull. Your upper glacis may not be as thick as other heavy tanks of the same tier, but you will be surprised at how it will bounce shots even though on paper it should not be able to. Weak side and rear armour while a problem is something you should expect by now so that isn't much of a problem. Your marginally better hull armour now allows you to be able to side scrape which before you were unable to do effectively. The rear placement of your turret make side scraping even better. 


Your 33 degrees of track traverse means that your are the most difficult heavy tank to carousel. Even the T-62A, the most agile and speedy medium tank at tier 10 will have a significant amount of trouble carouselling you as you turn around to show your sturdy frontal armour to him as you put shot after shot into him. This makes you if you play correctly, a medium tank's nightmare as you are about as fast and agile as a medium tank but have functionally superior armour and hit harder. You can easily hunt down a medium and force him out and run as you close in for the kill. With your excellent acceleration and rather heavy weight ramming medium tanks will inflict a decent amount of damage to them. Gun and ram becomes a viable tactic.


In introspect, the FV215b combines the best of the British tank lines and inherits their best traits and discards most of their faults. The FV215b combines the relatively good armour of the Black Prince with the mobility and responsiveness of the Conqueror while augmenting the Conqueror's already impressive fire-power. No longer are you shackled to the title of a support tank. With the FV215b you can lead the charge and unleash the predator within you. It may not be as well armoured as it's Heavy tank counterparts but make no mistake, the FV215b is a devastating tank once you get over it's quirks. 


So without further ado, let's go over some tactics you can use. 


Hanging back: You are not meant to be a front-line heavy. You are more of a dedicated support tank. However with the way matchmaking works these days, you will on occasion be the top tier tank. However that does not mean you have to charge into the fray. You will not last very long if you try to do that. Neither will cowering and sniping from range help much either. It's best you accompany your team and let some of your other tanks detect and report enemy tank positions for you. You can than unload on these targets while they are preoccupied with other matters ripping them apart with your guns superior rate of fire. Around the late game where some tanks are down to low health, you can really shine in shredding wounded tanks and finishing off near death tanks. 


However you can expand a bit more on this tactic now with the FV215b. With your hard turret and more heavily armoured hull, you can afford to lead the charge against enemies and go one on one against other Tier 10's with confidence utilizing your mobility to outwit and outmanoeuvre them. 


Peek a BOOM! You can play peek a boo with other tanks by popping out and taking a shot. before retreating quickly. This works much better when you have a much more armoured ally to help deflect enemy fire for you. Wait for the enemy to fire their shots than rush out and fire before quickly scuttling back into cover. With the somewhat decent hull armour when angled, this tank can afford to play peek a boo. With your excellent accuracy and quick aim time, you can peek out take your shot and hopefully get back into cover before the enemy have time to react or aim. However while you can pull it off, it is a risky tactic as you could be tracked out in the open and pinned down. 


Facehugging: This tactic is favourite of some tanks from other nations, especially tanks with strong turret armour. It's very simple. You get up close and personal with another tank right in his face. The idea is that the enemy will not have the gun depression to fire down into the hull but will have to aim for upper turret weak-spots while you punch holes into his armour. The Caernarvon is also suited for this kind of bullying tactic especially against equal tier opponents and some higher tier mediums.


When you facehug someone  they are confronted by your large gun mantlet and thick turret face and they either have the option of firing into the commander's cupola, the small observation slit on one side of your turret  or the turret ring. If they have terrible gun elevation or depression they will be stuck pinking away at your mantlet. Your tank has the best gun depression in the game which allows you to aim down onto the hulls of enemy tanks or at their turret weak-spots. To pull off this tactic with a reasonable rate of success, find a tank of equal tier or a medium tank. Press face first against him and find weak-spots to aim at with your gun. After firing your gun, wiggle your turret around while still pressing into the enemy tank and repeat. With a bit of luck, your enemies will struggle in vain to damage you only to bounce and bounce and bounce while you rip them apart completely before letting their dead husk go as you move onto your next target. 


Avoid doing this with Tier 10 Tank Destroyers as they usually have enough penetration to go through your weak spots while you usually have to resort to premium ammo to penetrate their weak-spots. 


Hull-Down: Thanks to your sturdy hard turret, you are able to conceal your hull and expose only the turret to the enemies tanks to the moderate gun depression and your vehicles relatively low profile. Watch as most opponents simply bounce shots off your turret again and again allowing you to aim your shots in peace than retreat back into cover. Only a well aimed shell can possibly penetrate your turret so wiggle it between shots or move back and forth to make aiming difficult for your enemies. Use undulations in the terrain, Hills, rubble, and even dead tank hulks to hide your hull and show only that sturdy curved turret. 


Side-Scraping: Thanks to your relatively thick upper side hull and thick tracks and spaced armour covering the sides of the tank, you can side scrape in this tank. However you have to be careful as in tier 10 where you go up against tanks with high penetration guns. How you side scrape is you jam your frontal hull against a wall or any other obstacle than you reverse back out showing your side at an extreme angle while bringing your gun to bear on your target. With a rear turret, the FV215b excels at this tactic.


If you are facing Tier 8 and below tanks, side-scrape and angle your exposed side at about 20-30 degree angles and move back and forth before taking a shot than retreating to hide behind your cover again. 


If you are facing tanks above Tier 8, side-scrape at a 15-20 degree angle or face perpendicular to the cover you are side scraping from. Remember while your upper side hull can bounce quite a few shots from Tier 10's, smart and seasoned players would know to aim below that 110 mm of angled side armour and shoot your weaker lower hull which is only 76 mm thick and easily overmatched by Tier 10 guns. 


AWACS Equipment: 


Large Calibre Gun Rammer: The rammer is a must have piece of equipment for this tank, boosting your rate of fire which is already quite high for a heavy tank at Tier 9 to be even higher. 


Gun-Laying Drive: This will allow your gun to be more accurate with the shots by decreasing your already stellar aim time.


Vertical Stabilizer: This will allow your tank to fire on the move with decent accuracy and a decrease in size of your aim circle. However this is optional. 


CO2 Fuel Tanks: I personally highly recommend you install CO2 Fuel Tanks on this tank due to the tank's nasty tendency of catching fire. This will increase your fuel tank durability and decrease your chances of catching fire.


 I hope you guys found this guide helpful, and hopefully allowed those of you who struggled with this tank to now find it somewhat bearable at the very least. If you feel that there were any parts to this guide which were inadequately explained, or there were some areas I left out. Please let me know and I will try my best to rectify. 


Thanks for reading AWACS Tank Guides and I will see you on the battlefield.






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KimJongSpoon #2 Posted 08 May 2015 - 04:39 AM

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Great review, I'll have to read it again before I finish the Conqueror grind! +1

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osxuser93 #3 Posted 08 May 2015 - 04:49 AM


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Excellent, thorough, and informative review! I'm at the Black Prince on this line, and I've enjoyed it quite a bit so far. Looking forward to the gem at the top of the line!

EdAWACSdenyY #4 Posted 08 May 2015 - 04:53 AM

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Sorry for the long delay in getting up another AWACS Tank Guide. I've been busy and procrastinating quite a bit playing the game, Therefore to make it up to you, you can expect me to bring up at least one more AWACS Tank Guide before the week is over. 2 if I'm motivated enough. 


PS: You may have noticed Porky the Pig has not made it into this AWACS Tank guide, That's cause it's the FV215b and only the power of Daniel Craig and the voice of Adele can give this guide justice.

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_Wilde #5 Posted 08 May 2015 - 04:54 AM

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This is helpful, since I'm on the Conqueror and getting close to this beast. Thanks!

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FunkSoulChicken #6 Posted 08 May 2015 - 05:09 AM


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Excellent work, as always, sir.


Good to see you again.  o7

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Mr_BushyBeard #7 Posted 08 May 2015 - 09:49 AM

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Ho my goodness. 183 mm cannon?! Imagine if they gave it that in this game!


Excellent review, sir. I've been contemplating going down this line. Your info has started pushing me to do it. It seems the payoff is worth the grind!





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Aivris #8 Posted 08 May 2015 - 10:24 AM

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Awesome work as usual! :great:


I love the looks of the FV4004 and FV4005. I really hope WG brings the branch from PC over to Blitz!

riprr #9 Posted 08 May 2015 - 01:41 PM


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View PostAugustus_Sohn, on 08 May 2015 - 09:49 AM, said:

Ho my goodness. 183 mm cannon?! Imagine if they gave it that in this game!


Excellent review, sir. I've been contemplating going down this line. Your info has started pushing me to do it. It seems the payoff is worth the grind!




The FV 215b. (183) might be coming over from PC soon...

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EdAWACSdenyY #10 Posted 08 May 2015 - 03:40 PM

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Thanks guys for your support. It's your support really which drives me to finish these guides!

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EdAWACSdenyY #11 Posted 09 May 2015 - 12:02 AM

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View PostFog_Cruiser_Australia, on 08 May 2015 - 03:24 AM, said:

Awesome work as usual! :great:


I love the looks of the FV4004 and FV4005. I really hope WG brings the branch from PC over to Blitz!


I'm not so sure they would be that useful in Blitz. Every smart player will just start firing HE at the FV4005 cause they know it only has 14 mm of turret armour. I mean this things MO is to drive out, Derp something with its apocalyptic alpha damage than run away. The Conway maybe. Personally for me I feel that the 183 and the Tortoise are better however. I like having some degree of heavy armour. The Conway and FV4005 I just cannot imagine doing well on small maps.

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BRUENHILLDE #12 Posted 09 May 2015 - 12:38 AM


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Another really informative guide. The real pictures and background history really make it good. Thanks for posting it. 

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EdAWACSdenyY #13 Posted 09 May 2015 - 01:13 AM

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View PostBRUENHILLDE, on 08 May 2015 - 05:38 PM, said:

Another really informative guide. The real pictures and background history really make it good. Thanks for posting it. 


Thanks! Your gratitude really helps!

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Ray_Walsh #14 Posted 28 October 2016 - 12:02 AM

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Super helpful review. Since it's been posted before the provision inclusion.  How would you have the loadout in these modern days? Consumables, provisions and equipment ? Automatic fire extinguisher ? 

yermama #15 Posted 16 January 2017 - 11:10 AM

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Excellent guide! Can you suggest provisions?

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