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Wallet Warrior? M22 Locust and BT-SV Reviewish?

Define What wallet warrior is please

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CustardCreme #1 Posted 01 December 2015 - 05:57 AM

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So...I finally got the M22 Locust as well as the BT-SV from working at a small cafe of some sort (really good teas). So I saved up, and WOTB being my hobby, I invested money into it, I thought it out and I bought it.

The M22 Locust is very good! It has an above average penetration, it's armor is somewhat bouncy against auto cannons, and dang is it fast. 

However, like all tanks, it has a downside. It is very...VERY slow at turning. Almost slow enough to not be able to COD a Matilda. I usually just rush out and get rid of one or two enemies with the help of the adrenaline (the thing that makes you shoot faster....) and pretty much thats it.


The BT-SV on the other hand, is fast. Faster than my T2 Light (which is crazy). Traverse is okay, pen is AMAZING, and the slope on that thing will bounce auto cannons like laser off a mirror. The only downside is the small turret, and the ridiculous low gun depression angle.

-Overall, I like both. They are great tanks and very nice especially when taking breaks from my cumbersome tanks and just being able to yolo without being called a noob.


Now here's the story. I bought both bundles and I had 150 gold giving me exactly 7600 gold which is the right amount for the T34 which I had been wanting. I buy play it and then there is a panther on my team. I tell the team to go to the desert where there are lots of hull down spots instead of just brawling in the mountain things (oasis palms). Then I say that we should've gone the desert and argument breaks out when the Panther is killed. After the end of the game, he talks about how I am a little child who should "enjoy the basement and eat the cookies my grandmother had made". One, my grandmother makes delicious cookies (which I don't share). And two, he called me a wallet warrior. I asked him to define wallet warrior and he told me, "some 12 year old who spends money on this pathetic game". Then I corrected him saying that its people usually unskilled drivers who purchase high tier premium tanks and fail in them. I tell him the true definition yet he continues to argue. He goes on to this point where he starts using words I have NEVER EVER heard of (I am in AP English in freshman year), so yes, I would know my vocab! I assumed he probably searched on the thesaurus to say these words as it took him 1-1.5 minutes to say a short sentence of text. He then tells me to "get a life" and not waste money on this game. I reply by saying there is nothing wrong with me spending my HARD EARNED money on something that is one, my hobby, and two, something I use to just relax. 

-He probably knew he got nothing to say and continues to say how he is a better player...he has a 45 win rate with around 12k battles. He only has a total of 17 master battles to my 30 with my 5436 battles. 

This post was to let you know and ask, what exactly is so bad about spending money on this game (he points out how I have 8 premium tanks and therefore a wallet warrior). I got the tetrarch, t2light, m3 light for free. I bought the Shinobi from a raffle giftcard, I got the T34 for "free", and I got the Locust and Bt-SV from my own money. 

Also, this post is to talk about the BT-SV and the Locust (which I ADORE).

Finally, contribute with stories of your own such as above.

Thanks for reading :)

*PS, buy the bundles. They are a really good price for what you get, and the BT-SV and the PZ 2J might not EVER be on sale again. It ends tomorrow! 

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Matt99TJ #2 Posted 01 December 2015 - 06:24 AM


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I bought the big bundle.  All the tanks are fun.  The extra gold got me the IS-6.  Credit printer.  Love that thing.  I am now buying tanks I have had researched for weeks but didn't have the credits to buy.  


The main reason I am replying is because of the wallet warrior comments and the in battle argument.  Who cares what a wallet warrior is?  When I see those comments or "gold spamming noob" I just laugh. Heck, I've even started some of my battles in the IS-6 by chatting "Loading all gold ammo" on global chat just to get the whiners wound up before I perforate them.  Throws them off their game and keeps the credits rolling my way.   When the dead reds start whining in chat about wallet warrior this and that, I laugh even harder because the noobs didn't even notice that I wasn't firing prammo.  Now that's comedy gold!  Get it?


It makes the games more fun and provides me with lots of laughs.  I never drag down the fun by trying to talk sense into a random stranger from the pixel tank game.  If he don't get it, he don't get it.  Ain't gonna let that ruin my fun!  Lol.


what I'm trying to say is, chill man.  Fire up that premium tank, load some prammo, or not, and ignore, or laugh at, the freeloaders that whine about wallet warriors.  Your paying to keep the game running and to have those guys be slightly better targets than a bot.  Slightly.  Enjoy it.  


Keep Calm and Tank On



9V0LT #3 Posted 01 December 2015 - 07:32 AM

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Rule #1. An argument is never about what you're talking about.

Rule #2. Nobody has ever won an argument in the history of the Internet.


I was in a match once, where some guy txted to another, something about "give the phone back to your mom", or something like that and the guy replies that his mom is really sick and to lay off. This, of course, created a deluge of Dead Mom jokes and one guy even asking if his mom dies, were they gonna bury her or have her cremated.


My point is, they'll say anything they think will hit a nerve and as soon as you take something they say seriously, they'll smell blood in the water and go for the kill.

Just remember, it's not about you. They don't know you or care about you, for good or bad. To them, it's all about what they can get out of you.

Darth_Gerbil #4 Posted 01 December 2015 - 12:44 PM

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You're either a "wallet warrior" or a "freeloader" and without the wallet warriors there would be no Wot Blitz.


Jack0fAllTanks #5 Posted 01 December 2015 - 02:14 PM

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I recently got called a Wallet Warrior too.   It caught me off guard, but upon reflection I guess it kind of fits.  Not the negative connotation of it,  but as one that financially supports a company/game that provides hours of good entertainment.
It's that freemium model.   Had they required $ upfront I wouldn't be here.   But after awhile I figured I'd toss something back for a good product.   And once you spend $ on something it just gets easier to spend some more.
I have nothing against "free loaders".  I regard the very few garage slots they have to work with their greatest handicap, not lack of premium tanks.


Blartch #6 Posted 01 December 2015 - 05:56 PM

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Battle call when more than two premium tanks are on the team: wallet warriors away!

Lephturn #7 Posted 01 December 2015 - 07:21 PM

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Whenever I see the terms "wallet warrior" or "gold spammer" tossed around in chat I immediately load premium ammo and spam it for the rest of the game. :)

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gffcom #8 Posted 01 December 2015 - 08:18 PM


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Don't worry... That's just kid stuff. It will change. When you become an adult people will stop thinking that having wealth is a negative. I dont know of any successful adults who think it's a mark of shame to have disposable income to spend on your hobbies or diversions.


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SgtFreemanCdn2014 #9 Posted 01 December 2015 - 08:25 PM

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So I played and enjoyed this game for free for quite a while - didn't buy gold, no premium tanks other than the free gifts.  Had fun and struggled with 48% WR. Then finally I figured out how to by the gold rounds with credits, WR started going up. Have since bought lots of $5 gold bundles - I figure it's the same costs as a fancy coffee from Starbucks!  Then a few $15 premium tanks for the garage. So I continue to support WarGaming, don't need to buy myself $70 PlayStation games and hog the TV - I like being on my IPad while the family watches their TV shows (that I don't watch).  I say that's "modern family" time!  Don't worry about the Wallet Warriors complaints, just keep shooting.  Cheers

9V0LT #10 Posted 01 December 2015 - 09:35 PM

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View Postgffcom, on 01 December 2015 - 08:18 PM, said:

Don't worry... That's just kid stuff. It will change. When you become an adult people will stop thinking that having wealth is a negative. I dont know of any successful adults who think it's a mark of shame to have disposable income to spend on your hobbies or diversions.


When I much younger, I owned a t-shirt that said "Eat the Rich". -Picked it up for free somewhere, can't remember.

Many years later, I sold it on Ebay for $60 bucks. -Turns out it was one of the original ones and quite collectible.


The irony of it has always tickled me.


Gavidoc01 #11 Posted 01 December 2015 - 10:04 PM

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when i'm called a wallet warrior I reply: "And I have more to spend." (I have 26 premium tanks)

My Blitzstars


I'm a Platinum Card Wallet Warrior.

You’re welcome for supporting the game. 

Streven7 #12 Posted 01 December 2015 - 10:11 PM


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View Postgffcom, on 01 December 2015 - 08:18 PM, said:

Don't worry... That's just kid stuff. It will change. When you become an adult people will stop thinking that having wealth is a negative. I dont know of any successful adults who think it's a mark of shame to have disposable income to spend on your hobbies or diversions.

Only those without it.

spalling_apart #13 Posted 01 December 2015 - 10:40 PM

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Yeah, happened last night on successive tier ten match.  Toon mate and I were in a game and killed a particularly loud mouthed OBJ 140 driver who continually chatted we were gold spamming noobs etc for the rest of his team's losing effort. Performed the 30sec idiot clearance maneuver, hit battle again and, dammit, there he was. Continued to chat spam his new team about how we only spammed gold, were wallet warriors, etc. etc. etc.  My response was, "Yup"  "Gold, when you care enough to send the very best" He lost again.

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