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tinmanic #81 Posted 30 August 2015 - 02:10 AM

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View PostAPaperTiger, on 29 August 2015 - 10:01 PM, said:


Correct. I'm not sure how it works when one tank is spotting, another tank uses that spotter to shoot out the tracks, and then other damage ensues. My understanding is that there is only so much XP to go around, so the XP from a damaging shot gets divided among the helper(s) and the shooter.



Actually, sniping can be counterproductive to good spotting. The guns on Crusader and Cruiser III are amazing for their tier: high accuracy, high penetration, high RoF, middling damage. You could totally play those tanks as fast turreted TDs a la Hellcat or T49. But if you've got good views on the red team, it's often essential NOT to fire. Either the red team CAN'T see you, in which case firing would give away your position, or the red team CAN see you, but is ignoring you since you aren't shooting. It can be SO tempting to fire an APCR into the hatch on that Tiger ℗ when you have him drilled in tight, or to blow the tracks off of a T18 who is facing perpendicular to you, but sometimes you gotta just sit tight under that cammo net and wait.


Scouting got a LOT less fun when they trimmed the hedges on Rockfield and reworked Oasis Palms, though. Those were my two favorite maps for racking up spotting damage.


hey thanks...and I caught my mistake after posting it...meant scouting, not sniping. Regardless all that you describe has been difficult for me to grasp - I get spotted way too soon and end up in crosshairs. I still have Cruisers III & IV in my garage b/c I enjoyed them so much, but obviously didn't spend enough time exploiting their scouting capabilities. Just another thing to work on among others 


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