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Expert tanker badge.

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ElCurte #1 Posted 11 September 2015 - 05:14 AM


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I am just a couple short of having expert badges on tanks from all countries. The problem is, I don't know what I am missing, so I don't know what I should be gunning for.  Do you think there might be a way to list, or mark through the tier tree what tanks I have not destroyed???

Is this something we could expect in a later update?

Thanks for the time.

Your game is awesome. 

BootlegTampico #2 Posted 11 September 2015 - 05:23 AM

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I've always wanted this as well. Just keep playing and you'll get them eventually! I got Russia, Germany, UK, as well as the full expert badge in the same battle!

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LE_gend_VI #3 Posted 11 September 2015 - 02:07 PM

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I get them at random times and I don't even know when I get them. Unless there is one I want to make sure I get I don't even pay attention. Only aces catch my eye, or a raisin. Just keep playing that's how I got mine


CptCheez #4 Posted 11 September 2015 - 09:11 PM

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Has a list of what you have and have not destroyed.  It's all in the API data, so wotbstars could display this if he chose to implement it.

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