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T25/2 Review!


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pershing06 #1 Posted 17 June 2015 - 08:34 PM


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Odd choice for a tank review. Considered a bad tank destroyer by many. I'm here to convince (or attempt to convince) you otherwise. Now, I know that this thing is "rubbish" and "terrible" to many people. "Bad" gun, bad alpha damage, bad armor. Yes, I agree with the last two. However, the gun is not something that is bad. In fact, the entire machine is actually pretty damn good and I am enjoying mine a lot. Like T95/Comet level enjoyment. Since I'm nearing the end of my grind for the T28 Prototype, I felt like it is time for me to push out a review. Now, I did try recording a review, but I have learned that I am absolutely TERRIBLE at YouTube commentaries. So, typing this out will have to do. A video will be included. 




So, the armor on this thing is bad. Really, really bad. It won't get penned by HE, but just about any other gun can penetrate its armor. Turret is not bad, but not very good either. You can pull off some bounces on the turret, but it's not to be counted on. HP is actually above average, as 1020>992.5. 


The gun is a somewhat mixed bag, leaning more towards the "good" end. The 90mm T15E2 gun was basically an improved version of the M3 gun, used on the M36 Jackson, the T20 medium tank, the M18 Hellcat, the M26 Pershing (the tank of my name, I should add) and many other tanks. This gun on the T25/2 is pretty damn good. The rate of fire is very, very good, with a 5.7 second reload. This allows me to really rack up the damage, even more so compared to pre-patch 1.10. The aiming time is really good, 1.7 seconds. Dispersion (accuracy) is also very good, 0.36. The penetration may seem lackluster (170mm, compared to the 198 of the T25 AT, 175mm of the SU-152, the 200-203mm of the JagdPanther, and the upcoming (I sure hope so) 226mm of the AT 7), but it really isn't that big of a problem, since you just keep spamming 90mm shells at your opponent. It seems very much like the 20-pounders of the British, just with less penetration. Since this is a very similar gun, you can get a feel for the upcoming British TDs (hopefully) by playing this.


This machine has a 704 horsepower engine, with a 56 kph top speed. However, the ground resistance decreases this speed to around 40kph. Not bad, just not good either. With a 30 degree traverse speed, this actually produces a pretty maneuverable vehicle. With the addition of a turret and this gun, it's pretty good.

Result Video

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Pilgrim_of_many_Pilgrims #2 Posted 17 June 2015 - 09:07 PM


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Says it all really!

See my post on TD carry again in general discussion. Tried to copy and paste but doh! Didn't work.

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