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The Mighty Tier 5!

Tier 5 tanks Tier 5 Strats M4 Sherman Kv1 Sidescraping Flanking Teamwork T1 heavy Scouting Sniping

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Thehurt1231 #1 Posted 20 August 2014 - 09:54 PM


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(This is a topic for newbies but older veterans may learn things) So, you just unlocked your tier 5 tank. Beware newbies, this tier really ramps up the skill  level needed to win. Flanking, Sidescraping, and talking with your teammates becomes not only an option, but a necessity in these battles. Because the discussion of all types of tier 5 tanks would take years to do, I am trusting the Blitz community to answer some questions. Here they are. 

1. How to sidescrape, and which tanks to sidescrape with, and what maps are best for it. 


2. All medium tanks strategy and which tier 5 mediums are the best. 


3.  How to transition from the quicker ,lighter, and faster tanks that we all know and love to the more Armored heavier tanks. 


4.  Why teamwork is key in higher tier battles. 


Thanks for your simple strats.   WoTB. Mobilize!

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