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Update 2.3 Feedback

update 2.3 2.3 patch 2.3

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ecp44 #41 Posted 12 November 2015 - 04:11 PM


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Update seems slower, especially loading other players stats.

Also music went away. Is there a switch to turn it back on?

_Blento_ #42 Posted 12 November 2015 - 05:05 PM


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First and foremost, fix the chat!!!! 

The 2nd is to fix "the aiming bug" - when you drive tank in "zoom mode" and you are behind building, than once you move into position to shoot, the gun aims into the sky. so f annoying. Got killed many times due that bug. 


Here are some other suggestions:


1. Get some players from NA at least that will test your system not just come with ridiculous map overview that useless half of the time. The main aim of those existing few selected ones is to be seen and be known as the "selected ones" who can access new tanks/maps before they get released. Why can't you use them to test the system. If they do not come to WG with bug discovery or end user experience proposal, than ban them. they are many who would help you to make this game better. 

2. On end user experience here are my proposals

  • For every tank that is displayed in garage and for every tank in the ribbon bar below the garage (not sure how to call it), in the left upper corner display the player achievement e.g. display Mastery badge, 1st class, 2nd or 3r class
  • Add ability to filter tank(s) by mastery degree across tiers
  • When the tank is in the garage (selected) and user hits "info" button, add additional (last) screen that will outline statistical achievements for that particular tank (% of victories, losses, etc.).  The same data could be obtained if you go to Status => Vehicles and than select the specific tank. Make this data available in the garage view as described above
  • Add Japan(ese flag) as 5th nation. Currently the only way to see Shinobi is that no country (flag) should be selected. This is wrong imo

3. Make maps bigger but reduce the number of maps available in the game. Keep all maps in your db and rotate the entire set of maps. Example: In rel. 2.4 you have 6 bigger maps. In release 2.5 replace those 6 maps with another 6 maps. Maps from 2.4 release will reman in your db. if you have more than 12 maps available, than release 2.6 should contain 3rd set of maps. and so on. This will help you to reduce app size and make it more playable to older devices

4. If possible, design of the base area should be revisited. Instead of known (static) place of the base area for each map, base area should be defined dynamically. In order to simplify the overall design, make sure that base appears only in 4-5 designated area - this is called limited dynamic mode. if not in place 1-4, than the base area should be positioned in place #5. 

5. Buff E3, E4 tanks with at least 50-100 hp. Put E100 back where it was. Even as Russian you should acknowledge that E100 is now worst  beyond any usage

6. Bring Concep back to forum. 

7. Enable one training map per release. Not all of the 6 maps. Select one and use that one also as a training map for clans.

8. Add new gaming mode

olddatsunfan #43 Posted 12 November 2015 - 06:58 PM

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Acer Iconia A1-830.  Game disconnects at random from server a lot!  Game crashes at random.  There seems to be a lag in gameplay.  No colour blind mode still.  Canal map is interesting.

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t4four #44 Posted 13 November 2015 - 09:18 PM

    Fix the cigarette lighter

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Like the new map. My complaint is the most common one here. Chat needs help. If someone sends me a message, I have to go hunting to find who sent it. Would be nice to be able to format the layout a bit to customize it.
I like turtles

Pearljammer #45 Posted 16 November 2015 - 03:58 AM


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The service record page is laggy, the new chat folders are laggy and friends tab should stay opened.

reigning_in_hell #46 Posted 18 November 2015 - 01:53 AM


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Before 2.3, ran well. Ctd'd maybe 2-3 times in 8hrs of play. Chat block had been m.i.a. for alot of updates but you grow thicker skin I guess. 8D Moderators had names, faces, personalities... basically S.N.A.F.U. and all was good in the world.


My experience with factory reset galaxy s4. Post 2.3.

Game crashes DURING matches. This was never experienced b4 by myself this app. I thought my battery had died 1st time. Medal, garage, and button icons intermitantly black out. Most annoying, and the 1 thing I have seen mention of others experiencing, that trying to p.m. for any reason completely blanks screen/locks os/and requires an actual restart of phone. My experience, its never good to just crash os's. Case in point? The factory reset. 

Lets label this side F.U.B.A.R.

Mind fixing that?


Btw, wth is with the bot moderators? I can understand there might be accusations of favoritism if they actually have names...did you need to switch off personality mode too? 8D cant be by choice....

Jake_Alexander_Grzelka #47 Posted 18 November 2015 - 05:22 PM


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Touchy triggers...


Ive realized now that quite often, since the update the gun likes to fire when u go to zoom in.  Which is excellent when it takes 10 seconds to reload.  Nothing quite like being left defenseless.   Also for movement if u ever so slightly now move ur finger just a tad to far upward ur tank stops.   Neither of these were problems before.


And last but not least, can u implement better match making already.   Nothing more irrating then being matched up against ppl 3 tiers higher.  You can do any damage and they kill u in one or two hits.  So much fun.

Cragglesmack #48 Posted 19 November 2015 - 08:06 AM


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Two things, one: bring back desert sands, i still hate the new one, i play primarily tds.

Two: PAHLEASE!! DON'T "update" falls creek the same way you "updated" desert sands, just make a new map, stop ruining my favorite maps. Which those are, Falls Creek, and the "old" Desert Sands.

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SchnauzerKampfwagenIV #49 Posted 19 November 2015 - 11:31 PM

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Here are the glitches Im experiencing 1)randomly at end of match screen will go black and game either crashes or hangs and will not allow you to exit unless you manually kill process 2)clicking on stats or player info is painfully slow 3)still haven't added a dedicated battle history button in garage, minor annoyance, but a lot of extra clicking to see your games history 3)just occured, I have a chat message prompt, but theres no message there 4)my closed tickets show as news items and there seems to be no way to clear them. I have to add another serious issue and that is the glitchiness. At times my tank will just not respond and then pick uo several frames later. This is on lte and a strong wifi signal. Its making  gameplay very unpleasant and frustrating. 

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mjm68 #50 Posted 30 November 2015 - 04:38 PM

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First thank you for the updates there is always good and bad things with them.   The new Canal map and some of the tank buffs are great, we suffered many months of the chat function being broken to finally have it working well with one minor flaw of knowing if someone was already platooned up.  I know we have asked for this function for over a year now of a simple different colored light if they are paired up, Red= Offline Green=Online Yellow or pick a color=Platooned.  As neat and you feel the Clan chat would be to us it doesn't work well and makes trying to find who sent a message a pain in the butt since the 1 isn't showing up next to the players name at least for me.  I also show friends offline or online switching from clan to friends with the tabs and have experience no online tell after I play a game then they turn green, this is similar to when I had no friends listed then they would appear after a reboot or playing a game a few updates ago that took 4 months to fix since it was giving a low priority on WG list I guess.  Communication in and out of game is important to many of us.

  I have also noticed slightly higher Ping numbers I used to run 60-80 now 70-100 with no changes on my end and see the ping spikes like others have talked about rolling into 6 digit numbers a few times making me drive underground and thru tanks during a knife fight.  

Thank you for the improvements to the game.


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Kiser_Sosei #51 Posted 30 November 2015 - 04:43 PM

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I have had more in game lag even though my pings are low (high quality) Also in chat when you check a persons profile and come back they are no longer selected. Very annoying.

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anonym_tVyXOx9S5Jqm #52 Posted 01 December 2015 - 12:30 AM


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Yes much slower with everything and chat screwy at best never able to get messages and when Ogre gets message there isn't an icon to announce it, game will kick you off line a random rounds fired in battles dissapear as ghost rounds ...

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