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Noob's guide to grinding.

Noob newbie grind grinding

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The_ThingHD #41 Posted 29 August 2017 - 06:23 PM


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It still comes down to this game has to make $. And the marketing that goes along with it! Get players to spend, spend , spend! I went 2 yrs without putting a nickle into this! Now we've got tier 7 Missles tanks playing with tier 5 and 6. What do u think some noob is going to do? ...get more gold to buy better tank! I can't watch how this happens anymore so I'm getting out. It just comes down to the $ grab all the time!.....my rant for now...lol. 

Luckyluchs777 #42 Posted 06 October 2017 - 08:00 PM

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View Postsiouxinpa, on 26 July 2014 - 10:55 PM, said:

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) I started playing WoTB on July 3rd having never before played a World of game before. This makes me emminently qualified to write a noob guide.


What is grinding? Grinding refers to playing a game solely to accumulate in game resources to advance to better digital things as quickly as possible. In some games, trying to 'win' a battle is counter productive to the accumulation of resources. This is not true in WoTB! If you win you always get more experience and often more credits as well. Always try to win the battle for your team.

There are two resources to accumulate in WoTB, experience and credits. These are earned together but I find it easier to focus on them separately. I know some will say that gold is a resource as well, but honestly it is not. In game resources have to be able to be earned in game, which can't be done with gold. 


Don't worry about grinding until you get to the tier where you are having a difficult time making both resources consistently with your current tank. For me this was my tier 7 T29. I'm sure some never encounter this problem and others get to it earlier or later than I did.


How I grind resources.


Step 1: Get one tank to elite status (researched all modules and the next vehicle).  This now became my credit tank. All experience I gained on this tank from this point forward is useless to me unless I spent gold to convert it to free experience which can be used on any tank.


I found it easiest to use the tank that preceded my problem tank in the tech tree, in this case the M6. I did this for a couple reasons. I knew how to play this beast, something I was just figuring out with my T29. Also with the M6 I occasionally got into Tier 4-6 match ups which was great for doing massive amounts of dmg, which meant lots of credits.


I stripped everything expensive that I could spend in a battle off this tank. This meant no premium shells, if I got into a Tier 6-8 battle I maneuvered for flanks & rears or shot HE. The point is to do as much dmg to the enemy as I could, the more dmg I did, the more credits I earned.


I also took all expensive consumables off the vehicle. My crew was at 100% by this point so I didn't need any boost there to be effective. I knew the movement speed and reload speed and could adapt my play to not need boosts there. So I rolled with a manual fire extinguisher, a first aid kit and a repair kit. I would use the fire extinguisher whenever needed, unless I only had a couple hit points left. This left the repair and first aid kits. These were only for use in the early battle. If there was only a couple minutes left, I wouldn't use them. If I had less than half health, I wouldn't use them. Now this was situational. If victory/defeat hung in the balance, I'd use them to get the victory. For the most part though, I held true the concept. Since I wasn't using expensive ammo and almost no consumables, this allowed me to quickly grind credits that would be spent on Step 2.


Step 2: The experience grinder. This was the tank I was trying to upg, my T29. The M3 90mm gun carried over from the M6. I used some free exp to upg my tracks and motor one step from stock. I learned early on that playing a fully stock new tank is a painful experience. The rest I would grind on the T29.


Now my thought process for the exp tank was completely the opposite of the credit grinder. My crew was at 50%, so they needed all the help they could get.  My consumables were case of cola, adrenaline (which I used almost every battle) and a multi purpose restorative kit (which was used almost as often). I also used premium shells as half of my ammo loadout. A 90mm gun going up against tier 9 armor is a guaranteed fail. If I wanted fast progress, I was going to have to pay the price.


Step 3: Grinding cycle. Run the credit grinder 10-15 battles. This earned enough credits to run the exp grinder 10-20 battles, netting 15-20K XP each cycle. Rinse and repeat.


Step 4: When to stop. Tanks need large quantities of both resources and I've been spending every credit I've made. Since I know that I'll need to purchase the new tank after I've researched it, once my crew in my exp grinder (T29) reached 100% I reduced my loadout of premium shells from half to 5-10 and did my best not to use them. I also changed my consumables to match the credit grinder (FE/FAK/RK). This created 2 credit grinders. At this point I knew how to use my no longer new tank, have researched all of the modules and have mounted the ones which best suit my play style. I could now gain exp and credits at the same time. I focused on T29 only playing the M6 for the 2x exp battles or when I got killed early in the T29. I had about 30k exp banked to research the T32, but with two credit grinders by the time I had enough exp to research it, I had enough credits to buy it and the expensive exp grinder loadout.


Step 5: Prep for next tier cycle. Once I purchased my T32, I converted all of my elite XP to free XP and sold my M6. That gave me enough credits to add one top end piece of equipment to my T32. I then played my T29 credit grinder until I equipped every piece I wanted on my T32. At which point, the cycle began again. I'm currently 2/3's of the way to the M103 in both exp and credits using the same grind pattern.


I know this will be controversial but I only train my crews to 50% for free. I figure it doesn't help to have a fully trained crew on an unfamiliar tank and I can blame bad performance on the crew instead of my own skills. It also allows me to be fully comfortable with the vehicle when it turns to a credit grinder. Did I mention its free? That means more credits to use to grind exp with.


This is how I've figured out my best way to grind resources in this WoTB. That doesn't mean that it's the only way to do it or even the best way to do it. I find that it's very efficient in getting to the next tier both in resources and skill level. Suggestions and on topic criticisms welcomed.



Sounds good, but at tier 9 or 10, use gold or at least credits to train the crew. I trained a 100% percent crew on the Leo PTA and it performed barely ok. It would have been at least a thousand times worse if the crew had been 75% or worse 50% trained. If you have enough money to buy a high tier tank, you should surely have enough to train its crew.
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